January 23, 2016


Two weeks after my meeting with Michelle, I was able to meet up with my friend Majic (his nickname) who I have known for quite some time. I was introduced to him by a close friend of mine and we both began taking some masseuse lessons at his old location off of the Riverview Blvd circle. He has since relocated to Cool Valley and his new location which looks absolutely beautiful.

When you walk into the area which is located on the 2nd floor above a barber shop, you are instantly greeted with a spacious kitchen area with a high table off to the right accompanied with two stools. Off to the right is a relaxation room to further relax from your massage as well as two separate massage rooms and also a bathroom with tub and shower area to prepare yourself for your massage. Further down a hallway is a living room area complete with a small bar and extended couches enough for a small gathering. Perfect for some girlfriends to get together and have a relaxing spa day.

I was able to meet up with Majic and requested to photograph him while he was working on a client. I wanted to show him in his element. She arrives within 30 minutes and we made small talk for a while before she leaves to get prepared for her massage. I'm checking out my camera and taking test pictures because the lighting was a challenge for me within the area and I wanted to make sure that the pictures were as sharp as possible. It also was a different type of challenge as well because with my crop camera I had to make sure I backed up enough while going for various shots and different angles.

The client makes her way to one of the massage rooms and lays flat down on the table. Majic puts on some smooth R&B music to create a relaxing atmosphere, he goes to one side of the room to light some candles and to prepares his hands with some warm body lotion that he will use on the client.

As he is focused on the massage I start to take pictures of him as he interacts with the woman on his table. His sole focus is making sure that she is thoroughly relaxed. I watched him work his craft while taking pictures. After taking enough pictures that I think I can choose from, I bid them both farewell and make the journey home. I contact Majic to thank him again for being a part of my photography project.

Ladies I highly recommend Majic to you for a wonderful massage. Not only is he a good friend of mine but I'm also a client as well.

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