July 31, 2009

Received Mytouch yesterday....

This is a review I personally did on the Mytouch last week when I received it last Thursday:

Okay so this is what I've gathered so far from my new phone (in merlot). As of right now... I honestly want to throw it thru the window. Now I know that I just received it yesterday and I need to give the phone the benefit of the doubt especially since it hasn't even debuted yet to the tmobile stores. Yet there are some issues I'm having with the phone that I can't seem to overlook.

1. Signal strength. In my neighborhood I normally have 3 out of 4 bars of strength, in fact all my phones including the Tmobile G1, signal strength was not an issue. With this phone, I don't know how many times I have lost signal strength and I lose it for minutes at a time, not seconds, minutes............. and this all in my home.

2. Lagging on phone. Trying to pull off ANYTHING on this phone is pretty much close to impossible in regards to opening up applications in a timely manner. I became so **bleep** agitated with the phone I decided to actually time how long it took to open a application (contacts), it took 10 seconds... on my G1 it took 2 seconds. Now mind you this was before I even started adding on other applications to the phone. This was it coming out the box, charging it at full capacity and just dropping my sim card in. Now i know some people are like 5 seconds big deal...... okay I want you to sit at a table doing nothing else but just looking at the phone and count 10 seconds.....that's a long time.

3. Physical keyboard. Okay so sue me, i miss my keyboard with real buttons and the speed i had to go along with it. This touch screen texting mess has really been a challenge, i don't know how many times i have backspaced today. Yes I enjoy my touch screen when using it in general, but using it to text? Hell I didn't like the feature when it was an upgrade on the G1, I still preferred sliding on the keyboard. Oh well I'll try to work at it.

4. Internal memory. Now I know that the memory in the mytouch is an improvement over the G1, but when is it EVER gonna hit over 1 GB? Unless there is a HUGE update to root the external memory card to allow apps to run from it....then to me we are still gonna have issues. The only phone I know of that will have alot of internal memory to play with "supposedly" is the Samsung Galaxy, yet tmobile has yet to pick that up.

Overall my expectations for this phone have definitely not been met. Yet I do recall when I first received my G1 back in January, within 2 weeks I had gone thru 4 of them because of technical issues. Hopefully nothing so drastic will happen with this phone, but an update of some sort to just getting the OS operating smoothly is definitely needed in my opinion.

I love the Android platform and think it is kicks ass, but right now it's getting it's ass kicked because this phone is just not functioning at the capacity it has the potential to be at..Yet again it all comes back to the point that I was fortunate enough to get the phone earlier than the release date and of course there will always be bugs when something first comes out and hopefully with time it will definitely prove to be a formidable foe in this ever going and growing battle of smartphone platforms. From a loyal Tmobile customer of over 6 years with my own honest opinion.

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Well this weekend has been long overdue for me. First let me get to an update on my Spanish class........I'm not sure if I got a B or a C, which is definitely better then knowing I don't have a D or a F. I received a 79.8 % if I did my points divided by 100, but that is not the way my Profe (shortcut spanish for teacher) did his grading. I sent off an email this past Monday to ask for clarification, but I assume he is on vacation because I haven't received a response yet. So I'm not gonna push my luck with that one.

Beyond that, I was lucky enough to have yesterday, today, and tomorrow off. So yesterday i went over to my sis's new apartment and tried to help out more with her getting settled in. Afterwards I went back home and chilled out for a few hours before going to Schnucks and getting some chicken and prepping for the big day (today). I let it marinate overnight and you can't imagine my dissapointment when I woke up this morning and what greeted me was just sheets of rain that didn't let up until 12 noon.

So once it did die down I went out prepped the grill and 2 and 1/2 hours later I'm looking at some delicious pollo (chicken prepped for cooking in spanish). Most likely I'm just gonna chill out today, my parents are out of town and I'm just enjoying my leasurely day;) I hope you enjoy yours.

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