September 25, 2007

hey there

What's up it's me. Well I'm in my Business Writing class waiting for it to start in 30 minutes. I had an Economics Test yesterday that I'm not feeling good about. I just don't understand the subject at all. Beyond that horrible evening, this morning wasn't any better. Sometimes I get the urge to shake some of the students at my job, but then when I meet their parents I don't want to shake them. I want to shake their PARENTS!!!!

Today I was sucked dry as usual and had to take my daily 50 minute nap. I just want the hectic pace in the office to just SLOW DOWN. Everytime I get done with one thing, something else pops up. I don't feel like I got anything done today. Sometimes I just want to go out on our football field and just sit in the grass so I won't be disturbed.

Well anyway today was payday from job #1 so can't complain much there. Just wish we would get them earlier like we used to by 12pm and not 1:30pm. Oh well I'm not complaining, it didn't bounce so that's all that mattered.

Oh and this past weekend was Di's birthday. It was on the 22nd and my family along with her friend met up at the Cheescake Factory to celebrate. We met up around 11am because I had work at 3pm at job #2, to close in the appliance department. So after lunch I bid everyone goodbye and went to my job around 2 hours early so I could study on my Economics test.

People cracked me up and asked why I was at the job and if I wanted to clock on early.............................................................let me think about that.................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo. So I studied until 2:30 and changed clothes and clocked on at 3pm. It was relatively slow for the night besides one sale. I was done with my department as far as cleaning by 5:30pm and went over to media to help clean up over there since the closer for the area did a no call no show.

Afterwards I went Applebee's and had a late dinner. Took a book into read as I was eating and left around 9:30pm. Went home and just chilled out afterwards tried to study for the economics test but became sleepy shortly after. Oh well, I'll probably get the results of the test tomorrow. Not looking forward to them.

September 20, 2007

Hey blogger workers...........

For all you old heads that went to UMSL in 1999 and before

Hey I was so happy about the HOOTERS thang I forgot to tell you guys about something that I was reminded about for UMSL students that went to the University of Missouri regardless of campus during 1999 and before.

University of Missouri was sued a few years back and they lost a decision regarding tuition fees. To settle up they had to come to some kind of agreement. SUPPOSEDLY it states that if you went to any of the schools before the given time frame you were entitled to receive an EQUAL amount of credits towards future University Missouri classes. if you don't get what I'm saying here is an example, I have been in the System since 1997. Since I took 10 classes between 1997 to 1999, SUPPOSEDLY I am entitled to 10 classes free to take towards future classes at the University of Missouri campus of my choice.

This was how it was explained to me by my English Professor. Apparently they have not spread the word about this because they obviously don't want to be out of any money. Oh well phuck em. After class that day I went to the Financial Aid office and they gave me the number to someone who is connected to the situation. If you are interested and think you qualify, you can call CAROLYN ALLEN at 573-882-3611.

Be prepared to have your student number on hand. Word to the wise IF YOU WENT TO any campus at that time, PLEASE BE AWARE that the student numbers HAVE CHANGED at least up at UMSL. I found that out the hard way because I had my old student number memorized. So call the Registration Office to your campus to find out if that is the case at the OTHER schools.

I called Ms. Allen yesterday and received a message today, I do plan on calling her tomorrow and hopefully I will have a follow-up soon;).

Make it a Tuesday night!!!

Ok so blah blah I had the day from hell again from job #1. Nothing new but boy let me tell you about my EVENING after school on Tuesday. I was craving some HOOTERS wings and I said hell why not. So instead of going to the Library as usual and getting my study on I said, phuck it, I am going to at least try to have somewhat of a semi-normal life and just go out and have some din-din.

So I get in my car (oh and did I mention my brakes had gone completely out?) and make my way to Hooters in Westport via I-170 and Page. I get there and see a huge crowd there. Didn't know why but was still able to grab a table and just chill out and read one of my many books. My waitress came through and took my order and about 10 minutes later some more Hooters woman came through and were sitting at a particular table.

My waitress informs me that every Tuesday they play Trivia Tuesday. It's free to play and you have to answer 10 questions correctly against the Hooter's girls that are playing that Tuesday. She asked me if I wanted to play and I said, sure. By the time the game starts I've already eaten my fries and wings so I'm razor sharp for the questions. At least 15 teams were playing but it was strange because I put my team name as JABO and I was all by myself.

