February 19, 2013

My 34th Birthday-In review

First off I just have to say thank you to all for the birthday wishes that I have received from last week all the way to today. I must say that I am truly blessed with the family and friends I have. 


My birthday festivites started off early when one of my best buds, +danielle young  took me out for dinner at Stir Crazy on the 13th. We had a good time and my belly was very happy.

Market Bar creation - veggies, steak, shrimp, and the sweet chili sauce that is the same sauce from the Thai Sticky Wings

Thai Sticky wings

On a separate I would like to point out that I found 3 silver hairs throughout my hair that day....Not sure if they were for wisdom because I would have to debate that one....

one of the culprits...

Fast forward pass Valentine's Day to Friday and on that day it was a half day for the kids. So around 2pm I became stir crazy (hahaha like the play on words?) and asked my boss if I may go early since I had Comp time I could use. So by the time she said yes, my chair was smoking and doing 360's and I was on my way out the door. My sister was going out of town for the weekend so she asked (via our mom) if I would watch here dog Cassie

Birthday card from my sis;)

So I went home and packed a few item for the mini-vacation and by4:30pm I was waiting at Harrah's Casino for a friend; which by the way I didn't not know is NO longer called Harrah's Casino but is now referred to as Hollywood Casino.....Ok... So anyway I waited for over an hour for my friend +Teron Sharp , who finally showed up and our original plans were to go to the buffet for all you can eat crab legs but that line was WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too long. So we settled on a Chinese resturant called Phat Tai, that was inside one of the casino gaming areas. 

Deluxe Lo Mein

Veggie Egg Rolls

So afterwards we go to the Roulette table and I watch Teron  and some other patrons drop some dollars. I unfortunately couldn't stay any longer because I needed to take care of my sister's dog. So for Friday night I was in. 


Then around midnight I left because I could tell the satin cap I bought for my hair at a nearby beauty supply store was driving me crazy. So I took my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 out and found the nearest Walmart that was 24 hours. So after arriving I walked around for about a hour or two...and then ended up with $50 more in my arms than I needed at checkout. 

Just some of the stuff from walmart

I then went to IHOP to get something to eat because...I was hungry. Oh and by this time It was around 2:30ish in the A.M.-ish and after I ate I went back home and fell asleep.

 Fast forward to Saturday morning and I wake up around 8am. I mainly chillout and let Cassie out of the apartment of are while so he can do his doggy business. I then get back in and look at the tv and by chance a commercial on the new Die Hard movie. So I decided I needed to get dress and make the 11AM showing for $6 BUCKS!!! at the St. Charles Stadium Cine which is less than 10 minutes from my sis's apartment complex.

Overall I give the movie an A-. The action was great, plot was awesome, and the cliches that referred to previous movies were nice. So after that I decided to catch some lunch at Outback Steakhouse.

Cheese Fries

Mild Wings

So after that good eating I decided to go out to near 270 and Lindbergh and check out Maxi Beauty supply. I heard about it through the Natural Hair community via facebook and decided to check it out because there is a particular product (Jamacian Black Castor Oil) that I use and have to get it shipped in for my hair and I heard that Maxi's sold it. I figured if that intel was correct I would NOT be going online for it any more.

Jamaican Black Castor oil - YIPPEEE!!!


Kera Care

Design Essentials

These soaps are AWESOME!!!!

Front of the store

The first Asian owned Beauty Supply store that I have seen with a Membership card

Please disregard the long overdue fill in for my gel nails ;)

So after checking out Maxi's I decided to go next door to Starbucks and get my favorite. Green Tea Frappuccino with 3 shots of raspberry sauce and whip cream, oh and a slice of Pumpkin Bread.

So after all that FUN!, I went back to St. Charles and chilled out at my sis's apartment. I had a few invites from friends to hangout but unfortunately I couldn't because my hair was looking so bad I couldn't get it to act presentable to save my life. So Saturday for me unfortunately was just a night in with the dog.....


It's official I am now 34 years old. So I woke up celebrating by heating up a personal pan pizza and having it for breakfast. My facebook timeline was already popping off with wishes along with various texts from friends, and a few phone calls as well. So after taking care of the dog, I packed up my items and made my way back home around noonish. I chilled out at home until around 4pm and then decided to go to the Delmar Loop and take in the ambiance. So I get dressed up and went to Ziezo's and Pitaya. At Pitaya I found 2 pair of sunglasses and a scarf that were calling my name. I then head over to Ginger Bistro and order some Philly rolls tempura styled and just relaxed..... Then I headed out once again and to be honest I don't have a flipping clue of what happened from then until later on that night when I ended up back at an IHOP and had dinner and then I jetted on back home. Once I settled back in at home I opened up a bottle of my favorite wine and then popped in The Avengers DVD and (attempted) to watch it but that plan was going to hell in a handbasket after 2 (or maybe 3) glasses of Moscato.....I don't remember. So I finally gave up watching the movie after I was dozing off for the umpteeth time. I put the wine away and went upstairs and it was night night..



