December 13, 2005

Swing batta....batta....batta.....SWING!!

Well today is another great day…Not because of the weather but because I am HERE. This past Sunday I had work at job#2 but left a tad bit early because I needed to check out some possible x-mas items for family and friends. This past Sunday was also extra special because a good friend of mine and Danielle’s and who also happens to be Keith’s (Danielle’s housemate) best friend. We welcomed home Larry from his tour over seas in Iraq and I must say it was damn good to have him home.

He had been gone ever since November 2004. We prayed he would be okay and would come back home to still play spades and domino’s. We tried to keep as much contact as we could with phone calls and emails. I didn’t get over to Danielle’s till 10:30 pm. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too festive because my head was kicking my ass. Had to take some meds and just chill out on the couch. Needless to say my home girl Kamina was also there as well as Jonathan. Danielle fried some chicken and made some mac n’ cheese. I wasn’t that hungry since my mom had cooked earlier that day; making baked chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. YUM-YUM

FAST FORWARD TO TUESDAY(=============( Well now it’s about 11:10AM and one of my close guy friends who I have known since 1999 politely reminded me that he had a birthday yesterday (December 12, ) and I’m so ashamed of myself for forgetting, so here is my personal shout to you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIZ!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is something truly special. Even though we don’t have time to talk as much as we used to. We still text each other from time to time. We’ve always talked about one of us just jetting to see the other one. He’s in NYC and I’m the STL. In fact for those of you that don’t know, I have another blog called SINSUAL PLEASURES, the story that I’m writing is about him. I’ve been writing and adding chapters to it for 6 years now. So I told him I would spurn out another chapter as soon as I could for his reading pleasure.

Now I know what’s going to happen after reading the last paragraph. Some guys will say to themselves “Damn…I guess I don’t have a chance to holla or say SOMETHING.” And to this I’m just gonna say WHY DO U THINK THAT"? Don’t count your self out of the ball game just because you have yet to get to bat. I’m a real person and I don’t play head games, yes I have guy friend that I am very fond of that just happens to live in NYC. AND??????? If we were ever going to try to do something serious or if we EVER try to be serious only time will tell and I would let other people know that I like that might be the case. But as far as he and I know it’s not. We just cool and we are just FRIENDS. So to you fella’s, all I have to say is as long as you are not about head games……………step up to the plate.
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