September 18, 2016

Follow your dreams

Last night I decided to go out and study for an upcoming test I have tomorrow in my photography class. Nervous as hell doesn't even begin to cut it. So After studying I decided to go to Texas Roadhouse in Kirkwood, MO. So as usual on a Saturday night the place is jammed packed which is why I grabbed a seat at the bar. Faster service. So as I'm relaxing in my seat, waiting on my food to arrive and taking in a few of the football games that are playing. A lady sits to the right of me and we proceed to strike up a conversation.

September 11, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: The Battle Isn't Yours

On September 2nd I did event photography for a play that was held at the JCPenney Conference Center on University of MO - STL campus. The director of the play is Joice Valentine. She is also one of the subjects of my photography project ShowYouSTL.

August 29, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Artifical Light Photography

Edward Crim showing us the ropes during a Creative Studio session - Aug 9th, 2016

So if you have read my previous posts you know I enjoyed the hell out of my Digital Photography/Photoshop class and was geared up to take a film version of the class this fall. I mean I found out the book I had ordered for the film class was literally the same version, I mean about 95% the same. I compared the digital and films books and just couldn't believe my luck. I thankfully have saved ALL the quizzes and tests that I took from the summer course and have all my notes in a folder. So back in May I rented my Digital Photography books from I loved their service and used them again for my fall Film class.

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