September 24, 2008

something wicked this way comes

Well this week has been interesting to say the least. At my main job I met our new principal. He seems to be a cool guy but in his own words, "Let's give it a week, then reconvene." Lol

Beyond that nothing really has been going on in my world. Past weekend (Saturday) my sister had her big birthday bash and it was off the chain. I took the day off to get pampered at the nail salon and pretty much relaxed at home until it was time to leave. Had it at some club downtown and she had a VIP section reserved. It was wonderful and yes my ass was so drunk I barely made it home in one piece. Left there about 2am because I remembered that I had work on Sunday and I had to work a 12 hour shift. NOT COOL especially when you are still fighting the effects of the alcohol in your system the next morning and know you have work. Yet I don't regret one minute.

My sister looked beautiful in her outfit and her friends were really cool. I even saw some old elementary schoolmates as well. OVERALL KICK ASS TIME.

So beyond that nothin much really happenin in my world. just maintaing and surviving. Welcome to the jungle.

September 16, 2008

whoa what a break

What's up to all:) Sorry ya girl has been MIA (missing in action). Been busy with myself trying to handle different issues. All seems to be going well so far. First month of the academic school year for my main job is almost down. We've had some issues every now and then up at the high school but nothing that can't be handled. Beyond that nothing really much to report.

Have a bit of a somewhat funny story to relay that happened earlier to me this month. I had a "woman's check-up" appointment that I had scheduled because of a scary episode earlier in July. So I go in and speak with my dr on August 28 and inform her of what happened. So she performs an exam but tells me she wants to make sure that I'm okay and requests that I get a scan on my uterus. So her receptionist states that there is an availabe appointment opening tomorrow afternoon. So I immediately agree to the date and time. They give me a piece of paper with instructions to where I'm suppose to go when i come back tomorrow as well as stating that I have to drink 36 to 42 ounces of water before the examination.

So fast forward to next day (Aug. 29) I leave work and make my way to the Hospital for my appointment. As I drive there I drink one of the water bottles in my car that was 32 ounces. Then I drink another bottle halfway just to make sure I've met minimum requirements for the exam. So I go into the Hospital and I find the Radiology department to check in for my exam. The lady at the desk instructs me to go to the main Registration area. So when I finally get to that area, a "gentleman of femamine persuasian" informs me after I show him my apointment paper, that I have to go through some damn maze to get to an elevator and go to the 4th floor to the "Women's Health" sector.

So when I finally get to the 4th floor and make my way over to the "Women's Health" area I inform the receptionist there that I have an appointment, she gives me this puzzled look and informs me that I'm not on her list for today. So she gives my dr. a call and the lady informs me that where I was ORIGINALLY WITH THE GENTLEMAN OF FEMININE PERSUASION was where I was suppose to have my exam. So at this time the water is really starting to do a number on me and I thank her politely and make my waya back downstairs via the elevator back through the mazes of hallways back to the main registration desk.

The guy is still there and I inform him that the lady UPSTAIRS stated that my appointment was down HERE. So what does he do???? He looks to his right at a stack of folders and asks for my last name. I give it to him and he goes through the folders and pulls up my sheet. So he's lookin like "my bad" and I take a seat until I'm called. Within 5 minutes, my bladder is telling, "bitch if you don't get up and use the facilites, they will be ordering a new chair". So I go and use the bathroom and I'm like "fuck". So within me 5 minutes of me using the bathroom, why did a nurse come out and call out my name?? So I go with her and she takes me to a room to perform the tests and she asks if I had used the bathroom.................So I said.........nope.

So I lay down on this examination bed and she puts this cold jelly on my stomach. She starts to do her tests and says, "hmmmm, how much water did you drink?" So I state, "about 36 to 40 ounces...." She looks at the screen and states that my bladder isn't full enough to take the tests. So after I clean myself up, she takes me back out to the waiting room and instructs me to drink more water but to make sure I call her once I feel my bladder is full. So I go back out to waiting area and I'm like "FUCK" So I go over to the water dispenser and by this time Im so damn sick of water, I don't know if I can drink anymore. I can't stand anymore cold water because I think imma about to puke. So I mix some hot and cold together for room tempature and it goes down easier.

So eventually I drink enough water to call the nurse to let her know that Im ready. She takes me back to the examination area and she gets me prepped. So as she is doing the examination she informs me that there is another part to the testing. Which I was not aware of. So Im thinkin okay what could it be? She informs me that its an internal exam.................So I'm like ok. So after she is done with the external part of the exam I am FINALLY able to go the restroom and use the facilites. AMEN But I have to get ready for the 2nd part.

So I get drop drawers and pants and get myself prepared while she stepped out of the room. So after I'm situated she comes back in and she informs me that she has to use a cold gel again to use on this device that she is going to use to "probe" (for lack of a better word to use). So asks if I would feel more comfortable inserting the device or if she would mind. I'm like it's whatever, I'm too lazy to do it so you can go ahead. So she starts the testing and she is steady taking more pictures. I ask her if she sees anything and she states besides the norm, no. She then asks me why, I just said, "Oh no big deal just wondering if there were any cobwebs." She starts to laugh hysterically and then within 5 minutes all of sudden she stops laughing.

I asked what's wrong and she said the machine froze up on her and wouldn't act right. So Im like great so what else could go wrong..So she states she has to reboot the machine and Im thinking okay so what about the damn probe, so thankfully she takes it out and states that she will be back in 5 minutes to give the machine time to restart. So while she is gone I take the time to use the facalities a second time. Eventually the machine starts back up and we finish the testing. She states that the results will be given to my dr by next tuesday or wednesday. So I thank her and get the hell out of there.

Fast forward to that Saturday (Aug. 30) I had to go to a testing clinic still in connection with my dr. orders to have my thyroid tested. Luckly I was able to go to a place next to my second job and had the test done within 10 minutes.

I received my results on everything on Sept. 4 so thankfully everything turned out ok. Yet still not sure though what the deal is and why what happened, happened. So right now I'm trying to figure out my health and the best cause of action to get myself back to the way I used to be. Because where I am now, definitely isn't working.

So there ya go, my lil story for the month. I'm pretty sure I'll have more to share.:)
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