November 9, 2007

you ever feel like you are forgetting.........(what were we talking about?)

Yesterday I can officially put on the list as damn where did my mind go day. Yesterday as I was on my way to work, I put the burglar alarm on to the house and made it to my car. I realized that I forgot something and in my normal Jasmine mode, kicked the car, said a curse word and then turned back to the house to retrieve the forgotten item.

I open the door and of course the alarm I had just set, start to beep in warning that I need to put in the house code to deactivate the system. Well this is the part that gets pretty sad. You see right there in that moment of time, my mind decides to play a game of SCRABBLE and I just blank out right in front of the keypad.

I'm trying all different types of codes in my head and of course by this time it was too late and the main security system goes into effect. I try to use the house phone but it wouldn't work. The house horn is blaring and I run to my car, or maybe it was more of a gallop, I couldn't really tell ya. I get my cell phone and call my mom and ask her for the code.

I run back to the house and deactivate the system. So I'm expecting the cops to come any minute now because well, it's a house security system. So I'm waiting 5 min.....10 min.....15 min... NO COPS. SO I get in my car and as I'm on the way out of the neighborhood my dad gives me a call and I let him know everything is okay.

I just couldn't believe the cops hadn't showed up yet. Kind of ticked me off they didn't show up but at the same time I'm glad they didn't because it was just embarrassing just to have to give that explanation.

Then I get to work, job #1 and it was Parent/Teacher Conference and it was somewhat smooth sailing for the rest of the day. That was until I had my evening school class and was on UMSL campus till 12:30A.M with a fellow group member trying to put some final touches on a proposal that we had written with 2 other people for our Business Writing Class.

So I'm at work TODAY and it's Teahcer Development Day, which means again another day without the students and I get to chill for a lil while in my office without any interuptions. Oh and I have a hair appointment and got paid at both jobs today.
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