February 7, 2016


I first had the pleasure of meeting Tasha on the same evening that I met up with Yashica to take pictures at the Desserts & Discussion: War on Love event back on Jan 23rd. Her cousin who was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the event introduced us. We weren't really able to talk that much because things were still being setup up for the event but I did contact ask if she was willing to be a part of my project and she said yes.

So a few days after the event I sent her a Facebook message and she responded back with her email and I sent her the list of questions to be answered. She responded back and we then setup a day to meet about a week later. So between that time frame I was pouring over various photography books trying to figure out what I could do in regards to portrait and product photography. A few days before the meet up I just stopped reading books because I realized it was making me super nervous. I was just like, 'Fuck it'. I'm going to just take my camera and tripod and just see what happens.

So yesterday I meet up with Tasha around 9am and we go to her living room area in her apartment. I had found out prior to our meeting that she also has an interest in photography as well and you can definitely tell by the gorgeous pictures that she has on one of her walls with some of her pieces. She sits on a bench that is placed directly below the pictures and I use one of her chairs to sit down across from her next to her table in while I setup my tripod and camera.

We talk about our businesses and our hair. Tasha's hair is in beautiful locs that are to her shoulders. She talks about what it was like maintaining her hair as a kid all the way to being an adult. Growing up she loved experimenting with various colors. She also had some pretty interesting hair saga stories that I promise will only stay in the sanctity of her living room. She has operated Belle Butters for over 6 years and is well known throughout Saint Louis and beyond for her moisturizing concoctions. I saw first hand her mixture making magic supplies &  products and they are a sight to behold. We also talked about Mardi Gras. She has been down their once and once was enough for her. I have yet to go and it's not on my bucket list, but hey, I might go one day.

I had such a great time talking with Tasha. Through our conversations I saw we had a lot in common. So I say THANK YOU Tasha for taking the time to volunteer your time to my project. Check out Tasha on #SHOWYOUSTL.

Some of Tasha's own photography of her products

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