February 28, 2013

Great article on stimulating hair growth from Urban Bush Babes

Great article from Urban Bush Babes. I can honestly say for myself that what they are saying has held true and I will continue with my regimen.

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February 27, 2013

As the Natural Hair Journey Turns

Since last May when I did my Big Chop I have been learning/struggling with my natural hair.  It has been a great experience and I definitely feel the challenge with it. Back when I was working with a TWA (Tweeny Weeny Afro) my everyday regimen couldn't have been easier. Yet as the months went by my TWA became a WTH (What The Hell). In fact, I thought I was doing pretty good up until this month. I was used to washing my hair with my products, detangling, and just letting it air dryDetangling has become more of an issue. It is to the point that I am working more on knots than anything else. I couldn't believe how much my hair had grown and I wasn't even at my 1 year mark which is not until May.

The following pictures were taken yesterday morning after washing my hair.

I've also learned to change or add to my regimen as my hair has been growing. I've added Shea Butter to my daily routine and love how it feels as well as how it looks in my hair. I still use my mixture of oils as well. I still enjoy my Design Essentials products yet felt as of lately I could no longer use the finishing products from their line because my hair wasn't cooperating. So I was left with just using my oils, the jojoba lotion from Design Essentials and then my Shea Butter.

So a week ago I decided I needed to make a hair appointment with my stylist Daisha because I felt my hair had gone past my "comfort zone" as far as understanding.  So for the past two days I was rocking a beret because my hair was just so unsightly I couldn't bear for anyone to look at it in its crazy state. My appointment with Daisha was set for 5:15pm at The Christopher Stevens Salon and I made sure to be there at least 10 minutes early. After my arrival I just relaxed but I did NOT remove my beret until Daisha was ready for me. I warned her that she might not get her fingers back and once she took off the cap and saw my hair she couldn't believe herself how long my hair had grown since she last saw me in October at a hair show.

After washing my hair for a while she concluded that I needed to go under the steamer to help with my knots that were in my hair. So after being under which felt around 30 minutes I was done and I must say it was an interesting experience.


 So after I was done, Daisha had me back at of the washing bowls and she then proceed to detangle and unknot my hair. She informed me that I was due for a trim since I had not had my hair done since the last time I saw her which was last June. The tangling was dead hair that had been wrapping itself around and so she took off around an inch. Overall she still couldn't believe my length. From what I could gather from measuring it myself, my hair had grown in length around 5 inches - 6 inches since I last saw Daisha in June


So after she cleaning up my hair I went to her styling chair. She asked me how I wanted to style it. I told her didn't matter to me and we decided on a big rod set. She said my hair had grown so long that I had jumped up 3 spots in rod sizes.

While she was rodding my hair I was informing her of my hair routine. What I really like about Daisha is that as I was telling her what I do with my routine not once did she shake her head and say I shouldn't do this or that. She just simply asked me how did I feel and if it was working for me. She is not judgmental. I also was asking her opinion on things that I was doing and if she had suggestions. 

Then I go under the dryer for over an hour. So after she was done styling my hair I asked her about upkeep and she stated that once a week to just separate the spirals and it will give it a fuller look as the weeks progress.

Overall I am proud with my natural hair journey. How far I have come and what I have learned along the way. I don't feel that I am expert by NO means, far from it. I simply take what I have learned and apply it the best way I know how. Now there are some things I will say have stood out for me.

