December 23, 2005

Friday before X-mas

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. Just haven’t been up to it till today. Well this past week has been something so far. My mom went to the airport this morning to go to California to spend the week with her sister, and would you know she calls me from the airport, asking if my dad has made it back yet to the house. I tell her no, she the proceeds to tell me how she can’t get on her flight because of some fuck-up the people can seem to find in their systems. So now it is 7:20am and I still don’t know if she was able to board the plane or not since I’m at work right now.

Yesterday after work I went to the hair salon and had my hair done. I went solo since Danielle had a meeting at work and I had to be at the hair salon by 2pm. Needless to say I didn’t get out until 5:45pm. Oh well, fast forward to being home and helping my mom with some food for x-mas. Since she will be out of town, it will fall on my shoulders to make sure the food is cooked for our household. I helped prepare the turkey and the dressing. I want to learn how to cook like my mom so I’ve been helping out whenever she needs a hand in the kitchen.

Afterwards, we go the living room and start to separate the presents. Since I am also going over to a relative’s for our FAMILY X-MAS gathering on Sunday, I am bringing GREENS (YUM) and 3 home-made cakes (Spanish Cream, Pecan cheesecake, Pound Cake). I haven’t done my x-mas shopping for my mom and dad yet. Damn shame huh? Well my sister already gave my mom her present which was a louis vuitton wallet (yes a real one from a louis vuitton store) to go with her louis vuitton purse that she received as a birthday present this past January. So I’m thinking it would be just dandy to get her the louis vuitton 6-key holder. For my dad I’m absolutely clueless, but I’ll figure something out. Most likely he’ll get what he wants every x-mas. Which would just be another year of hankies, underwear, and socks. Lolol.

Well I hope your X-mas weekend is memorable and you get everything or at least 2/3 of what your heart desires. Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures and post them to my flickr website. So for now I will sign off……until take care and MERRY X-MAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, KWANZA. Or whatever you folks celebrate with as cold as hell as it is.
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