The game get's started and the main subject is reality T.V. Boy you are talking about a chick was doing pretty damn good until they started talking about some damn VH1 shows like, I LOVE NEW YORK and THE PICK-UP ARTIST. Never cared for either show but I did watch maybe 2 or more episodes of I LOVE NEW YORK and that was at my former friend's apartment. So at the end of the game I knew I had about 6 out of 10 right but was pissed because it could have been a possible 8 out of 10 if I had gone with my insticts on 2 questions. So the hostess is tallying up points and announces 3rd place.

I thought well I know I didn't do good I only got 6 right. So then she states it's a sudden death match and there is a tie for 1st place. She calls one teams name and then she calls..............TEAM JABO. I'm looking at her like WTF????????? So I get up from my table and go to where the Hostess is and she states that the tie-breaker is to name all the American Idol winners in chrnological order from first to last. So I immediately start thinking I know the first three and when she yells GO I start on my list. My opponent gives his list to the hostess and she states that it's wrong and Im still working on mine. 15 seconds later I give her my list and she states that I'm THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it and I was just smiling from ear to ear.

She congratulates me and then presents me with a $50 gift certificate for HOOTERS She then asks me where the rest of my team is and I tell her that it was just me by myself. She looks at me in shock along with the rest of the place and they were clapping and whistling for me. It felt great!!! and not to mention it was my first time playing. I went back to my table and just sat there....couldn't believe I beat out over 10 other teams that had at least 3 people each. Man did that feel good. So as I left the person that I was up against for the grand prize congratulated me and I said bye to the people that were giving me high fives.

When I got in the parking lot I told my mom about it and she was like so I guess that means you will be treating me to dinner. I was like sure no problem. As I was driving home with no brakes I kept thinking damn I made out pretty damn good;0 But you do know what the killer thing is? I hate REALITY T.V. can't stand it!!!!!!!!! But boy did it pay off that night!!!!;) I'm Hooter's RICH BITCH

September 17, 2007

Even when I have a day off I'm still

Well today i took a day off from Job #1 so I could handle some personal business. yet the funny thing was I was still getting up at 5am in the morning so I could get some stuff done FOR job #1 for about 2 hours. so you know I'm putting in a time edit right? After that i get up and get dressed for my destination and I'm all done by 2:30pm. Had to run to job #2 to handle some business and then I was off back to my home. Oh and by the way, why are the brakes on my car barely working after just getting them fixed less than a week ago? Yea can't wait to tell pops.....

any way I get home by 3:45pm so i can take an ahem, ahem, nap;) and what do ya know? I have to be at school by 5:30pm. so needless to say that was shortlived. So I go to class for Economics (micro) and i'm barely able to stay awake. Not to mention it doesn't help that I hate the subject and i have a test on 4 chapters by next monday. Someone please give me some vicoden for the headache that's about to come along.

Just got done doing some English homework in the Library and I thought I would just type up this little rant while i was at it.;)

September 15, 2007

who am i....

Right now I'm at work at job #2. I've been here for over 7 years. i'm in the Sales Development office and I just got finished eating some smoked chicken that was catered to our Wireless Department for a contest that we won.

Last night I was in my room doing a clean up as well as a search and rescue for my MAC cosmetic brushes (worth over $600 bucks) which I have not seen since I came back from Chicago trip this August. I'm pretty sure I unpacked them but probably threw them some place in my room since we had new windows installed and was in a hurry to clean up my room so they wouldn't be snatched. Now is the problem of finding them and making sure in the first place that I had them with me when I did unpack from my Chicago trip.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and had my hair relaxed. It's past my shoulders and straight. the same lady that did my hair yesterday is the same lady that has been doing my hair since I was a sophmore in high school. I'm 28 this year.

I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and I go to my sister's empty room and will turn on the tv. I'll just sit in the middle of the room and remember where her bed and other furniture used to be. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for her that she moved out, but from time to time I do miss the pain in the ass.

Last night before I went to bed, I took my camera phone out and took pictures of myself. More to the point I took pictures of my face. Ive never really been comfortable about the way that I look. More comfortable in the past than in the present. I looked at the pictures and then went behind my bed and brought out a frame of picture of me that had been sketched by a man at the West County Mall over a year ago. I had forgotten about the pic and when I looked at it, it reminded me of a person from the past.

This past Friday I had work at job #1. A person that I used to be talking to off and on came up to my job because he had business to conduct. For a while I maybe I could really get to know this guy because I thought we had alot in common. This was back in November 06 to January 07. Yet I found out how conceited he was and how much he valued himself to constantly put himself on a pedistal to remind everyone else of his worth.

