December 24, 2005

Pre Merry X-mas and 20/20 vision

Just wanted to say good evening to all of you. Today is Dec.24 as well as many of u know. The last day to do all the rushing that you can do for presents. Today I had work from 12pm to 5pm at job #2. It was pretty busy store wide but not a huge rush for appliances......didn't have anyone coming up to me after making a mad dash to the doors just begging and pleading to see if we had a certain washer and dryer set in stock. No none of that.

Last night, I was at the Saint Louis Galleria and the West County Shopping Mall. Trying to find a shirt to go with these cute jeans from Old Navy. Finally decided on a cute black top from Torrid. Also bought this cool hat for my dad. Only person who I have yet to get anything for is my mom. But she is out of town so I can spend some extra time getting something for her. So right now almost everyone is taken care of. I still have to get something for my girl Kamina. I received majority of my presents from my friends today. Can't say no to gift cards and money. hahaha

So right now I'm at Danielle's house, just straight JAMMIN to some Quincy Jones music. Had dinner at Applebee's with Kamina, Danielle, and another friend Jonathan. So now I'm chillin at Danielle's talkin to our friend Keith. Well tomorrow is the big day. Hope you have all your plans in place. In the morning I will get up and start cooking the food that was prepared this past week for my house. Then I will go over to my Aunt charolotte's house for the family X-mas gathering.

Of course I did some shopping for myself these past couple of days but more online than anything else. I ordered some Cazal Sunglasses Model 933 and 2 pairs of DKNY prescription glasses Model 4507. I have an addiction to glasses. Espcecially if they are just banging. This site called is the shit. If you ever need some glasses that are just crazy cheap but ORGINALS and not fakes. You need to check this site out.

So for right now I'm gonna bid you goodnight. Might go to club tonight and shake my ass, both sides. lol Or just chill out and enjoy myself. Either way I'm gonna do me, it's been damn near 5 years since anyone has done me. haha but for real. Have a Merry x-mass and a Happy Hannakah MUTHA-FUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya-Hoo

o the weather outside is rainy,
my ass is going to maybe,
chill and have drink
what ya think, what ya think, what ya think?
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