February 28, 2016

#ShowYouSTL BackStory - Chris - Kaiserrific

I first recalled meeting Chris aka Kaiserrific back at the December 2014 Hustle and Flow poetry session when I was vending my shea butter products for the event. Yet while waiting last night at Legacy Cafe & Books for the Poetry event Verbzzz After Work, theme: Black Love to start I was able to talk with Chris and he surprised me by saying he recalled me from BlackPlanet and the Yahoo 360 groups. For those too young to remember, think our version of Facebook that used to be seriously popping back in the day. Yet since then BlackPlanet is still around but looks like an abandoned class room with dust that has heavily covered the area with no disturbance in a LONG time and Yahoo 360 is no longer in existence. Soooo yea now we have Facebook.

February 23, 2016

#SHOWYOUSTL Backstory - Jennifer - Razor's Edge Hair Studio

Jen and I go way back to the days of CLUB 24 that was name we used for the old 24 Hour Fitness that used to be inside of Northwest Plaza in the Saint Ann area. That was the gym where I was happy to see all my girls and guy friends and you looked forward to going to the gym. Cassandra would be teaching a kick ass step routine, Bob would be whooping our behinds on cycling, catch Katrina doing a Zumba class, or drop in with one of Amanda's Turbo Kick classes. Yep those were the days.

February 21, 2016

#ShowYouSTL Backstory - Tiffany - Tiffany-Paige Events & Faith Tees

This morning I made my way to Doughnuts Delights off of Dunn Road in Florrisant to meet up with the first of two interviews I was doing for the day in regards to my #ShowYouSTL project. As I was parking I received a message from Tiffany informing me that she was inside and I responded back that I would be in just shortly.

February 15, 2016

#ShowYouSTL Backstory - Terry - Old Ways Soap

I first had the pleasure of meeting Terry at my job. She is a mentor to one of my students and she informed me that she makes soaps. From time to time she has brought me bars as gifts and I've also been a repeat customer. Her soaps are some of my favorites that I like to keep stocked at home. Since she has found out that I do Whipped Body Butters she keeps me in the loop of any vendor markets that come up.

February 7, 2016


I first had the pleasure of meeting Tasha on the same evening that I met up with Yashica to take pictures at the Desserts & Discussion: War on Love event back on Jan 23rd. Her cousin who was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the event introduced us. We weren't really able to talk that much because things were still being setup up for the event but I did contact ask if she was willing to be a part of my project and she said yes.

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