February 1, 2019

Habit Forming, Life Changing

Back in December I had a serious coming to Jesus moment with myself. I realized I was in a stage in my life that I wasn't happy and realized that I needed to do something about it. I finally realized that my life wasn't going to change until I started to change things about myself. I talked to a close friend about how I was feeling. I'm not one to who believes in resolutions. I just feel they are just goals that will lead to failure. Just my opinion on it. So I decided I was going to start things differently for myself. I have various issues that I deal with. Finances, Health, and Mentality. They all weave in together and effect each other. 

January 15, 2019


So Day 4 is called Money Bucket.

This step was to open a Savings account that ONLY has online access. Not like a savings account with a brick & mortar location. So I did some scouting around. Found an online bank that I had been looking into since last year and decided to make the move to open a Savings account with them. Also am making the move to switch to a different brick & mortar bank as well.

January 8, 2019

A fool and her money can be parted but can that fool be reformed?

My relationship with money can be described at best as volatile. My money has always been my "happy place" to get away from how I felt about myself. Hit a depressing point in my life, go buy the latest gadget. Upset about something, go buy food to eat. Not liking how I look, go buy makeup to cover that up. Nothing could help conceal the issues I was dealing with. Spending money was only a temporary fix to a permanent issue. Yet it had gotten to the point that I felt "triggered" whenever I would see something I wanted it would be in my head and couldn't get it out until I bought it. Thinking that "thing" would help me overall feel better about myself and help me get out of the funk that I was continuously in.

Looking back on my life I truly wish there had been classes taught through high school about fiscal responsibility or had searched them out during my first stint at college.

December 31, 2018

Last day of 2018

Well this evening I'm at home and just finished watching a movie on Netflix, HellRaiser - Judgement. Not bad at all. A lot better than I expected. I went out earlier today with my mom to run some errands. I had told myself earlier this year that I was going to ring in the new year somewhere, but I'm just at home, again, as previous years. The time is about 8:45pm and I'm not sure even where I would go. Do I want to go through the trouble of unbraiding my three strand twist braids in my hair that felt like forever and a day to wash the previous evening?

December 17, 2018

Wrap up 2018

Christmas break/relief is coming this Thursday. I surely can’t wait. To be able to just chill out and just relax (hopefully). I aced my Photoshop 1 class. It definitely was a challenge and I had a great teacher. I didn’t realized Photoshop has so many layers and we honestly barely skimmed the surface. But I’m not nearly as afraid of it as when I first started the class. I’m excited to see what I can do to enhance my photos. This upcoming semester I originally was going to take a break but then a Fine Arts rep talked to our class was informing us about other classes that would be beneficial for us to take. My friend Sarah who is a fellow photographer had told me earlier this semester she was signed up for a Computer Art Studio class and wouldn’t you know…..that is one of the classes the Fine Arts rep talked about. So I thought why not and also enrolled in the same class as Sarah. So I can’t wait to see her for next semester!!

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