May 18, 2016

Don't mistake Instant Gratification for Long term Happiness

Don't mistake Instant Gratification for Long term Happiness.....this saying popped in my head this morning. I'm not sure why today, but it did. One of my biggest challenges in my life is being happy with myself. I always find some type of fault and then harp on it. Yet what I've come to realize is that if I don't like something about myself, I have to be the one who has to change it. Unfortunately there isn't some easy DIY instructional manual that I can rely on to fix the issues that I have with myself.

March 31, 2016

First Time Experiences: Wax on Wax off, Brazilian style

Yesterday I did something I thought I would never do. I had a Brazilian Wax done. Now I'm SLOWLY starting to get back into the swing of things when it comes to self grooming. I resumed getting regular fancy manicures and pedicures and trying to keep my eyebrows arched the way I like them.

March 19, 2016

#ShowYouSTL Backstory - Monica Tyson - Author, Activist, Cosmetologist, Consultant

This past Tuesday I was able to meet up with Monica who is not only a talented and amazing woman, but also my cousin. We met up in the Central West End to take pictures and I must say I had a blast because not only is she beautiful, she had the model poses down packed. With no direction from me. LOL

February 28, 2016

#ShowYouSTL BackStory - Chris - Kaiserrific

I first recalled meeting Chris aka Kaiserrific back at the December 2014 Hustle and Flow poetry session when I was vending my shea butter products for the event. Yet while waiting last night at Legacy Cafe & Books for the Poetry event Verbzzz After Work, theme: Black Love to start I was able to talk with Chris and he surprised me by saying he recalled me from BlackPlanet and the Yahoo 360 groups. For those too young to remember, think our version of Facebook that used to be seriously popping back in the day. Yet since then BlackPlanet is still around but looks like an abandoned class room with dust that has heavily covered the area with no disturbance in a LONG time and Yahoo 360 is no longer in existence. Soooo yea now we have Facebook.



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