December 3, 2005

Friendships........such a wonderful thing

Well I'm back home from my evening with Amy, i met up with her at an Italian restuarant across from the St. Louis Galleria. I get there about 6:52pm-ish, after finding an EXCELLENT parking space. I dash into the restuarent hoping to find her easily. HA_HA. That's an understatement. The place is jammed, you have live music, waiters going twice the speed of norm, 2 levels of people just going left, right and any other directions they can go. You have company parties going on in banquet rooms, valet parking swapping stories and me with my hair a tad bit messed up, trying to find the nearest route to the bathroom that I find out is on the SECOND FLOOR.....WHAT THE F?CK?? So i make my way through the throng of the crowd to make it to the restroom. Where I encounter two women talking about going to the movies and how much food they ate. One lady made a crack to the other lady some silly joke, that I wish I could remember but I just starting laughing out loud and then we all ended up laughing out loud.

So then i make my way back to the front doors where Amy finds me. She had already been there waiting at the bar, working on a drink. I Finally get to meet her fiancee, who happens to be a bartender at the place and man is he cute. Funny thing..I saw him at first when I came in and I immediatly thought....that HAS to be him. Needless to say I'm right and he made me this drink called the BLUE HAWAIIAN, it was the best damn drink I have ever had.....and I don't remember what the hell it was in it.

Anyway, we talked for about an hour just drinking and talking and the we decided to go to "The HILL", for those not familiar with the term it stands for the Italian area in St. Louis, which is known for it's deep Italian heritage and EXCELLENT restuarents and shops. We settle on one restuarant and talk more and relax. We talked about life, her wedding, her dogs, men in our past, my life, other people's lives, and anything else. lolol Overall we had a kickass time and we are making sure that we can get together more often. Especially since we are going to go bridesmaid shopping early next year.

So i'm back home now watching Saturday night Live laughing my ass off. Well I've got work in the mornin so Imma call it a nightl..............unless you catch me on yahoo IM. Ta-Ta
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