Jasmine W.

Tears, small crystal shaped droplets
Fall down in a single line across my uneven mahogany skin tone.
I see my reflection in this thing called a mirror.
I touch this thing yet I only feel a cold slab.
The person on the other side is crying as well.
It looks to me for comfort yet I cannot give if any
For I am selfish hoping that I will find someone to hold me before it does.
I cry for many reason, for things that I have lost and things that I hope to gain but
Know I never will.


I look into the mirror, I see myself, the outer is just a shell of what is really on the inside.
I take a deep breath, touching the cold surface of the mirror.
I see something that nobody else sees. I see hope for me through this tunnel called LIFE.
It is testing me to see if I will pass its test. I will not fail. I will not fail. I WILL NOT FAIL!!!!
You will not defeat me for I shall have the spoils of the riches within my grasp. I wipe the drop of water away from eyes.
I wipe away all of the doubt and negativity through this simple action. I touch the mirror for the last time…
Vowing that when I come to feel the cool glass the next time we make contact, that I will be the one in control,
I will be the puppeteer, I will be the conductor of MY symphony, for I will no longer stand by and be controlled,
be the puppet being pulled by the strings, or play under someone else’s direction. For this performance is only for one person.

This poem I wrote back when I was in high school. Going through issues that unfortunately still haunt me in one way or another. I started this blog back in 2005 as a way to help me channel my thoughts as well as go back over them to see if there are any underlying messages that I may extract from my thoughts. Other times I just write about what I see and what I think about. When I am not on my blog, I like to read, write poetry, SHOPPING! (Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories), stay updated on the social networks, yet nothing to me beats taking a nice walk to clear your head or just finding a nice spot somewhere and just relaxing . For me a few of my favorite places to hit up are The Saint Louis Zoo, The Art Museum, The World Pavillion and The Delmar Loop to name a few.

Also a huge gamer...I mean COLOSSAL gamer. I still have my original Nintendo from when I was a kid...That my friends is pure dedication. Trying to get back into my healthy kick with losing weight and eating right. The struggles...the struggles....the struggles.

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