November 29, 2007

You'll never guess who I met at UMSL.........

Ok folks for those who are familiar with the porn industry the man above probably needs no introduction. For those of you that are not........(cough cough) the man above is none other than Ron Jeremy, the Legendary Porn Star.

Ok now at this time you are probably wondering how did I take this picture and still be able to keep my clothes on? Well mind you we were in a public setting at the University of Missouri Saint Louis Campus where a special porn debate was being held between Ron (for porn) and another person, forgot his name (against porn). The debate started at 7pm in the Millennium Center on the third floor, and I was able to get there by 7:30pm. It was pretty much a packed house, at least 300 people from what I could tell. So I took up some space on the back wall and listened to the debate. People were allowed to ask questions, some actually interesting and others wouldn't shut up and get off their soapbox's.

I must say Ron Jeremy definitely won the debate hands down. His intellect and humorous ways as well as the way he could spew off facts about the industry were equally impressive. Around 9:15pm the debate was over but we were allowed to do a meet and greet with him and I knew this was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up.

For me this wasn't just about meeting someone from the "Forbidden Industry", it was more about meeting the VERY first person I ever saw over 15 years ago on a Porno Tape, it pretty much introduced or inducted if you will, into an ALTERNATIVE way that people enjoyed having sex. With my Catholic education upbringing it was abstinence all the way and when you did do the deed it was in the missionary position and that was it.

I remember that fateful day........because I stole the vhs tape;) It was either Thanxgiving or Christmas back in the 90's, one of those holidays when my family went out of town to go to Chicago to visit some of mom's relatives. At that time my mom's three brothers lived in an apartment complex that had 3 floors. Each brother had a floor and two of them were married with families but my Uncle Miller was a bachelor who lived on the lowest level.

Well some of my cousins decide to just have fun and go through each floor level to see what mischief we can get into. Well there was food on the first and second levels, but on Uncle Miller's level there was an 8 track system (yes I said 8 track) and we were just fascinated by these big ass cartridges and how they could play music. Well as my male cousins were checking out that equipment I decided to go into my Uncle Miller's room and check things out.

In front of his bed is a stand with his tv and vcr. Below the stand is a box with vhs tapes that say on the outside box covers HOME VIDEO'S. So being a teenage girl I'm thinking "WOW he has some home made movies COOL" So I slip a tape in and turn on the T.V. and press play on the VHS. The white scrambled screen comes on and this WEIRD title comes on the screen. Then what do you know? I see none other than Ron Jeremy come on the screen NAKED trying to make out with a manaquin.

So you know when you get that famous blank look on your face and your head tilts to the side and you are like, "WTF" yea I had that look. So needless to say my cousins start to come in the room because apparently they were calling my name and i wasn't responding. Gee I wonder why......... They stop in their tracks and watch the screen as the manaquin comes alive. Next thing you know Ron is giving it hard and crazy to this chick on a bed, and then all of a sudden they start to do a "69", doggystyle, they give each other blowjobs, and all kind of other stuff. It was a pretty long scene and after that it went into another little "skit", so we decided to eject that tape, try out some other HOME VIDEO'S that were in the stash.

By this time my glasses had fogged up and I didn't realize why until years later that it meant that i was "excited". lolol Yet at the time his basement was cold I though it was just the cold air foggin up my glasses. Who knew...... Well after a few hours some of the adults were trying to find us so we had to clean up quickly and I decided along with my cousins that we wanted a bit of a keep sake from our memoriable experience. So his stash became about 5 tapes "lighter".

Oh did I mention I still have that tape to this day?? God bless that man.
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