December 30, 2005

Random Drug Testing and NEW YEARS EVE

Random Drug Testing and New Year’s Eve

What’s up my people’s…….Ya girl is currently at work. Taking a “me” break from all the crap around me called THE WORKPLACE. As you probably recall, I told you back on Dec. 16, two of my good co-workers were fired for bullshit reasons. Well I have been feeling as though some of the other co-workers eyes are REALLY on me now. So guess what happens to me…..oh about 9am this morning. Our FRIENDLY, WAY TOO CHEERFUL, I have an IV in my arm for my 24/7 COFFEE FIX, human resource person comes by with some papers to give me. I swore I was about to get fired on the spot, so I’m looking at her like she has a horn sticking out of her forehead.

She proceeds to explain that I’ve won a contest, yet I still hadn’t caught on, so with my fake smile plastered on my face I proceed to listen. It then registers in my head that I have to take a RANDOM DRUG TEST!!!! Tell them what they’ve won JOHNNY!! You have won a trip in your own car to drive (as if GAS isn’t already expensive) to one of these 5 locations still on company time to take a leak in a CUP!!!! As this is all processing in my head, I’m still looking at the human resource lady like what the fuck???

So needless to say around 10:50am, I decide to make the trek over to the one I originally went to when I was getting hired for the job. I don’t know if it’s me or what but to me it looks like they have added a lot more red tape to the bathroom. I wish I could have had my camera phone to take a pic, but alas, my phone was outside the door with my jacket.  Now with me being the ever so attentive employee, the lady hands me the cup to do my business in. I just started giggling to myself; I wonder if I could fill the whole damn thing up? Now mind you, this wasn’t your ordinary specimen cup, nope to me they look like they got a hell of a lot larger. Yet I wouldn’t let an obstacle like size stop me, so ya girl delivered the goods. Needless to say when I handed it over to the nurse she looked at me and we both started bugging up. She shook her head and was like whoa, she has yet to meet a guy do THAT well. So I filled out the remaining info and now I’m back at my desk.

So we will see if any weed, or anything else that can show up in a urine drug test comes up, I’m pretty sure the workplace is crossing their fingers.

On another note, just want to wish you all a Happy New Year’s EVE/DAY since I probably won’t be near a cpu after tomorrow until Tuesday. Ya girl plan’s on having a room at a hotel with some other friends. Go out and kick it, live it up, and just have some plain damn good fun. Remember don’t shoot up in the air, the bullet might come down and bite ya in the ass if not the top of your head. I also have my outfit together. So if ya see a sister with a camisole top on with an off the shoulder red sweater, with some cute jeans on with brass studs on the back pockets….not sure what I’m gonna wear for shoes though. Hair will be down in soft curls, probably will rock some color contacts…just have to choose from the eight colors I have…..or I might choose one of my 6 pairs of glasses. Come holla at lady. HUGSSS AND KISSSESS XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

December 26, 2005

Recapping x-mas

It's the day after all the hustle and bustle of wrapping paper ripping open and being thrown around. Of your friends and family getting together and swapping stories and yelling at the current sports game that is on TV. Personally I'm happy that the Miami Heat won and beat the Lakers.

At 7am I woke up and finished preparing the food that was for my household. Since my mom was out of town the task fell on my shoulders. So I went downstairs got our 12lb turkey and put him in the oven, also prepared a sweet tasty ham, some dressing once the turkey was done and warmed up the remaing greens. Overall i did a pretty damn good job. My dad and sister were pleased so i can't complain. Afterwards I went over to my aunt's house for the family gathering.

Since the x-mas gathering for this year was at my auntie's house. Which thank god she only lives 2 minutes away by car, I went over a head of schedule to drop off the big pot of greens and 3 cakes and some cookies so they would be there for the family as well as the presents. I went back home and started to get dressed. My dad who has been the Offical Santa for as long as I could remember forgot the money envolopes and called me to let me know that I needed to bring them with me when I came over.

