September 25, 2006

di's birthday bash at kobi resturant

di's birthday bash at kobi resturant

September 24, 2006

what a day! from Chingy to my sis's birthday bash

What's up to you all I hope you find your Sunday well. While I am still trying to recoup from yesterday festivities and activities. Let me first start off with my day at work. It was except for the fact that I had to be up for a 7am meeting. Never the less I did make it with Danielle in tow. We get there and learn some interesting things. Main focus for the day was that Chingy the rap star would be at our store signing CD's from 3pm to 5pm.

So we were able to get the the signing area looking nice and presentable. Yet the only downfall to me was that we had to listen to the music all day long....From 10am till god knows when since it was still playing when i left at 5:30pm. So when Chingy gets there around 3pm already the place is pretty packed. Young girls AND men are just yelling and screaming when he comes in. There was a pretty long line by the time he arrived and two radio stations were also there to help promote the CD.

By this time my cousin had come in lookin for a laptop and I was helping out in computers along with another co-worker. I had some jazz music going on via some satellite radio in the department to help my sanity stay in check. I took my lunch around 3:20pm (I think) and my cousin took me to lunch so I wouldn't have to move my car. Since our parking lot was just jammed pack with people.

I finally get off around 5:30pm and I go home and chillout before I get ready for my sister's birthday get together in Westport at the former Robata's restuarant, I can NOT remember the name of that resturant now. I got dressed in a cute pencil skirt, red top and matching blazer to the skirt. Rocked my ponytail and had my ruby jewelry on to match. Finished it off with my 4 inch high heels with the strap around the ankle. Yes I was lookin pretty nice, but my sister outfit was definitely the best one in the house. I finally get there around 9pm and meet up with her friends and a couple of cousins who also decided to join us that evening.

The food was OFF THE CHAIN and the experience was wonderful. I had the shrimp and lobster dinner which also came with fried rice and mixed vegatables. I had some Kobai Plum wine (Kai it is the SHIT!!!!!) and some soda. NOTE: I will be looking for this wine since it has a similar taste to my favorite wine MARCO NEGRI. The conversation was hilarious and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Of course we had 2 chefs that were helping preparing the food. Yet the chef that was preparing mine was definitely something to look at. He was definitely a cutie and knew how to work and cook. As we were leaving I couldn' help but notice how often he would look at me and smile. Hell we were both smiling at each other. LOLOL The man was FINE and I can't help but recall him saying as he was preparing our food that he was from out of town and had recently moved to St. Louis. So I couldn't help but wonder if he needed a tour guide.

I finally get home and chillout for a minute and then change clothes. I meet up with a friend and we chillout for the night until 6am in the morning and then I go home catch up on my sleep and have work this morning. So of course I took pictures and video and will post them ASAP. take care and god bless

September 22, 2006

sound check;)

Well today is Friday and I'm off for the day. Put in a serious shift yesterday worked from 9:15am and didn't get off till 6:30pm. So pretty much I am well recouped this morning. Right now I'm on my bed watching the FABOULOUS BAKER BOYS on cable.

On Wednesday i went to that seminar I talked about earlier. it was interesting and informative and it had me really interested in real estate. It started around 6pm and we got out around 8 something I think..... We picked up a friend of Mina's, also Danielle was with us as well and we went to Cicero's for dinner. Conversation was a bit tense but it was in good nature. I got back home that evening to help my mom curl her hair and then called it a night.

I'm not really sure what I have on the agenda today, except I know I have working tomorrow including a training. Also i have my sister's birthday party later on that evening. So I'mma have to get all dolled up and ready for the thang.;) Enjoy YOUR day;)

Also on a side note, this is just a word of advice. If you know that you have done something wrong to someone else. Don't wait on them to call you and ask you what happened. YOU should be calling the person to explain yourself and your actions. Of course the person that was wronged would have to assume that the person that wronged them would think it that important enough to contact them. If they have yet to hear from that person, well then the person that was wronged will definitely chalk it up to a lesson learned and makes sure that it will NEVER happen again.

September 19, 2006

excercising a day, will eventually make the fat go away

Good morning, I trust you all are in good spirits. I am feeling better from my Saturday fiasco. I've decided I needed to put my energy and efforts into something more worthy and rewarding. i DIDN'T want to end up going back into a depressive state and start eating to compensate, so I've gotten back into my exercise habits. Just last night I went to 24 hour fitness at northwest plaza around 11:30pm and worked out for about and hour. It felt good working out on the treadmill and working with some weights. Yet it was really nice since there were barely any people there and I had my mp3 player to keep me company.

With me working full time at my backup gig, I won't have the time to play racquetball as much as I would like so I have to figure out a way to at least get in 1 or 2 days of it in per week. So I'm gonna have to call my raquetball partners Gail and Mr. Lynne and hopefully we can set something up.

