December 3, 2005

Oh what a web we weave

Wassup to all, hope your Friday night went smoothly. Well since I took off from work yesterday, becasue of a serious cold i decided, to relax around the house, and follow it with a trip to the Saint Louis Galleria. Where I saw the beautiful x-mas tree they always put up. They have the BEST displays. Yet right before going to Danielle's, I went to the Popeye's off of Kingshighway to get some food, well then I see some old lady back behind the building having the shakes. It was so serious some called an ambulance for her. They eventually got there and took her to a hospital.

Then i went to Danielle's house to help her setup her laptop to the network system in her house.She told me that her friend that had been shot earlier last month and also was the father of her goddaughter had passed away earlier that morning. So she has been sad all day long. She had been playin her Playstation 2 to keep her mind off of things. She also is wondering what to do future wise. She told me earlier this week that she plans on gettting back into school which I am jsut so happy to hear. Yet now she will need to worry about the welfare of her godchild as well. So she is just taking everything step by step. She decided she couldn't deal with the arrangements for the funeral and decided to leave that up to her friend's aunt. Yet she and her boys would help pay for the funeral.

Around 5:30pm we both went to the hair salon to get our hair done. The stories that are told on in THERE would have you crackin up for days. lololol So Danielle and I just sit around and relax. Of course we didn't get out of there till 9:30pm, she was hungry so I decided to treat her to dinner. In which we took back to her place and watch majority of the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Around 11:30pm I decided to cut out so I could wrap my hair and take my own ass to sleep.So here i am now and it's Saturday morning and shortly I am going to go downstairs and put up our X-mas tree to complete the decorations in the house.

Later on this evening I will have drinks and dinner with Amy, one of my best friends who told me a couple of days ago that she is getting married. I will keep you updated with my day if anything else happens. Take care and god bless
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