January 19, 2016

#ShowYouSTL BackStory- WaxZenSilk Scarves

Scarves from WaxZenSilk

Yesterday I hung out with a former coworker, Jen who has a small business making scarves. The name of her business is Wax Zen Silk Scarf Creations. The style in which she makes her scarves is called batiking. This process uses wax  to make designs with  instruments called tjanting tools which come in different sizes and various styles. She makes her wax designs on blank white silk scarves which are then followed by whichever colors she uses to stain the scarves. Trust me it's not as easy as it sounds especially since I was able to see the process first hand last night. In my opinion it is definitely a tedious process but Jen is such a pro that she can do a scarf within two hours.

Jen working on a Batik silk scarf

I was able to spend the majority of the day with Jen because I also wanted to take pictures of her product for her website. I've never done product photography before so I was quite nervous. Overall I think I did a pretty good job with the pictures but once I learn Photoshop I'm hoping in the future I can definitely improve my photos. I will say that at first things were somewhat off to a bumpy start. After setting up my PROMASTER light cube kit as seen in the picture below, a screw was not in place and I didn't know where it was suppose to go, one of the bulbs I bought along with the equipment, POPPED. So I had to use a light from one of Jen's lamps to use in one of my lamps for the photos. Then within 30 minutes the 2nd lamp started to have issues, as in the bottom of the lamp had MELTED the stand that it was situated on. So I had to take a break from my session and go to the dealer where I bought the equipment to have the issue rectified. I was nervous because I had bought the equipment a year ago but this was the first time I had taken the equipment out of the box to use for a session.

They were more than understanding and were baffled that I had been sold the wrong wattage bulb along with the kit. They stated that was one of the reasons that the melting took place, the bulb I had was for a bigger reflector and they stated that as strong as the wattage was, it could have melted my reflector box. So they did a swap out of the defective reflector and bulbs and I was back to Jen's house to finish out the photography without issue. Yet I did checkout out my light box and did see a faint area where there was some slight burning but it didn't (at least I felt) affect the pictures.

stock image from PROMASTER LIGHT CUBE KIT #2031

I am so happy that Jen is able to be a part of my #SHOWYOUSTL photography project. Please check out Jen's answers to my questions on  #ShowYouSTL.
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