December 4, 2005

Spade Championships

What's up all, it's ya girl coming back at ya via my girl spot, Danielle crib. Where the spade championship is currently being played. On the line, a free dinner to the winner courtesy of the losers....The players...Danielle and Kamina vs. Jbass and Ant. The first team to 500 wins!! So far the game is getting PRETTY interesting. I am the witness of the match so currently I am watching from the FLOOR chillin with a laptop communicating wireless. Isn't technology beautiful.

First 2 games have already been played and the ladies of the table are winning. 3rd game goes to the gentlmen.....PLAY ON!!!

Currently they are on the 4th game with the score being 200-ladies to the 30-mens. The cards have been dealt and so the game continues. Everyone is quite as the cards are the only sound you hear on the glass table. All there faces are just stone serious, there is just too much at stake. lolol God I think this is funny.

So as I take a break from my current situation, I will recap my earlier day, WELL..... I had work and opened today at job #2. Then was off at 5:30pm. FAscinating yes I know. 4th has been played and that game goes to the men as well. The current score is 250 to 90. Of course the ladies are still running the game which is just natural.

5th game is now in effect, and the men are feeling the heat. BREAKING NEWS!!! I have been offically put in charge of the scoreboard since there seems to be some friction at the table. Game is over and the score is now 300 to 140. Now game 6th will take place shortly. There apparently is some serious issue. ONe of the players, Ant is trying to pass off a note to JBass, the lady's are trying to cock block the note but it still gets to JBass. GAME ON!! Game 6 is now offically being played. The David Spade show is currently on Comedy Central. I'm STILL on the floor with the laptop. The current score after game 6 is 260 to 220. The men have made a huge jump but are still trailing!!!

The cards have been dealt for the 7th game and the tension is cutting like a knife. Trash talking is being traded off left and right. I wish I could put sound on this blog. lolol So now the 7th game is concluded and we are now at 310 to 270. As the band played on.................8th game is now on a grind. The ladies have made a point of going board while the men are stating they will go 8 books. hmmmmmmmmmm very interesting.

OH BOY!!! The boys just got set!!! the score is now 350 to 190. The men had done so WELL come up the mountain like that......and now they just got hit by a big ass AVALANCHE and just had they asses sent back down the mountain PACKING!!! WHOA NELLY ITS GETTIN HOT IN HERE!!!! lolol Oh well now on the next game.

420 to oh man the boys are getting nervous because the girls are red hot. Now there is some trouble from the dudes about being able to pay up on the bet so the ladies are letting them know that they MIGHT be able step down on the food. Orginally they wanted Cheesecake Factory but they might settle for Red Lobster. They are now on game 9, and my girl mina is singing "how you want your ass smacked?" The men are straight frustrated its not even funny except to me.

FINAL SCORE after game 9 is 500 to 110. The ladies have spanked ass and the men are just a TAD pissed. Danielle housemate, Keith just stepped in the door just teasing the men with no mercy. the game is over and the negotiations are now in affect. Right now they are talking about getting pampered and they just kicked the shit out of the fellas oh it is such a good night. I holla!!! will have more pics to post
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