December 25, 2007

Merry xmas

So today is xmas. Woke up about 7am and sent out my "merry xmas" text messages to around 30 people. Then went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 11am. Got some food cooked up around the house and kamina came through and we exchanged gifts. then I went to my aunt's house around 3pm for a xmas celebration.Alotta people were there. More than I expected at least. Took in a few nba basketball games and food was damn good. Left there around 6pm and then went to the house to drop some stuff off. Now im at danielle's house and im kickin it with her, her bro daryl, her housemate keith and his girlfriend. Torn between going home and going to the movies to see aliens.Can u believe I have the next 2 weeks off? I sure can't. So what am I going to do u ask? Anything I damn well please. So if u know me, holla at the lady and get at me. Merry xmas.

December 21, 2007

Just when you thought the holidays would be safe....

Well yesterday I had work at job #1 and was just your regular work day except for me having a killer headache. Well after work I went to Blueberry Hill in the UCity Loop for some lunch. Took a book along and just chilled out with one of their famous cheeseburgers, basket of fries, and water with a lemon. Stayed there till 4:20pm and hustled back to the job to catch the girls basketball game. I went to the office first to chillout for a few minutes and then proceeded to the gym where the game had already started.

The girls were playing Soldan and the game was definitely exciting to say the least. It was quite interesting because the head coach for our school team was an Alumni of Soldan H.S. So after we won the game, the teams went past each other to give high 5's and the opposing team kept say to Coach Sharp, "Traitor, Traitor, Traitor". Overall a great game with even crazier fans and spectators. Unfortunately the most memorable action was not on the court. It was outside in the parking lot.

While the game was going on my cousin, Mr. Clark, who also is a teacher at the high school came up to school to watch. He was sitting on the bleachers with some of the students when some time later he realized he didnt have his keys and went outside to check on his car. It was gone.... He informed Sgt. Lewis, Police Officer and our head of security in the high school, of what happened. They went outside along with 2 of our head Administrative MAIN OFFICE Officials to the parking lot and what do you know.......the culprits were 2 students, Seniors from our high school and they had been talking to my cousin while on the bleachers during the game.

My cousin told me they parked his car where it was originally. PUT THE ALARM BACK ON and gave him back the keys. They looked at Mr. Clark and he said that they were just playing a joke and didn't mean any harm. My cousin was so pissed he said he couldn't even look at them. One of the student's gave him back his keys and one of the police officers were trying to calm my cousin down and explain to him that unfortunately they in their mindset didn't mean any harm. Yet unfortunately they caused damage to his ride, broke out light guard on one of his headlights and cracked the front bumper. After they return the keys, Sgt. Lewis has them cuffed and sent to jail.

I didn't find out about the whole incident until I got home and the baskeball coach, Ms. Sharp called me and gave me the scoop. I then called my cousin to see how he was doing and he couldn't really form sentences because he was just that pissed. I had a feeling he was not going to have a good night. I know it wasn't going to get any easier because he had to throw a party last night at a place called the Kitchen K for Orlando Pace and I bet that was on his mind.

Sure enough this morning my cousin calls and tells me that he's not coming in because he is still upset about last night. So I told him no problem and that I would find him a replacement for today. He then informs me that he has some stuff that needs to be picked from his classroom and also that he has a remote control that belongs to the T.V. in his room and I told him that I would go by his house and pick that up for him.

So I go by the house and his mom is also there as well. We talk for about 20 - 30 minutes about the incident and he is debating about pressing charges. I told him my personal opinion which was I felt they needed to be charged. Just because their upbringing might be different doesn't excuse them from the fact that they commited a crime. I already had heard that they were going to get 10 day suspensions but to me that's just not enought. So I told him that I would take care of his business and I would see him later on today.

So I finally get to the job about 8:15am, and already it's becoming a very long day. The system we use to deal with school attendance, records, grades.....the WHOLE NINE YARDS is not online. So that does not mean good news for me. Beyond that nothing really interesting except some weird chick calling my Sprint phone asking for the previous user. I just laughed to myself and deleted the voicemail.

Oh well have merry, holly, jolly, and all the other stuff that comes with it:) Go find some mistletoe and get busy;)

December 14, 2007

xmas is almost here.....couldn't tell.

What's up people. I'm coming to you live and direct from the dining room table cpu. lol. Took a day off from work because......I needed to. Xmas is around the corner and I haven't been in the Jingle Bell spirit. Don't know why but it just doesn't feel like Xmas to me. Maybe cuz the lack of snow. Which I'm not upset about. As far the cold front? Plenty of that. I don't know I'm just looking more to xmas vacation than the holiday itself.

