February 1, 2013

STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge: Week 2

Well this week the weather was quite nice at least for two days. So on Monday and Tuesday I decided to take advantage of it and get a walk around the track at my job. God how I miss getting in those afternoon walks. They help so much with clearing out my mind. But of course by the time Wednesday came around so did the the aweful cold weather. So the walks have been put on hold again.

Strength Training aka Lifting Weights

How are my eating habits? Not perfect that is for sure. Are they better than last week? Yes. Can they be better? Oh hell yea. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I went in yesterday to my Curves location for my weekly weigh-in. I honestly thought I had gained weight because my biological monthly "nuke bomb" had gone off beginning of this week so I was feeling crappy this week, so of course I needed some comfort foods but the 2 walks I had this week did also help as well.

So I weighed in and I lost close to 2 pounds. Mildly surprised but happy overall. Yet with my family's annual Mardi Gras party coming up tomorrow I guess I better enjoy myself because come Sunday I am helping my friend Trenton with a 2 week study. I volunteered to be a "guinea pig" for his study. I am to cut out all Sugars and no cardio. With the only exceptions being lifting weights, Yoga, & Pilates.

Wha?!!! No Sugar ---Let us Pray...

 So come next Sunday....oh wait a min, that is the biggest Chicken Wing day of the YEAR!!! 

I must say I do enjoy chicken...

The Super Bowl!! Argh........This study MIGHT have to wait on Monday for me to start.


Until the next episode....

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