I finally make my entrance round 4:30pm and was greeted by my extended family. The food was great from what I saw, but i only opted for some ambrosia and some sweet potatoes. I chilled out in one of the bedrooms with a tv and stayed there until it was time to hand out presents. Around 5pm my dad transformed into Santa Clause and the gift giving began. The little kids were santa's helpers, those of us who were older now and no longer qualified to be elves, where now reindeers. Even myself;) So we would "guide" the elves to whomever the gifts were for. My mom called a couple of times to make sure A) the food I cooked was edible (haha), B) I had gotten food over at my aunties on time C) to make sure that I also got her 2 slices of her Spanish Cream Cake, and D) to wish everyone a Merry X-mas at the family gathering.

Around 6pm-7pm, people began to make haste along with to-go plates and either visit other relatives or just go home. My dad said his good-byes along with my sister who also made her quiet exit. I stayed last to help my auntie clean up the food and talk for a little while. So didn't make my exit till 9pm. When I got back home, I received quite a shock. My sister was home doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Since it was my week for kitchen duty, she apparently forgot this and I opened up my big mouth. she realized she had clothes but was still nice enough to clean up the kitchen anyway. i really apprecatied it since i had been up since 7am.

My girl kamina had called me to see if I wanted to go out while I was still at my auntie's house, but she never called back. Also I had invited a friend of mine to come over and get some food also, but he never called back either. So I just took my black ass to sleep. Oh and yes I did take PLENTY of pictures of the event so if you would like to see them just click on the FLICKR link that you see of to the right and enjoy.

December 24, 2005

Pre Merry X-mas and 20/20 vision

Just wanted to say good evening to all of you. Today is Dec.24 as well as many of u know. The last day to do all the rushing that you can do for presents. Today I had work from 12pm to 5pm at job #2. It was pretty busy store wide but not a huge rush for appliances......didn't have anyone coming up to me after making a mad dash to the doors just begging and pleading to see if we had a certain washer and dryer set in stock. No none of that.

Last night, I was at the Saint Louis Galleria and the West County Shopping Mall. Trying to find a shirt to go with these cute jeans from Old Navy. Finally decided on a cute black top from Torrid. Also bought this cool hat for my dad. Only person who I have yet to get anything for is my mom. But she is out of town so I can spend some extra time getting something for her. So right now almost everyone is taken care of. I still have to get something for my girl Kamina. I received majority of my presents from my friends today. Can't say no to gift cards and money. hahaha

So right now I'm at Danielle's house, just straight JAMMIN to some Quincy Jones music. Had dinner at Applebee's with Kamina, Danielle, and another friend Jonathan. So now I'm chillin at Danielle's talkin to our friend Keith. Well tomorrow is the big day. Hope you have all your plans in place. In the morning I will get up and start cooking the food that was prepared this past week for my house. Then I will go over to my Aunt charolotte's house for the family X-mas gathering.

Of course I did some shopping for myself these past couple of days but more online than anything else. I ordered some Cazal Sunglasses Model 933 and 2 pairs of DKNY prescription glasses Model 4507. I have an addiction to glasses. Espcecially if they are just banging. This site called is the shit. If you ever need some glasses that are just crazy cheap but ORGINALS and not fakes. You need to check this site out.

So for right now I'm gonna bid you goodnight. Might go to club tonight and shake my ass, both sides. lol Or just chill out and enjoy myself. Either way I'm gonna do me, it's been damn near 5 years since anyone has done me. haha but for real. Have a Merry x-mass and a Happy Hannakah MUTHA-FUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya-Hoo

o the weather outside is rainy,
my ass is going to maybe,
chill and have drink
what ya think, what ya think, what ya think?

December 23, 2005

Friday before X-mas

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. Just haven’t been up to it till today. Well this past week has been something so far. My mom went to the airport this morning to go to California to spend the week with her sister, and would you know she calls me from the airport, asking if my dad has made it back yet to the house. I tell her no, she the proceeds to tell me how she can’t get on her flight because of some fuck-up the people can seem to find in their systems. So now it is 7:20am and I still don’t know if she was able to board the plane or not since I’m at work right now.