Well today I work until 8pm, my dad woke me up to inform me that I needed to take him to the airport around 11am today. Yet he even woke me up earlier around5:30am to do some type of enrollement thingy bobba for him for Northwest Airlines. So right now it is 10:40am and I just got finished making up my exercise bag for tonight. Not sure if i'll go to the gym after work or late tonight since I don't have work tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to a seminar with a friend on real estate. She's making some serious money with it and she thought I might enjoy it. Not to mention if I do get involved eventually I can save up enough money and get back into school, move out on my own, and start to enjoy my life, and maybe even develop a love life with someone aka become romantically involved.

Kamina and I had a heart to heart discussion about my love life or point blank lack of a couple of days ago. She wants me to be happy and yet she worries about me because she doesn't want me to get caught up in the issues that I had in the past. I definitely understand where she is coming from and I dont' want to get caught up again. So right now I'm letting everything else take a back seat so i can get myself together. I dont need disappointments, distractions, or headaches.

I just need time to deal with me

September 16, 2006

fed up

Well today I was looking forward to a wonderful day. I had made plans with a special friend last week to chill out today after I had to go to a family event. He suggested that we get together for an evening so we could relax and kick it. Keywords... HE SUGGESTED IT, I OBLIGED. So I made reservations for us yesterday to chillout for the evening at a nice hotel for the night. This past week I was getting myself ready primped and primed for today. I went to get a pedicure earlier this week and then yesterday I was suppose to have a hair appointment but you already know about that tragedy from my previous post.

So I get off of work, and I recieved a message from him stating that he would be there to check in by 3pm. So with an hour to spare I go and grab a quick bite to eat and then head over to the place where we have reservations. 3pm rolls around and I don't receive a call, 4pm rolls around and I STILL don't receive a call, by this time I'm so steamed that I get home around 4:30pm and I've called the hotel to cancel the reservations so i don't get charged on my debit card for the evening.

Do you know I STILL haven't heard from him and it's 11:15pm? By 5pm I was just so upset that I had already deleted his numbers from my cell phone. I get home and have to take some medicine for a massive headache that has just festered from this whole ordeal. I get home and take a nap. I get up around 6pm and head to the mall to try to get my mind off of things. By this time Mina has called me and we were both orginally gonna meet up at St. Louis Galleria but she calls me minutes later and she decides to get a pedicure. So I'm still on my way to the mall and all i can think about is how phuckin pissed off I am that I went thru all the damn trouble that I went thru to change my schedule around for today and what do I have to show for it not a god damn thing.

I guess what I'm pissed about is that I feel that I got screwed AGAIN. In a way it's damn shame because I honestly did think that these plans were gonna fall thru butg I just held on to some hope that maybe it wouldn't be like past episodes. I got up early to get my hair prepped and makeup done. I had gotten a bottle of wine along with some other things stashed away. I had the biggest grin on my face all day at work even though I wasn't feeling good. Yet what do I have to show for it, just another day of dissapointment. I am still a tad bit pissed about the whole thing.

All I have to say is that he is damn lucky I don't see him right now, because he would be knocked on his ass right about now. All he had to do was just call me and say I can't make it. My time is VALUABLE to me, if you can't respect that, then sure as hell don't waste it anymore. I am so sick and tired of being let down. If I need to be miserable I don't need a sidekick, I can be that way by my damn self.

Right now I'm at a point where I don't want to hear I'm sorry, because to me it's just gonna be bullshit and I HIGHLY ADIVISE not to bother me anytime soon for long ass time.

So back to my shitty evening, I leave the mall and end up going to The Loop because I just needed some time to just STILL chillout and wanted to go to Cicero's for dinner. Well The Loop on Saturdays I forget from time to time was jammed packed so I decided to go to Applebee's off of Clayton Rd., I get there and I wait to be seated for 10 minutes. I finally left there and go to the Applebee's off of Forest Park Road. I order some pasta and read a book and then finally leave around 10:15pm. I ALMOST get home when I get caught up in a damn POLICE check at Lucas and Hunt via Natural Bridge. They were doing their License and Registration crap. So that was another 15 minutes shaved off of my life and then I finally get home and turn on Saturday Night Live and I have nothing else to show for the this wasted day.

sept. 16, for lack of a better title

Hope you are all enjoying your saturday morning. sorry I have been missing in action this past week. Just been a tad tired and had to take a break from blogging. Yep I know, you never thought you would hear that did ya? Well this past week has not been without it's events. I did offically mail off my letters of complaint to people within the ESI company and have yet to receive any type of acknowledgement. Yet I know they were received because I did send them certified. My family said give it a couple of weeks to receive a response back. But if I don't then I need to take it to the next level.

Today is my last offical day in the department I am presently in. I was promoted and transferred to a new department and will start there tomorrow. Kinda of nervous even though I had worked in the department before. Yet I just want to make sure I do a good job.

