September 11, 2007

hmmm....this place does look familiar.....

Hey people what is up? Sorry I've been out of communication for oh let see, over 2 weeks? Trust me it's with good reason. Been very busy with 2 jobs and school. This week alone has been something else. Of course I know it's 9/11 at the job #1 we had a moment of silence. I didn't even realize it until I was up this morning at my cpu and just happen to be paying a bill online and kept rereading the date over and over again.

Well today was definitely a day to put in the history book. Yet every damn day since school has started for these students that is pretty much how all my days end up being. Today was extra crazy because I ACCIDENTALLY ALMOST cussed out a parent on the phone. She had it coming too because she and I got into about 2 weeks ago previously on the phone. Pretty much transferring her son to another school, requires certain procedures. She thought I was about to skip those procedures. The bitch thought wrong and I let her know as much. It got to the point I let her know that she needed to call someone else after she threaten me and have them help her because if she called me again or even THOUGHT to come up to the school I was gonna kick her ass, fuck a job. Don't get it twisted I am the epitome of professionalism, but I will get ignorant on a muthafucka if you leave me no other choice.

Beyond that annoying episode. This past Sunday I went to the St. Louis Dub show that was held at the American Center. Had a cute outfit on but the shoes were killing and they ended up scarring my pinkie toes so I have to wait for them to heal. Talk about a bitch that was UPSET!!!!! I had to end up walkin the damn show without my shoes on, but luckily my jeans were long so you couldn't see my feet. The event was sponsored by job #2, so I was able to snatch a bracelet to get in free. I went with Danielle, Bridget, and Kamina.

As we are walkin into the place, my friends are just teasing the hell out of me, mainly because of the top I was wearing, it was checkered red and white. AKA they called it the Picnic Top and the way it was made, PRETTY much had the (girls aka bosom) well placed. LOLOL Oh well I didn't get any complaints, hell some guys weren't watching where they were going. I thought it was hilarious!

Point blank there were some damn nice rides, but overall it was just too damn ghetto for my taste. Of course there were fine men everywhere but that doesn't guarantee that their IQ's were on the same level. Saw some other people there that I recognized (sup Carlos), more co-workers, and even former co-workers that happened to be fired. Quite hilarious. We saw Bone and Lil Scrappy perform. Overall I would give the event a 3 out of 5. Don't know if I will go next year, probably not.

Oh well I'm in my Business Writing class which is about to start in 5 minutes. Take care of yourselves, regardless of who you are. Yea that goes for those I speak to all the time, sometime, and even those I don't barely give a thought too. Peace be with you and all that good shit;)
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