Yesterday after work I went to the hair salon and had my hair done. I went solo since Danielle had a meeting at work and I had to be at the hair salon by 2pm. Needless to say I didn’t get out until 5:45pm. Oh well, fast forward to being home and helping my mom with some food for x-mas. Since she will be out of town, it will fall on my shoulders to make sure the food is cooked for our household. I helped prepare the turkey and the dressing. I want to learn how to cook like my mom so I’ve been helping out whenever she needs a hand in the kitchen.

Afterwards, we go the living room and start to separate the presents. Since I am also going over to a relative’s for our FAMILY X-MAS gathering on Sunday, I am bringing GREENS (YUM) and 3 home-made cakes (Spanish Cream, Pecan cheesecake, Pound Cake). I haven’t done my x-mas shopping for my mom and dad yet. Damn shame huh? Well my sister already gave my mom her present which was a louis vuitton wallet (yes a real one from a louis vuitton store) to go with her louis vuitton purse that she received as a birthday present this past January. So I’m thinking it would be just dandy to get her the louis vuitton 6-key holder. For my dad I’m absolutely clueless, but I’ll figure something out. Most likely he’ll get what he wants every x-mas. Which would just be another year of hankies, underwear, and socks. Lolol.

Well I hope your X-mas weekend is memorable and you get everything or at least 2/3 of what your heart desires. Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures and post them to my flickr website. So for now I will sign off……until take care and MERRY X-MAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, KWANZA. Or whatever you folks celebrate with as cold as hell as it is.

December 21, 2005

self pampering and the little blessing in life

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December 17, 2005

jst a recap of the past couple of days

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December 15, 2005


Paint me
by Jasmine W.

Let me show you how I paint myself…….

How do you like my hair?

Up in a tussle of curls or flowing around me like blades of black grass?

How do you like my face?

My eyes draw you in, my perfect nose sniffs you out, my lips so full they rival size of any juicy strawberry.

How do you like my bosom?

The way I walk towards you, a bounce in my step that seems to jiggle my front. Make no mistake what you see is 100% born and bred. You wish you could feed off of MY chocolate milk.

How do you like my waist?

Not the hour-shape it used to be, but still close. It still has the curves that makes a man (you) get closer…

How do you like my thighs?

They are nice and thick and baby when I walk they also talk;) You can’t help but wonder DAMN I wonder if they can grip. So I answer your question……YES THEY CAN.

How do you like my legs?

My legs know how to move my thighs. I’m deadly in anything I wear. They might be jeans or it might be a nice clinging skirt. Yet the legs now it drop it like it’s hot.

How do you like my feet?

The beautiful arch they have. You think you have seen a sista strut her stuff. HA…baby you haven’t seen me. I can prowl towards you in a pair of 4 inch heels with Cuban heel stockings on or run towards you in some ol-skool sneaka’s waiting and anticipating your every move.

So how do you paint me? I’m just curious…………….

December 14, 2005


Hey guys check out my first audio blog...yea yea I know it's pretty lame but HEY it's a start.;)

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December 13, 2005

Swing batta....batta....batta.....SWING!!

Well today is another great day…Not because of the weather but because I am HERE. This past Sunday I had work at job#2 but left a tad bit early because I needed to check out some possible x-mas items for family and friends. This past Sunday was also extra special because a good friend of mine and Danielle’s and who also happens to be Keith’s (Danielle’s housemate) best friend. We welcomed home Larry from his tour over seas in Iraq and I must say it was damn good to have him home.

He had been gone ever since November 2004. We prayed he would be okay and would come back home to still play spades and domino’s. We tried to keep as much contact as we could with phone calls and emails. I didn’t get over to Danielle’s till 10:30 pm. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too festive because my head was kicking my ass. Had to take some meds and just chill out on the couch. Needless to say my home girl Kamina was also there as well as Jonathan. Danielle fried some chicken and made some mac n’ cheese. I wasn’t that hungry since my mom had cooked earlier that day; making baked chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. YUM-YUM

FAST FORWARD TO TUESDAY(=============( Well now it’s about 11:10AM and one of my close guy friends who I have known since 1999 politely reminded me that he had a birthday yesterday (December 12, ) and I’m so ashamed of myself for forgetting, so here is my personal shout to you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIZ!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is something truly special. Even though we don’t have time to talk as much as we used to. We still text each other from time to time. We’ve always talked about one of us just jetting to see the other one. He’s in NYC and I’m the STL. In fact for those of you that don’t know, I have another blog called SINSUAL PLEASURES, the story that I’m writing is about him. I’ve been writing and adding chapters to it for 6 years now. So I told him I would spurn out another chapter as soon as I could for his reading pleasure.