  1. I co-wash and/deep condition on the weekends. The only reason I might wash more than once a week is I am either working out a lot or my hair was having a crazy day. I do shampooing once a month, but I realize that I might need to kick it up to maybe twice a month once I get back to being more active and/or as my hair is growing.
  2. Black Jamaican Castor Oil has worked wonders for me. I had this bald spot (at least I could tell and so could Daisha) on the crown area of my hair on the right side. I looked up the benefits of using BJCO and decided to give it a try. I have been using it since June of last year and I my hair has grown back in that spot. I use it in my deep conditioning regimen.
  3. Nature is my best friend. The mixture of oils in combination with the homemade Shea Butter mixture I also use have made my hair feel healthy and strong. The elasticity in my hair is something else. I still enjoy my products from Design Essentials and As I Am. But the main thing is that the products that I make, I use on myself on a DAILY basis where as the other products I use on a WEEKLY basis. The oils I buy are Grade A quality (are edible), the same ones that you can find in your regular grocery store. Some others I buy from Amazon or Trader Joes. I do not buy any pre-made hair oils from the stores. They more than likely have extra ingredients that just act as fillers. The only oil that I have come across that I use but is NOT edible is jojoba oil. Not to mention if you go through the trouble of making it yourself, you save some money in the long run.
  4. Eating my veggies and fruits. On many different forums and groups I've noticed people wanting to get the maximum benefit of using biotin, gelatin, or any other pill that can be bought or produced to help promote hair growth and length. I used to be one of these individuals until I realized that biotin was already found in some of the foods (veggies) that we eat. So I decided that since I was trying to get back in shape and I know eating healthy helps promote this, I was going to increase my intake on my veggies and fruits. Since doing so I no longer take any biotin or gelatin pills. Another thing I have added to my regimen is drinking veggie/fruit smoothies in the morning. I normally use a mixture (which varies) spinach or kale as a base, pineapples, raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries for fruit options and almonds, Flax seed or another nut get the point. For liquid I use either milk, heavy whipping cream, or even water.
  5. Don't obsess over hair. After I had my hair cut I went through a mini-shock episode which only last about a few hours.  I then had a period of being impatient and just wishing my hair would just go through the motions and just grow back out already, I still have THOSE episodes from time to time, but not often. I realized that it was going to take time and that I only needed to focus on making sure I was maintaining my upkeep routine. For me the time flew by and now I'm seeing my diligence has paid off.
  6. I am not an excessive product junkie. What I mean is that I do not feel at all that I have to try everything that comes out. I am the type of person who enjoys sticking with what I know. I have tried various products and even made my own. There are somethings that I have enjoyed and added to my regimen. Others I couldn't return fast enough to the store.  I feel right now I have my ideal regimen in place.
  7. It's ok to have the best of both worlds. What I mean by this is that I am grateful to have Youtube in my life. I've have learned ALOT from women on there but I know there are just a handful I really enjoy paying attention to because: A) They have been in the natural hair game for a while. B) They are the same hair texture as myself (ranges from 4a through 4c)  and C) Their tutorials make enough sense that even I can understand them. Yet even as I have them for a reference guide for me nothing beats still having a professional that is willing to help you with your hair journey. I'm grateful that I have Daisha because she has been in the hair game, relaxed and natural for a long time. The fact that she was able to detangle the mess that I had yesterday is a testament to that. Now there are others who are out there who feel they have mastered their hair and don't need any assistance from Youtube or a hair professional and that is perfectly fine. I'm just saying for myself that I feel more comfortable knowing I have someone I can go to because I am far from being at the level of understanding with my own hair.
So as my 1 year Big Chop anniversary approaches all I can say that I'm thankful for what I've learned so far and look forward to what my journey has in store for me.

On a separate note: I decided that I needed to UPGRADE my satin Bonnet so I have decided to buy one only from a lady who makes high quality versions, her store is called FlorBella. After ordering from her, I discovered another lady who also makes them as well, her store is called Ebonicurls. So I thought I would put both their links in this post/in this paragraph for you to check out.

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February 24, 2013

Review on Imani Ashia's Headwrap workshop on Feb. 23rd

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a scarf workshop that I heard about back in December. As a scarf conessuoir I enjoy collecting them but as far as wearing them, I'm afraid my range is limited to just wearing them around my neck.  So I found out about this workshop through one of my natural hair groups via facebook, Show Me Naturals. I signed up for the workshop via Meetup and paid my $10 fee online.

February 22, 2013

Myers Briggs Personality type - I am an INFJ

When I was a little girl I can remember thinking when I grow up I wanted to be either a doctor or a lawyer. Hell maybe even being scientist because I was fascinated with how and why things happened. Back then I just KNEW that I was going to be somebody. Those dreams changed though when I went to high school. The bullying I went through in high school severely messed me up psychologically. Not to mention how I was treated by guys in high school as well. When I knew I was about to deal with an uncomfortable situation I would just shut down mentally and just go into myself. 

STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge: Week 5

Yesterday was my scheduled weekly weigh-in. Now since last Tuesday my eating has not been the best and that is due to my decision to just enjoy myself for my birthday which happens to be on Feb. 17th. I enjoyed many a different foods from Feb 12th through Feb 19th. So when I went in to weigh yesterday I KNEW I was going to weigh more. It was simply just a given of how much. So I decided yesterday morning due to a snow day from work I was going to go in early so I wouldn't have to fight the snow storm that was scheduled to come in that afternoon.

These snow storms are something else

So I go in and weigh in and I gained 6 pounds back. ehh.. Well I said I would be ok with around gaining 5 pounds so I guess I'm somewhat ok.  Oh well that is how the cookie crumbles. So today I am on my second snow day and I'm going just a tad bit stir crazy. I wish I had room to workout where there wasn't a carpet around. Only place is in the basement but no room to really workout. Also I'm done with the study I was doing for my friend  so I am ok to go back to doing cardio. Hell technically I was done with it by last Thursday with my various birthday plans. Overall I'm proud of myself. I lost weight maybe not as much as possible but I just have to re double my efforts once I introduce my cardio back into the swing of things.


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February 20, 2013



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February 19, 2013

My 34th Birthday-In review

First off I just have to say thank you to all for the birthday wishes that I have received from last week all the way to today. I must say that I am truly blessed with the family and friends I have. 

February 14, 2013

STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge: Week 4

So as of right now this is week 4 of the STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge. So far the scale has been going down. I'm still in the middle of the No Cardio study for +Trenton Knew . I technically will be done on Sunday which happens to be my birthday but might be done sooner than that. Especially if I am going out this weekend to celebrate. I will try to find healthy alternatives but then is there really a healthy alternative to beer and wine? When I went to my weigh in center I reported back to Trenton after leaving that I had lost 1 pound. So as of right now this is not producing the results he was hoping for. 

I am still keeping my online food journal blog and I must say that I do enjoy it. I like being able to snap photos of my food because I can't stand having to measure and then go on a website and break it down the ounce, weight, grams......I could just go on and on. My main thing I can't wait to get back into my cardio with my walking and going back to the gym and getting into my kickboxing and boxing classes. Yet I still remember that losing weight is definitely more mental than physical. Just have to keep that in perspective.


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Valentine's Day 2013 aka National Self-Awareness Day

So today is Valentine's Day and again this year I don't officially have one. Well that's nothing new. Yet I still did my same morning routine by turning on my Spotify music player app and starting my day off with a bit of Boney James.

I did decide to be a tad bit in the Valentine's day mode and put on some pink earrings so the whole day wouldn't be a total lost for me.

So after getting my work clothes on I dashed to Schnucks to pick up a quick breakfast and then make my way to work. Shortly after settling in, a student came through and gave me a rose. Another student gave me some Laffy Taffy and a coworker gave me a Chocolate Marshmallow heart.


So as my day has gone on I have periodically picked up the rose and examined it. It smells wonderful and it only had a few thorns which I have since pulled off. It also had me reminisce about the one time I have ever received roses which was back in high school. Which then started a down spiral of me just reflecting about myself in the past years. Needless to say I put the rose off to the side and have since just been trying to concentrate on the rest of my day. Sometimes I honestly feel that I need to move and just get a fresh start somewhere else. I wish I lived on an island and could just sit in the sand all day and play with the sand in between my toes. Yet then reality comes back to me because I feel the sheep wool from inside my UGG shoes. Shoes I put on because I can't stand this crazy ass cold weather from Saint Louis

I KNOW some guys are thinking this....

I guess another reason I don't get overly excited about Valentine's day is that my birthday is three days later. Lord knows it only seems to compound itself. Another V-day by myself in addition to being another year older. Yeah....ugh.. I think for us single folk it should not be called Valentine's Day, instead it should be known as National Self-Awareness Day to cushion the blow. Yet I laugh at that because I'm so used to being by myself on a regular basis and doing things by myself such as going out for dinner and/or catching a movie it honestly doesn't phase me anymore. I guess it just brings it more to the surface with Valentine's Day.

While others are imagining doing this...

So then I wonder what will I do when I get off of work. More than likely go home and chill out until this evening. A friend of mine, +Genevieve Podleski invited me out to a belly dancing class. I've always been fascinated by this amazing and sensual art. Not to mention it will be cool to just hang out and not think about another Valentine's Day by myself. Belly dancing is something AMAZING! Simply mind boggling to see these women (and even some men) move their bodies. Not to mention the workout it gives your core. One of my favorite belly dancers is Sadie. Quite frankly she is probably the best I have EVER seen.



