December 10, 2007

Old friend, new face

Well this past Friday I had work but left around 12pm to go to UMSL to see one of my professors. After my meeting I went to the Library to get on one of the cpus and just chillout for an hour before leaving campus. After being on there for a hour an ole elementary friend of mine by the name of Michael Townsend, scared the hell out of me. I was so focused on my cpu screen that I barely had time to recognized a chair being pulled up to my cpu and he was sitting in it.

We exchanged hugs and we played catch-up on each other's lives. He told me about some personal issues that he was going through with a chick. I gave him my insights on the situation and we talked for at least an hour on it. It was such a damn good convo, the time was just flying left and right. He asked me if I had spoken with Jeff and I laughed. I told him what went down between us and he looked at me in shock because appareantly the story he was given was in complete contrast to my own.

I just shook my head and told him I wasn't surprised. Unfortuantely with him you never knew what came out of his mouth was truth or fiction. Personally I think he's gotten so good at telling lies not even he can tell. I asked Michael how Kayla was doing and he said she was doing pretty good. It's weird, I think about her all the time wondering how she's doing yet I don't give her father a 2nd thought. In one way I'm happy that I have inner peace for dealing with the situation. Yet, in other ways it sad because it makes me think damn, to have such a distaste for another human being because of their actions is just sad. Oh well life goes on. Mike then gives me updates on other things going on and after a while we exchange numbers and promise to keep in touch and get together and shoot the breeze.

Main thing I told him was that for him to get his life right he has to surround himself with the right people. Stop dealing with people that don't have goals or could care less in reaching them. Smoking and Drinking is just a waste of time if you haven't accomplished what you want to do with your life. DON'T LET PEOPLE USE YOU. If you think they just have you around for THEIR benefit, CUT THEM OFF. Some people only feel good about themselves if all they have to talk about are THEMSELVES. Not to mention if they enjoy putting you down or making you doubt yourself, you need to let them go. The most important thing I told him is that he has to realize FOR HIMSELF that there are problems and that he wants to change them. Your friends and family can always suggest to you how to handle things but until you actually stare it in the face and acknowledge it, you will not overcome. When I finally realized I needed to cutoff certain people that did not have my best interest at heart, I became a better person. I'm not picture perfect but I'm standing on better ground than I was earlier this year.

When I saw Mike on Friday, it was definitely a different person from the one I saw back in March and April of this year. I saw a person that looked serious about life and focused on what he wants. I saw someone who had his eye on the prize. I saw someone who had awaken.
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