August 9, 2007

What a week

Well today is Thursday 8/9/07. I'm at work right now and this will be my 2nd day of registration for the school district I work in. Yesterday was the first day and I was in charge of taking the students picture ID's. The flow of people coming through fluxuated from time to time. Overall it was a good time having jokes with the staff, parents and students.

I was done with that by 3:45pm and then went to the Delmar Loop and stopped by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream place and bought a Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie. Afterwards I went to my favorite place by my house called BREAKAWAY CAFE IF you EVA get a chance to just chill out at a nice little quaint restuarant, give this place a try, my favorite dish they make is called:

Con Broccoli 8.95
Cavatelli noodles and broccoli tossed in a rich cheese garlic cream sauce.
With chicken 2.50

They know me so well, as soon as they see my face come through the door they just smile and say, "It's on it's way to ya Jasmine, just grab a table";) You got to love that. Yet yesterday I called it in to be a to go order and picked it up by 4pm. I get home and boy I'm smelling pots and pans just brimming with food;) I get to the kitchen and what do I see? A huge pan of lasagna and a pot with some shrimp creole with rice. Also on the stove was another pot of spaghetti meat sauce which mom later made for another pan of lasagna for Danielle, Mina, and Keith for their household to share.

Well later on that evening about 7:20pm I head on out to my sister's apartment with my mom. My dad was there 30 minutes later with a tv stand in the trunk of my mom's car. It was bought earlier at my job and I was going to put it together for her. That damn stand was heavy and once we got it in the apartment I took inventory of the everything to make sure nothing was broke or missing. Soon after i started readin the instructions my dad states he needs to leave to take care of some business.

So that leaves me with a big ass stand to put together by myself since I know my mother isn't going to do anything but lay on the couch and complain. About an hour into it Diahanna gets home from going to the gym. To her credit she did offer to help but I know I it would have only been a distraction. So after 2 hours the stand is complete, but for some reason I have 4 screws that weren't put in the furniture. I double checked the instructions and couldn't locate the place where they were suppose to fit, but then again the instructions were so lousy at one time I had one piece of the furniture screwed in the wrong direction, took about 10 minutes to figure that part out. But overall it should be okay for her tv.

After leaving her place my mother and I went to Danielle and Mina's, about a 30 min drive and dropped off the pan of lasagna at their house. We then made it back home finally by 12:40am and I helped my mom put the lasagna away. She took care of the Shrimp creole and I took my ass to bed.

Besides that ever since my previous post, the school has been pretty quiet. Just been chillin and kickin it with some of the staff that have been up here like me. Lucky us;) Oh and I almost forgot I'm going to Chicago 14-16 of Aug. for a women's forum related to my part-time job, so that I hope will be a very informative but also a fun experience. Then of course the kids come back on the 20th, so ask me if i'm ready for them?

Besides working at my other job on the weekends my summer has been somewhat quiet. Hope yours has been more exciting than mines;) Ta-Ta
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