January 24, 2016

#ShowYouSTL Backstory - Yashica - J.J. Sing Catering

I had the pleasure of first meeting Yashica at an event last July being held at the Urb Arts center. The event was showcasing small business entrepreneurs and Yashica was actually station right behind me. She was setting up her table. I knew she had something special when people were coming through specifically to find her and that was before she was able to get her table finally arranged the way she wanted it.

So I looked behind me and saw that she had desserts in a jar. Now I'm super picky when it comes to food, especially my desserts. My mother is the queen when it comes to food so I was a bit hesitant at first to really look at what she had to offer. But after seeing so many people come through and rave about her sweets I finally had to see what the fan fare was about.

So I bought a jar and put it in my bag and didn't open until that evening when I was finally settled in at home. I opened my jar of Strawberry Cheesecake and took my first bite. I think I cleaned out the jar in under 10 minutes. When I tell you that sweet treat was off the chain, I am not lying. I have to put her desserts on par with my mom's baking skills. I couldn't believe how good it was and further more I was ticked off I didn't buy a second jar.

Fast forward to this January and my photography project #SHOWYOUSTL, I knew when I started this project that I wanted Yashica to be a part of it. So I contacted her earlier this month and she was so kind and speedy with her responses to my questions. Last night I was finally able to meet up with her at an event called DESSERTS & DISCUSSIONS. We both arrived early and she was kind enough to let me sit in her car and we chatted for a little bit. She informed she had been moving and grooving since 7am that morning.

In fact when I spoke with her earlier that evening she was leaving East Saint Louis from another event and getting prepared for this event. She was providing her desserts complimentary to those who arrived for the discussion. While she was setting up I was taking test pictures and remembered to bring my tripod which was my saving grace because the venue had dim lighting for the atmosphere and I'm no where near a pro with control breathing when taking pictures.

After she finished her setup, she prepared herself to take some pictures. To say she is photogenic is an understatement. She is simply gorgeous! So I took some pictures of her with her treats and also with the Mistress of Ceremony for the event, Alex Meritt. Afterwards I stayed in the background snapping off some pictures of the participants in the crowd. I had a really great time and also found possibly 3 new subjects for my photography project.

 Thank you so much Yashica for fitting me into your very busy schedule. I can't wait to take more pictures of you. Please check out Yashica's story and her connection to the STL at #SHOWYOUSTL.

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