May 24, 2006

A wrap-up to my day

Well the time is now 10:10 p.m. I'm at home and I'm chillin infront of my cpu. Just a recap of this evening. Around 7pm or so, Danielle's boyfriend calls the job looking for her. I informed him that she wasn't at work and had the day off. Afterwards I proceed to read him THE BUSINESS in a calm and professional yet caring way. Letting him know that he has a good woman and if he keeps messin up he won't have one any longer. I hope he took our conversation to heart. Fastforward about 15 minutes, Danielle calls the gig and I inform her that I'll give her a ring back once I'm done and leaving.

Well I'm in my car and I try to call Danielle but no answer. Then my boy, Lee from Tennesse aka Dr. Buddy Love, gives me a holla and we chat the whole drive it takes me to get home and comfortable. We exchanged blog web addresses and bid each other good night;) He asked for a pic of me so I sent him one and he sent me one of him. Damn he is just too fine.;) But he is happily taken so I respect that;) Well as I'm typing this up I realized I accidently erased the link he sent to me for his blog so I just texted him to re-send it.

Did the typing my dad need from me and just surfed MYSPACE to read my mail and friend requests. Oh well I'm about to take a bath and relax for a bit before heading off to bed. Take care and good night. Oh and I was gonna try to go the gym tonight really I was....but then I realized that my gas tank might not like me in the morning. LOLOL
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