My parents will be going to Cali, I think to celebrate the holidays there. Which will leave my sis and I to go to our Aunt Charolette's house. Well at least me, Di will probably be working at her job. Beyond that this week has somewhat sucked. My palm pilot started to malfunction, my 5 disc-DVD changer has gone bonkers, and the cpu speakers have decided to go on SOMEWHAT of a strike. I dealt with the Palm Pilot last night and decided to get a store credit so I'm deciding what to get with it. Either a Nintendo Wii or put it towards my Xbox 360 Pro or Elite. Decisions....decisions....decisions....

I also want to give a late birthday shout out to my boy Diz up in NY, his b-day was Dec. 12th and I just to say "my bad" I tried to type up something on my sidekick but it wouldn't work. I did get your email.......I did try though, but I'll still post something. For my other Dec. b-day peeps, wish you well, I didn't realize how many friends I had with Dec. b-days until I checked Myspace. lol. Oh and you know who are if I don't wish you well. May Santa give ya hell and brimstone wrapped nicely with a coal bow.;) With only my best intentions.

Anyways, don't have any major plans for New Years yet. But with my rowdy group of friends, I'm pretty sure that will change. One more week people and I'm finally free. Pray that I don't go nutzy on somebody's kid at job #1. Oh well have a great weekend.

December 10, 2007

Old friend, new face

Well this past Friday I had work but left around 12pm to go to UMSL to see one of my professors. After my meeting I went to the Library to get on one of the cpus and just chillout for an hour before leaving campus. After being on there for a hour an ole elementary friend of mine by the name of Michael Townsend, scared the hell out of me. I was so focused on my cpu screen that I barely had time to recognized a chair being pulled up to my cpu and he was sitting in it.

We exchanged hugs and we played catch-up on each other's lives. He told me about some personal issues that he was going through with a chick. I gave him my insights on the situation and we talked for at least an hour on it. It was such a damn good convo, the time was just flying left and right. He asked me if I had spoken with Jeff and I laughed. I told him what went down between us and he looked at me in shock because appareantly the story he was given was in complete contrast to my own.

I just shook my head and told him I wasn't surprised. Unfortuantely with him you never knew what came out of his mouth was truth or fiction. Personally I think he's gotten so good at telling lies not even he can tell. I asked Michael how Kayla was doing and he said she was doing pretty good. It's weird, I think about her all the time wondering how she's doing yet I don't give her father a 2nd thought. In one way I'm happy that I have inner peace for dealing with the situation. Yet, in other ways it sad because it makes me think damn, to have such a distaste for another human being because of their actions is just sad. Oh well life goes on. Mike then gives me updates on other things going on and after a while we exchange numbers and promise to keep in touch and get together and shoot the breeze.

Main thing I told him was that for him to get his life right he has to surround himself with the right people. Stop dealing with people that don't have goals or could care less in reaching them. Smoking and Drinking is just a waste of time if you haven't accomplished what you want to do with your life. DON'T LET PEOPLE USE YOU. If you think they just have you around for THEIR benefit, CUT THEM OFF. Some people only feel good about themselves if all they have to talk about are THEMSELVES. Not to mention if they enjoy putting you down or making you doubt yourself, you need to let them go. The most important thing I told him is that he has to realize FOR HIMSELF that there are problems and that he wants to change them. Your friends and family can always suggest to you how to handle things but until you actually stare it in the face and acknowledge it, you will not overcome. When I finally realized I needed to cutoff certain people that did not have my best interest at heart, I became a better person. I'm not picture perfect but I'm standing on better ground than I was earlier this year.

When I saw Mike on Friday, it was definitely a different person from the one I saw back in March and April of this year. I saw a person that looked serious about life and focused on what he wants. I saw someone who had his eye on the prize. I saw someone who had awaken.

December 7, 2007

Holidays are approaching

I thought I would share this video of one of my favorite Jazz Artist, Jamie Cullum with his version of LET IT SNOW.

Also the snow has arrived in the STL. Not too happy about that classes are pretty much done for me. One class I did good and the other well.....I rather not talk about. Work at school is also coming to a close and I will be on vacation offically on December 21 until I have to go back on January 7th 2008. Of course I will be working job #2 but only on the weekends. I have no plans for changing my schedule and I feel sorry for them if they ask.

This year has been filled with ups and downs. Yet it will be just another year for me to archive away in the back of my mind. Once christmas blows over there will be New Year's Eve. I wonder what I'll do (or who) to ring in the New Year. No No just kidding, I'm not a bad girl, but it's nice to dip your foot into the wild side every once in a while......and I am so long overdue;) don't ya think?
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