On another note I was SUPPOSE to get my hair done yesterday but my beautican was missing in action. Not too happy about that so I had to bump some curls into my hair this morning. I also had to pick up my bridesmaid dress from my seamstress and it was altered perfectly for Amy's wedding in 2 weeks. I was suppose to go to my play brother's birthday bash but unfortunately couldn't go because I was having a severe headache. I'm feeling better today, so hopefully it won't affect the plans I have today.

Also last night I was watching this show on the LOGO channel. It was called Noah's Ark. Must say this will definitely be a show that I will be staying intuned to in the future. Also my special friend has me interested in another show called WEEDS. I had heard about it but actually watched an episode yesterday and I must say it is pretty freakin funny.

Oh. well ya have a good day now ya hear? Ta-Ta

September 8, 2006

ESI, coming over and not for a cup of sugar

well it's official, my complaint for ESI is ready and prepared. My uncle helped by preparing the official letter for me to mail. So I plan on mailing them off today via certified mail. I don't want that piss poor excuse for a bunch of employees to think they got the best of me or for that much of Chanel and Juanita.

They thought they could just sweep us up under the rug. Boy, they don't know how wrong they are.

September 5, 2006

Hope your Labor Day was enjoyable:)

Hey there and Happy Belated Labor Day to all. I hope you spent your holiday in good cheer and with enjoyment. Mine was pretty good. I didn't go to the Japanese Festival like I wanted to since I was a bit tired. I did go over to my Aunt's house for a mini celebration, they had bar-b-q, and a couple cakes. Overall it was a nice gathering. I was mainly in the family room watching THE WATERBOY. Diahanna came over for a bit after working her an early shift at her part-time job. She was scheduled to work again later on that evening but was in a car accident so the left-front side of her car is pretty much phucked.

I went to sleep pretty early last night, but then woke up around 9:30pm and went to Applebee's to enjoy an appetizer, especially since they are half off. Didn't realize that my phone battery had died earlier that evening so I didn't change it out till THIS morning. DUH......

So today I have work and will not be off till 5:30pm. Then today I'm suppose to go to 24 hour fitness and meet up with my mom so she can join. She decided yesterday tht she wanted to become more physically fit. So I hope you all have a good day, take care and god bless

September 2, 2006

Fuck the snakes on the plane, how about the spider bite on the back?

Sorry it's been over a week since my last update. Ya girl has been busy with applications and looking for a new full time gig. Not to mention having to fit time to write my complaint against my former gig, which is now to date, 11 pages and I'm still not done. I had to get various dr. appointments and prescriptions filled before my insurance expired which was yesterday. I've had some severe headaches which I think were mainly brought on by writing this complaint against ESI. So I've taken a break from writing for a minute. Man the stuff I have on that job, don't worry eventually I will post it in full here on the site for your viewing pleasure.

On the real though I am so happy that I am not there anymore. Not having to look at some of those people has made me happier that i have been in months. Not to mention Karma is such a good thing. LOLOL I heard that one of my former co-workers that I didn't care for had her car repossesed. What a shame. HAHAHAHAHA

My friend Trenton has a new crib so I've been over there twice and I brought him things to help him out. I told him to write up a list so my mother and I can see what we can get for him. Trenton, I know you read my blog, so you had better have that list ready by Sunday................. LOLOL

I also decided a couple of days ago to pretty much go full-time at gig #2. So I will have more time when I get back into school. I've pretty much been kickin it with my girls go out for dinner, hanging out, going to the movies, or pretty much anything that we can think of to keep us out of our homes.

On a good note, on one of my dr visits they told me I lost 30 pounds so far, BUT my blood pressure was a bit high, so I'm like yea!!! LOL. No but seriously I had to schedule a follow-up appointment so she can recheck it, which is one of the deciding factors for me going full-time at gig #2. I need to really get back into my raquetball routine and working out so I can keep losing the weight and keep it off.

I also had to visit my seamstress for my bridesmaid dress so the alterations could be made in time for Amy's wedding. Do you know she was bitten by a brown recluse spider? You might not be familiar with that type of spider but I bet you've seen those infamous pictures of a guy who shows the side effects of what one of the lethal spiders can do to you if you get bitten on the hand. She was bitten on her back and I swear the wound was about the size of my fist and I wear a size XL in ladies gloves. I almost passed out from the graphic detail. Not to mention she was bit 3 weeks ago and the thing on her back looks like it hurts HELLA!!!!!!!!! Brown Recluse Spider <------ Click on the link to see the type of damage the muthafuckas can do.

I'm seriously also considering a breast reduction , but won't do it till I lose the weight I want. There are so many different types of tops that I would love to wear but it's just not gonna happen with the size that I am now.

Oh well, I have a hair appointment around 2pm today, since the one I had scheduled yesterday was canceled. There is also a blood drive at the job today, don't now if I'm gonna participate or not. So I hope you have good Saturday, enjoy yourself!!!
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