Now I know what’s going to happen after reading the last paragraph. Some guys will say to themselves “Damn…I guess I don’t have a chance to holla or say SOMETHING.” And to this I’m just gonna say WHY DO U THINK THAT"? Don’t count your self out of the ball game just because you have yet to get to bat. I’m a real person and I don’t play head games, yes I have guy friend that I am very fond of that just happens to live in NYC. AND??????? If we were ever going to try to do something serious or if we EVER try to be serious only time will tell and I would let other people know that I like that might be the case. But as far as he and I know it’s not. We just cool and we are just FRIENDS. So to you fella’s, all I have to say is as long as you are not about head games……………step up to the plate.

December 9, 2005

So what do YOU THINK???

Good evening.....I am home now after putting in another long day at job #1. Over 11 hours to be exact. For lunch I went to a spot close to the job called Kreiger's Pub and Grill. Around 8:15pm I decided to call it quits and went over to St. Charles to get some of the best Chinese food I have EVER HAD. In fact this is place that my job calls for food when we are in the mood for delivery.

I get home, with my special fried rice, fried chicken, and eggroll. Share the goods with the family and get ready to unwind. That is until my mom asks me to de-vein some shrimp for her. YUCK. Just got done with that task about 20 min. ago. and my hands look so wrinkled.;) Well This evening I received a package that I've been expecting now for over a little bit more than a week.

A company by the name of M80, read my blog and saw that I'm interested in video games. They asked me via email, if I would be interested in reviewing a game, and told them hell yea!!! Now I don't know if this is fate, but the game they wanted me to review I was very close to buying myself a couple of weeks ago. the name of the game is SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR for Gamecube. So I'm going to play it to my heart's content and see what I think about it.

I will either write my review on this blog or create a new blog strictly for reviews on different products and idea's. I think it would be an excellent especially since I've been given the opportunity to do so. So for all those companies or people who have products that need a testing especially electronics and anything gadget wise oh and i absolutely love video games and pretty much anything TO DO with video games;) I'm your gal. I'm a big technological junkie and love to know about the latest items and get my hands on them to see how they work. That's why I work at an electronic retail store;) Just drop me a line at and I'll be MORE than happy to put my 2 cents in;) ciou and good night.

December 8, 2005

Let it snow let it snow just make sure no ice follows

What is up to all my fellow bloggers and people of this place we call EARTH. I'm coming to ya from my house via laptop in my comfortable bed. Watchin some program on TV that I won't remember by the time I change the channel. Well ya girl put in quite a day today at job number 1. Clocked in at 7:45am and didn't ship out till 8:20pm. WHEW!!! But hey that's what you do, because last time I check the only thing growing on trees that's green DONT spend or pay bills. Ya hear me?

Now it's December and the X-mas holidays are in full effect. I hope you have all of your shopping done because sista girl (YES THAT'S ME) has not started a lick!!!! So I will be having to play catch up like a mutha. Yet hey tis the season to be jolly. Fa-la-la-la-la, I need to hit the lotto. I hope you all receive what you want this x-mas and much more. Yet what I DON'T wish for is all the damn SNOW!!

Let me tell you somethin. Me and snow, just don't get along. YET I rather have snow by my side than ice. Now ice is the devil. On my street, if you have ice, you might as well just call off of work because you might get out of your driveway, but I'll be takin bets against ya getting back in. Now I liked snow back in the day when I used to go sledding, but honey......when it is ICE you had betta walk sideways because you might fall right on ya ass. I should know from experience.