So thankfully I had President's Day off and the only reason I allowed myself the hangover I knew was coming from the spirits I had last night. So I woke up around 8AM and decided I need to get to the nail shop for a LONG OVER DUE fill-in on my nails...

Yea...the nails were looking PRETTY horrific....

So I called Tina, the owner of the nail salon that I attend and asked if I could come in right at 10am and thankfully she called me back and said it was ok. So I make my way there and she knows how much I love my gel nails and apparently she bought some new colors but they change color with the temperature. So I decided I was going to try them out and I love them!!!!

#gelnails that change color as the temperature changes. White nails mean it's hot. Full blown out colors means it is cold. Mixture of both means hot/cold.

So after having my nails done and then talking with two other ladies there about cell phones. Which I could just do all day... I make my way out and head to my 1pm massage appointment. A friend of mine opened up a new shop and I realized it was less than 5 minutes from my house! So I was able to check out the new digs which were AWESOME!! So we caught up with conversation and some drinks. We were talking so much the time flew by and we didn't start my massage until 2:15pm. By the time I left it was raining outside. I was 

So I had to rush to meet a girlfriend of mine, +Thisha Smith  by 5pm at the Applebee's off of Lindbergh near Halls Ferry. Funny thing is that she actually was at the Applebee's off of Halls Ferry and Hwy 270. So I leave my location and meet up with her. We had a good ole time just chatting and we ordered a drink and had a few appetizers.

Strawberry Daquari - yum yum in my tum tum

So around 7pm  we part ways and I was waiting on hearing from Danielle about hooking up later on for some shots. So I end up going to Marshalls and Barnes & Noble in the Shoppes at Cross Keys complex. So around 8:15pm she informs me to come over. Well I by the time I arrived at the house, I didn't know I had beat them there and another housemate who was at home scared the crap out of me. We had a good laugh and while we were waiting on Danielle and Traci (another good friend of mine) to get home I made myself comfortable.

Sure enough Danielle arrives and pulls out a bottle of Peach Ciroc and some Papaya juice... hehehehe. So we decided to watch Alex Cross because I had not seen the movie yet. Well by the time I got through my first Red Solo cup mixture... I was on cloud nine;) 

Peach Ciroc

Papaya Juice

Red solo cup

It was so funny that Traci asked me how I was doing. I told her I was "Sipping on some Ciroc" That had Danielle and Traci crackin up. So by the time the movie was over I had 2 cups of the "Spirit Goodness". I left their house and decided I needed some more food in my belly for this alcohol. So I went to Steak n Shake and grabbed a quick bite and then made it home. Was knocked out by the time my head hit the pillow.


So TODAY I arrived at work early because my coworker in the office was ill. So after I settle in and nuke an entree that I just picked up at Diebergs earlier, the principal and counselor come in bearing breakfast food from the gods;) The Saint Louis Bread Company and Kolache Factory Gods to be exact.

Saint Louis Bread Co & Kolache Factory

Then for lunch since they knew how much I love chicken wings, they treated me to Saint Louis Wing Company. They are located less than 10 minutes away from the job and a few doors down from Ami's restaurant.

So after looking over their menu I decided to try out 3 different flavors. The Lemon Pepper, Seseme Ginger Teriyaki, and the Thai Sweet Chili along with a few sides (sweet potato fries and toasted ravioli). So after 12pm, the counselor leaves to pick up our order. Once we were able to settle down in the office we headed to the back to partake in the food festivities.

Toasted ravioli

Fries - Sweet Potatoe and Regular

Chicken - Lemon Pepper & Zesty Dry Rub

Chicken - Sesame Ginger Teriyaki & Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
 So we (The principal, the couselor, and myself) enjoyed the food. I must say every style we liked. They all had their own unique flavor and they were darn good. If i had to rank them they would be in this order: 1- best to 4- still like but not as much

1 - Sesame Ginger Teriyaki

2- Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

3- Lemon Pepper

4- Zesty Dry Rub

The sides also were good as well. After we had our fill of the main course, then it was time for dessert and oh what a dessert it was!!! A home made German Chocolate Cake!!! from the counselor;) Trust me it tastes just as amazing as it looks.


So I guess that brings to a closing my birthday festivities. So let me just put this out there right now. No I do not eat like this on a regular basis. I figured it's my birthday week/weekend I will enjoy myself. Now that I've had my fun and fill. I will get back on track with eating and working out. But don't hold it against me if I have 1 or 2 more slices of the cake.... Until next year...peace out homies;)


Until the next episode....

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