February 22, 2013

STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge: Week 5

Yesterday was my scheduled weekly weigh-in. Now since last Tuesday my eating has not been the best and that is due to my decision to just enjoy myself for my birthday which happens to be on Feb. 17th. I enjoyed many a different foods from Feb 12th through Feb 19th. So when I went in to weigh yesterday I KNEW I was going to weigh more. It was simply just a given of how much. So I decided yesterday morning due to a snow day from work I was going to go in early so I wouldn't have to fight the snow storm that was scheduled to come in that afternoon.

These snow storms are something else

So I go in and weigh in and I gained 6 pounds back. ehh.. Well I said I would be ok with around gaining 5 pounds so I guess I'm somewhat ok.  Oh well that is how the cookie crumbles. So today I am on my second snow day and I'm going just a tad bit stir crazy. I wish I had room to workout where there wasn't a carpet around. Only place is in the basement but no room to really workout. Also I'm done with the study I was doing for my friend  so I am ok to go back to doing cardio. Hell technically I was done with it by last Thursday with my various birthday plans. Overall I'm proud of myself. I lost weight maybe not as much as possible but I just have to re double my efforts once I introduce my cardio back into the swing of things.


Until the next episode....

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