December 15, 2005


Paint me
by Jasmine W.

Let me show you how I paint myself…….

How do you like my hair?

Up in a tussle of curls or flowing around me like blades of black grass?

How do you like my face?

My eyes draw you in, my perfect nose sniffs you out, my lips so full they rival size of any juicy strawberry.

How do you like my bosom?

The way I walk towards you, a bounce in my step that seems to jiggle my front. Make no mistake what you see is 100% born and bred. You wish you could feed off of MY chocolate milk.

How do you like my waist?

Not the hour-shape it used to be, but still close. It still has the curves that makes a man (you) get closer…

How do you like my thighs?

They are nice and thick and baby when I walk they also talk;) You can’t help but wonder DAMN I wonder if they can grip. So I answer your question……YES THEY CAN.

How do you like my legs?

My legs know how to move my thighs. I’m deadly in anything I wear. They might be jeans or it might be a nice clinging skirt. Yet the legs now it drop it like it’s hot.

How do you like my feet?

The beautiful arch they have. You think you have seen a sista strut her stuff. HA…baby you haven’t seen me. I can prowl towards you in a pair of 4 inch heels with Cuban heel stockings on or run towards you in some ol-skool sneaka’s waiting and anticipating your every move.

So how do you paint me? I’m just curious…………….
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