Now it's about 10:50pm, and it's about that time that I part ways with you beautiful people. So I leave with this message. Do on to others as you would have them do onto you. But if they begin to piss you off, for no DAMN reason. Let them know they betta nip that shit in the bud, before you nip them. I HOLLA>......the lady has spoken. smooches;)

December 4, 2005

Spade Championships

What's up all, it's ya girl coming back at ya via my girl spot, Danielle crib. Where the spade championship is currently being played. On the line, a free dinner to the winner courtesy of the losers....The players...Danielle and Kamina vs. Jbass and Ant. The first team to 500 wins!! So far the game is getting PRETTY interesting. I am the witness of the match so currently I am watching from the FLOOR chillin with a laptop communicating wireless. Isn't technology beautiful.

First 2 games have already been played and the ladies of the table are winning. 3rd game goes to the gentlmen.....PLAY ON!!!

Currently they are on the 4th game with the score being 200-ladies to the 30-mens. The cards have been dealt and so the game continues. Everyone is quite as the cards are the only sound you hear on the glass table. All there faces are just stone serious, there is just too much at stake. lolol God I think this is funny.

So as I take a break from my current situation, I will recap my earlier day, WELL..... I had work and opened today at job #2. Then was off at 5:30pm. FAscinating yes I know. 4th has been played and that game goes to the men as well. The current score is 250 to 90. Of course the ladies are still running the game which is just natural.

5th game is now in effect, and the men are feeling the heat. BREAKING NEWS!!! I have been offically put in charge of the scoreboard since there seems to be some friction at the table. Game is over and the score is now 300 to 140. Now game 6th will take place shortly. There apparently is some serious issue. ONe of the players, Ant is trying to pass off a note to JBass, the lady's are trying to cock block the note but it still gets to JBass. GAME ON!! Game 6 is now offically being played. The David Spade show is currently on Comedy Central. I'm STILL on the floor with the laptop. The current score after game 6 is 260 to 220. The men have made a huge jump but are still trailing!!!

The cards have been dealt for the 7th game and the tension is cutting like a knife. Trash talking is being traded off left and right. I wish I could put sound on this blog. lolol So now the 7th game is concluded and we are now at 310 to 270. As the band played on.................8th game is now on a grind. The ladies have made a point of going board while the men are stating they will go 8 books. hmmmmmmmmmm very interesting.

OH BOY!!! The boys just got set!!! the score is now 350 to 190. The men had done so WELL come up the mountain like that......and now they just got hit by a big ass AVALANCHE and just had they asses sent back down the mountain PACKING!!! WHOA NELLY ITS GETTIN HOT IN HERE!!!! lolol Oh well now on the next game.

420 to oh man the boys are getting nervous because the girls are red hot. Now there is some trouble from the dudes about being able to pay up on the bet so the ladies are letting them know that they MIGHT be able step down on the food. Orginally they wanted Cheesecake Factory but they might settle for Red Lobster. They are now on game 9, and my girl mina is singing "how you want your ass smacked?" The men are straight frustrated its not even funny except to me.

FINAL SCORE after game 9 is 500 to 110. The ladies have spanked ass and the men are just a TAD pissed. Danielle housemate, Keith just stepped in the door just teasing the men with no mercy. the game is over and the negotiations are now in affect. Right now they are talking about getting pampered and they just kicked the shit out of the fellas oh it is such a good night. I holla!!! will have more pics to post

December 3, 2005

Friendships........such a wonderful thing

Well I'm back home from my evening with Amy, i met up with her at an Italian restuarant across from the St. Louis Galleria. I get there about 6:52pm-ish, after finding an EXCELLENT parking space. I dash into the restuarent hoping to find her easily. HA_HA. That's an understatement. The place is jammed, you have live music, waiters going twice the speed of norm, 2 levels of people just going left, right and any other directions they can go. You have company parties going on in banquet rooms, valet parking swapping stories and me with my hair a tad bit messed up, trying to find the nearest route to the bathroom that I find out is on the SECOND FLOOR.....WHAT THE F?CK?? So i make my way through the throng of the crowd to make it to the restroom. Where I encounter two women talking about going to the movies and how much food they ate. One lady made a crack to the other lady some silly joke, that I wish I could remember but I just starting laughing out loud and then we all ended up laughing out loud.

