December 7, 2007

Holidays are approaching

I thought I would share this video of one of my favorite Jazz Artist, Jamie Cullum with his version of LET IT SNOW.

Also the snow has arrived in the STL. Not too happy about that classes are pretty much done for me. One class I did good and the other well.....I rather not talk about. Work at school is also coming to a close and I will be on vacation offically on December 21 until I have to go back on January 7th 2008. Of course I will be working job #2 but only on the weekends. I have no plans for changing my schedule and I feel sorry for them if they ask.

This year has been filled with ups and downs. Yet it will be just another year for me to archive away in the back of my mind. Once christmas blows over there will be New Year's Eve. I wonder what I'll do (or who) to ring in the New Year. No No just kidding, I'm not a bad girl, but it's nice to dip your foot into the wild side every once in a while......and I am so long overdue;) don't ya think?
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