So beyond all that I honestly hope that everyone out there enjoys this Valentine's Day. Whether you are by yourself or celebrating with your significant other.   
Hopefully you show yourself and/or are shown just as much affection 
throughout the year with the other 364 days.

Keeping with Valentine's Day showing my red

and this is the reason why my tongue is red.

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February 12, 2013

Good times....doin the Jerk (Chicken) that is....

Outside shot of De Palm Tree - photo credit:

 You ever have one of those days when you think about something that you did and had so much fun that you keep thinking about it over and over? Well this past Friday night I had a great time with my girl +Thisha Smith and some of her former coworkers. We went to a Jamaican restaurant by the name of De Palm Tree.  By the time I arrived majority of her friends were already there. Now I had met them previously at another function last year and had a blast with them then also. In all there was about 10 of us and we were just having fun. We all gathered for a friend of her's who was celebrating is 45 birthday.

Inside shot of De Palm Tree - photo credit:

So since this was my first time at a Jamaican restaurant the only thing I knew was that their food was known to be on the hot and spicy side. I am not a fan of hot and spicy food. Some of my friends say my black card needs to be revoked because I can't even stand hot sauce....YUCK. So I go through the menu and I'm looking at the appetizers because I just want something simple. So I am deciding between some Jerk Chicken wings and some Honey glazed Jerk Chicken wings. Some of the people at the table suggest I get the Honey version because they shouldn't be too spicy. So I inform the waitress of my selection and I wait for my food to come out.

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings - 6 of them

Now I will say that when my food was brought out that it did smell wonderful. So I broke a wing in half and proceeded to bit into. The taste was great the sweetness of the honey in combination with the spices was wonderful. Then my mouth started to heat up....and what started as a subtle spicy taste slowly developed into 3 alarm fire in my mouth. Remember I don't do spicy food so my mouth is on fire. I reach for my water and start to just guzzle it down. Now did I also state I am still on the first Part of wing that I just broke off? So yea I'm trying to be a trooper and finish off my food. By the time I was completely done with 2 wings, my mouth was a semi-inferno and my nose had opened up so well I could probably HEAR out of it. So needless to say I had to take a mini break from it and call the waitress over to my cup because I had completely emptied it and was currently munching on ice.

Inside shot of De Palm Tree - photo credit:

 So after the refill I started to gauge how much water to drink in ratio to eating these chicken wings. Overall I figured 1 cup of water to 2 chicken wings was the way to go, so in the end I had about 4 cups of water. The last cup was to help calm my mouth down. 

So after we ate we decided to go bar/club and this is their description, "Hole in a wall" joint called 3 of a Kind Bar & Grill. When I eventually arrived and parked I made my way into this interesting "establishment". I tell ya this place is definitely for the older generations. Even I felt too young being in this place. The birthday boy along with some others are cracking up because another of their coworkers went across the street to a gas station and picked up a treat for the birthday boy. Some Colt celebrate his 45th birthday. The real kicker was that an employee took the bottle and decided to put it on ice for him in a Miller bucket.

Birthday boy;)

 So after standing around taking pictures and having men look at us smacking their toothless gums we decided to find a table and take a seat. About four us took seat but then about 30 minutes later decided we wanted to go to The Signature Room which is less than 5 minutes away.  

We make our way over and check out the crowd which is not hitting on anything and decided to leave there and go to a club that was formerly known as StudioBlu off Natural Bridge. Again it was another miss and we decided to call it a night. Overall I had so much fun and wish I could have found another jumping spot to go to, because I was NOT tired;) Oh well, maybe next time.

Places I visited:

De Palm Tree
8631 Olive Blvd  
St Louis, MO 63132
(314) 432-5171

Three of a Kind Bar & Grill
1810 Woodson Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63114
(314) 427-2611

The Signature Room - Saint Louis
9002-9006 Overland Plz
Overland, MO 63114(314) 445-2407

StudioBlu (it has a new name, but I just don't recall what it is)
8909 Natural Bridge Rd 
St Louis, MO 63121 
(314) 426-3337 

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