August 28, 2007

what upper

Ok so remember my last post when I stated that I had work oh I don't know about 10am in the boring??? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA Well I get to work, my dad drops me off and as I'm heading back to the break room to drop my stuff off, Danielle informs that I read the wrong week and that I'm actually due to work 2pm to close. Oh so Im thinking damn I better call my dad back before he gets on the highway. Needless to say I catch him in time and we make it back home.

So I'm at home chillin doing some studying and sleeping some more until it's time for work FOR REAL THIS TIME. so I get back to work and it was really cool because we had 2 bus loads of Brazilians come in and do some shopping. I helped alot of people but really enjoyed helping a woman who was trying to purchase a PS3 for her grandson. it was fun trying to figure out what she needed and taking her around the gaming department to make sure she had everything she needed. My boy Trenton also came through the job with two of his friends. One of them I kinda clashed heads with because of her funky ass adittude.

The store stayed busy all the way up to closing. I was suppose to meet up with my boy Aaron who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years and I felt so bad because I went straight home I was so sleepy and tired I just zoomed home as fast as I could and called it a night.

Sunday- was wonderful though because I didn't have to work at ALL. I had set up an interview with my boy Trenton because in my Business Writing class I had to do an interview on someone I admire in the profession I want to go into. So hands down it was automatically Trenton. My mom prepared some damn good food, baked cornish hens, cream corn, garlic bread, HOMEMADE mac and cheese with the BIG PASTA, cabbage (Trenton's favorite) and some creamy rice mixture with mushrooms. I was in HEAVEN!!!

Trenton arrives at the house around 2 or 3pm. He brings along his girlfriend who is hella cool;) We chillout a while before getting into the interview. I must say I was proud of myself. I had questions ready to go and my tape recorder ready for the whole deal. It took about 20 minutes for the whole interview and it was great. I really received some great information and I wish I could have had some more but the interview was tailored for specific questions.

Monday- I had work at the regular gig and it was pretty hectic as usual but I had an interesting episode with an IGNORANT ass parent over the phone who just had to get across that she needed a transcript for her son and didn't want to follow proper procedure for them. So I had to chin check her and put her in her place and haven't heard from her today (Tuesday). Also worked on my interview paper which was due the next day.

Tuesday- Had work again and finalized the edits on my interview paper. Worked as usual without a lunch. I realized that I've worked my ass off at my usual work to the point that I haven't been able to take a real lunch since school started back for the students. Talk about getting hungry.......... Then at least on Monday thru Thursday I have to be at school for an hour and a half. FUN!!!!!!!! Oh then after class I go the library on campus and study for 2 hours and don't leave till around 9pm

So now I'm at class now typing this up on one of the classroom laptops. Hoping you are having a better day. Not hoping ALL of you are having a better day, but you know who you are. LOLOL What am i kidding i don't care!!! Have a slammin day!!! No I'm not coked out, I'm just acting silly.
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