June 10, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Digital camera course - first impressions this week

I haven't used one of these in DECADES!!!!

Well this past week I completed my first week of a digital photography course that I started at a college campus. The class is a tad bit long (about 3 hours per class) but I knew that going into the course especially with it being Summer time. Yet I was excited and have been doing my readings. The classroom is quite nice and I'm having to familiarize myself with Mac computers all over again. I think the last Apple computer I owned was back when I was in elementary school and even then it was with a floppy disk, color image writer printer, and a green dot matrix screen. I think it was the Apple IIc.  Well this computer I'm messing with now is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of that. Yet I will say I'm not really feeling the keyboard. I would happy trade it out for an ergonomic keyboard.

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