December 14, 2007

xmas is almost here.....couldn't tell.

What's up people. I'm coming to you live and direct from the dining room table cpu. lol. Took a day off from work because......I needed to. Xmas is around the corner and I haven't been in the Jingle Bell spirit. Don't know why but it just doesn't feel like Xmas to me. Maybe cuz the lack of snow. Which I'm not upset about. As far the cold front? Plenty of that. I don't know I'm just looking more to xmas vacation than the holiday itself.

My parents will be going to Cali, I think to celebrate the holidays there. Which will leave my sis and I to go to our Aunt Charolette's house. Well at least me, Di will probably be working at her job. Beyond that this week has somewhat sucked. My palm pilot started to malfunction, my 5 disc-DVD changer has gone bonkers, and the cpu speakers have decided to go on SOMEWHAT of a strike. I dealt with the Palm Pilot last night and decided to get a store credit so I'm deciding what to get with it. Either a Nintendo Wii or put it towards my Xbox 360 Pro or Elite. Decisions....decisions....decisions....

I also want to give a late birthday shout out to my boy Diz up in NY, his b-day was Dec. 12th and I just to say "my bad" I tried to type up something on my sidekick but it wouldn't work. I did get your email.......I did try though, but I'll still post something. For my other Dec. b-day peeps, wish you well, I didn't realize how many friends I had with Dec. b-days until I checked Myspace. lol. Oh and you know who are if I don't wish you well. May Santa give ya hell and brimstone wrapped nicely with a coal bow.;) With only my best intentions.

Anyways, don't have any major plans for New Years yet. But with my rowdy group of friends, I'm pretty sure that will change. One more week people and I'm finally free. Pray that I don't go nutzy on somebody's kid at job #1. Oh well have a great weekend.
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