At first when we would start talking he thought it was best that we not put our business out in the open. I definitely agreed because this was a new job and personally I didn't think we had anything going on. We were just trying to get a feel for one another. Well it got the point he would come up to my job and he would just lil thangs to irriate me. He would say out loud and blatenly, "Hey how about you and me go get some lunch" in my office.

I looked at him and I'm thinking, didn't you say that anything we had to say to each other wouldn't crossover into work? I was embarrased and nervous because I could see some of the teachers and students looking on with interest. I declined nicely and told him that evening that in the future if you want to ask me something. That he needed to pull me to the side or call me on my cell phone.

He immediately apologized, but then he kept on doing it. It got to the point that with him constantly doing THAT along with some other issues I just decided not to talk to him anymore so seing him twice this weekend was a bit of overkill. He asked me this Friday if I wanted to go out for lunch and I told him, No. He asks why and I responded, because I said so and further more I have plans. He walks out of my office still with his professional smile plastered on his face but swings the door open like an upset child. all I could do was shake my head.

Unfortunately, I've seen it become a trend with some guys I've dealt with in the past that it's hard at least for me to really get to know a guy. I mean really get to know him. Depending on the guy somethings are probably more bound to irriate me than others. A perfect example. If a chick knows a dude and you both are cool, you might just like the guy as a friend. Sometimes you might exchange text messages and the gals are just on the joking manner. The dude from time to time might respond with some sexual intent behind. most of the time the chick just ignores them and just texts back some reply. Yet at times you get annoyed are like would ya just shut the fuck up with the dam sexual innuendos? That is just one scenario.

Oh hell, my lunch break is up. Oh well I just felt like ranting today. I have a surprise birthday party to go today down in the Delmar Loop. Take care and only 3 more hours at job #2 before I clock out. peace;)

September 11, 2007

hmmm....this place does look familiar.....

Hey people what is up? Sorry I've been out of communication for oh let see, over 2 weeks? Trust me it's with good reason. Been very busy with 2 jobs and school. This week alone has been something else. Of course I know it's 9/11 at the job #1 we had a moment of silence. I didn't even realize it until I was up this morning at my cpu and just happen to be paying a bill online and kept rereading the date over and over again.

Well today was definitely a day to put in the history book. Yet every damn day since school has started for these students that is pretty much how all my days end up being. Today was extra crazy because I ACCIDENTALLY ALMOST cussed out a parent on the phone. She had it coming too because she and I got into about 2 weeks ago previously on the phone. Pretty much transferring her son to another school, requires certain procedures. She thought I was about to skip those procedures. The bitch thought wrong and I let her know as much. It got to the point I let her know that she needed to call someone else after she threaten me and have them help her because if she called me again or even THOUGHT to come up to the school I was gonna kick her ass, fuck a job. Don't get it twisted I am the epitome of professionalism, but I will get ignorant on a muthafucka if you leave me no other choice.

Beyond that annoying episode. This past Sunday I went to the St. Louis Dub show that was held at the American Center. Had a cute outfit on but the shoes were killing and they ended up scarring my pinkie toes so I have to wait for them to heal. Talk about a bitch that was UPSET!!!!! I had to end up walkin the damn show without my shoes on, but luckily my jeans were long so you couldn't see my feet. The event was sponsored by job #2, so I was able to snatch a bracelet to get in free. I went with Danielle, Bridget, and Kamina.

As we are walkin into the place, my friends are just teasing the hell out of me, mainly because of the top I was wearing, it was checkered red and white. AKA they called it the Picnic Top and the way it was made, PRETTY much had the (girls aka bosom) well placed. LOLOL Oh well I didn't get any complaints, hell some guys weren't watching where they were going. I thought it was hilarious!

Point blank there were some damn nice rides, but overall it was just too damn ghetto for my taste. Of course there were fine men everywhere but that doesn't guarantee that their IQ's were on the same level. Saw some other people there that I recognized (sup Carlos), more co-workers, and even former co-workers that happened to be fired. Quite hilarious. We saw Bone and Lil Scrappy perform. Overall I would give the event a 3 out of 5. Don't know if I will go next year, probably not.

Oh well I'm in my Business Writing class which is about to start in 5 minutes. Take care of yourselves, regardless of who you are. Yea that goes for those I speak to all the time, sometime, and even those I don't barely give a thought too. Peace be with you and all that good shit;)
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