August 16, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Digital Camera Course - Afterthoughts

Hard work = an A grade

Originally written August 3rd,

Well I kicked butt in my final, received a 49/50. Overall I had a blast in the class and the teacher was absolutely wonderful. Even though I feel as though I only learned about Camera Raw in regards to Photoshop while everyone else learned way more than me. I'm not going to let it deter me. I will try to learn more about it and some other graphic software as well. I'm waiting on my final grade but I know I have an A+. I had so much extra credit in the class I didn't want to take anything for granted. I enjoyed the assignments given and even did extra on a few of them. I really enjoyed this class because it was a Hybrid class. Part internet and the other part being in the classroom. We used state of the art equipment from Macs to a printing room that had some of the biggest printers I had ever seen.

July 28, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Digital Camera Course - Last Class (Extra Credit)

Far out

So for extra credit we have the option of doing a Panoramic photo. So I decided to give it a shot. I originally wanted to get a shot of Alton, IL river scene but unfortunately I didn't do the pictures correctly. So this afternoon I decided to go out to Lafayette Park and get some pictures of the beautiful bridge and pond. I took to versions of it. Far out and close. The far out shot was better but the close up shot......yea.....I had some fun with that one. I'll let you go through it to see what I  tried to fix.....LOL

Now I just need to take the final by this Sunday. Crossing my fingers.

July 26, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Digital Camera Course - Last Week Impressions

This last week of classes has definitely been a challenge.  I had homework assignments for HDR photographs and Composition photographs. The software I used for the HDR photos is called Photomatix. Love it! I also had to finalize my portfolio, take two quizzes ahead of schedule to give myself more time to take the final on Saturday. Overall I've really enjoyed this class and feel I've learned a lot about my camera. Photoshop.......still a work in progress.

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