February 28, 2016

#ShowYouSTL BackStory - Chris - Kaiserrific

I first recalled meeting Chris aka Kaiserrific back at the December 2014 Hustle and Flow poetry session when I was vending my shea butter products for the event. Yet while waiting last night at Legacy Cafe & Books for the Poetry event Verbzzz After Work, theme: Black Love to start I was able to talk with Chris and he surprised me by saying he recalled me from BlackPlanet and the Yahoo 360 groups. For those too young to remember, think our version of Facebook that used to be seriously popping back in the day. Yet since then BlackPlanet is still around but looks like an abandoned class room with dust that has heavily covered the area with no disturbance in a LONG time and Yahoo 360 is no longer in existence. Soooo yea now we have Facebook.

I asked Chris about his love for poetry and where it began. He has been writing since he was in grade school. Writing poetry for him was his outlet back then and his way to compensate for not having that many friends and feeling like a loner at times. He feels that he comes by his gift through his mom. He says she used to have a way with words even when writing just the simplest notes. He talked about how he had envisioned them writing a book together, but unfortunately that dream was not recognized when she passed away last year.

He is also an accomplished author of nine books and is due to have his first feature coming up in April on the 17th. He definitely has been through the trenches with participating at other events as well has being apart of podcasts online. I ask him how long it takes for him to write a poem and he states that it varies. Sometimes it can take a few hours, a few days sometimes it might be a few weeks. He likes to write poetry as it comes to him. He doesn't like to force a poem unless he is under time constraints. Yet even then he always goes back and makes numerous edits until it is a piece that he is proud of.

The covers to all of Kaiserrific books

You can find Kaiserrific's books for sale on Amazon. Click here to be taken to that page. To checkout Kaiserrific first hand and to keep up to date on when and where he will be pereforming, make sure to checkout and like his Facebook page.

Make sure to head over to #SHOWYOUSTL to check out Kiserrific's connection to the STL

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