So then i make my way back to the front doors where Amy finds me. She had already been there waiting at the bar, working on a drink. I Finally get to meet her fiancee, who happens to be a bartender at the place and man is he cute. Funny thing..I saw him at first when I came in and I immediatly thought....that HAS to be him. Needless to say I'm right and he made me this drink called the BLUE HAWAIIAN, it was the best damn drink I have ever had.....and I don't remember what the hell it was in it.

Anyway, we talked for about an hour just drinking and talking and the we decided to go to "The HILL", for those not familiar with the term it stands for the Italian area in St. Louis, which is known for it's deep Italian heritage and EXCELLENT restuarents and shops. We settle on one restuarant and talk more and relax. We talked about life, her wedding, her dogs, men in our past, my life, other people's lives, and anything else. lolol Overall we had a kickass time and we are making sure that we can get together more often. Especially since we are going to go bridesmaid shopping early next year.

So i'm back home now watching Saturday night Live laughing my ass off. Well I've got work in the mornin so Imma call it a nightl..............unless you catch me on yahoo IM. Ta-Ta

Oh what a web we weave

Wassup to all, hope your Friday night went smoothly. Well since I took off from work yesterday, becasue of a serious cold i decided, to relax around the house, and follow it with a trip to the Saint Louis Galleria. Where I saw the beautiful x-mas tree they always put up. They have the BEST displays. Yet right before going to Danielle's, I went to the Popeye's off of Kingshighway to get some food, well then I see some old lady back behind the building having the shakes. It was so serious some called an ambulance for her. They eventually got there and took her to a hospital.

Then i went to Danielle's house to help her setup her laptop to the network system in her house.She told me that her friend that had been shot earlier last month and also was the father of her goddaughter had passed away earlier that morning. So she has been sad all day long. She had been playin her Playstation 2 to keep her mind off of things. She also is wondering what to do future wise. She told me earlier this week that she plans on gettting back into school which I am jsut so happy to hear. Yet now she will need to worry about the welfare of her godchild as well. So she is just taking everything step by step. She decided she couldn't deal with the arrangements for the funeral and decided to leave that up to her friend's aunt. Yet she and her boys would help pay for the funeral.

Around 5:30pm we both went to the hair salon to get our hair done. The stories that are told on in THERE would have you crackin up for days. lololol So Danielle and I just sit around and relax. Of course we didn't get out of there till 9:30pm, she was hungry so I decided to treat her to dinner. In which we took back to her place and watch majority of the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Around 11:30pm I decided to cut out so I could wrap my hair and take my own ass to sleep.So here i am now and it's Saturday morning and shortly I am going to go downstairs and put up our X-mas tree to complete the decorations in the house.

Later on this evening I will have drinks and dinner with Amy, one of my best friends who told me a couple of days ago that she is getting married. I will keep you updated with my day if anything else happens. Take care and god bless

December 1, 2005

This ray of hope

Well today was fuzzy slipper day at work and i wore my Cookie Monster Slippers. But I didn't win the contest. That honor went to a good friend and Co-Worker of mine, Aubrey. She had on some fuzzy tennis shoes. Pretty cool huh? Well i had a boring time today at work. Had to do some conversions which took me forever because I kept screwing up the process. Oh well, after that went home and went into a deep coma, and just came out of it an hour ago. Watched Oprah on the David Letterman show which apparently was a big deal since she hadn't been on the show in 16 years.

Well tonight while I was on my laptop, I decided to check my mail and received an email from one of my longtime best friend since kindergarten, Amy. She emailed me since we've been having so much trouble contacting each other via telephone. She has announced that she is getting married next August. Of course I couldn't be anything but ESTATIC for her. I'm just waiting to meet the groom. lol

hearing about amy's engagement definitely put a smile on my face. I do believe that there is a STRONG CHANCE that there is someone special for everyone. I just have my doubts that there is someone for me......
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