September 24, 2006

what a day! from Chingy to my sis's birthday bash

What's up to you all I hope you find your Sunday well. While I am still trying to recoup from yesterday festivities and activities. Let me first start off with my day at work. It was except for the fact that I had to be up for a 7am meeting. Never the less I did make it with Danielle in tow. We get there and learn some interesting things. Main focus for the day was that Chingy the rap star would be at our store signing CD's from 3pm to 5pm.

So we were able to get the the signing area looking nice and presentable. Yet the only downfall to me was that we had to listen to the music all day long....From 10am till god knows when since it was still playing when i left at 5:30pm. So when Chingy gets there around 3pm already the place is pretty packed. Young girls AND men are just yelling and screaming when he comes in. There was a pretty long line by the time he arrived and two radio stations were also there to help promote the CD.

By this time my cousin had come in lookin for a laptop and I was helping out in computers along with another co-worker. I had some jazz music going on via some satellite radio in the department to help my sanity stay in check. I took my lunch around 3:20pm (I think) and my cousin took me to lunch so I wouldn't have to move my car. Since our parking lot was just jammed pack with people.

I finally get off around 5:30pm and I go home and chillout before I get ready for my sister's birthday get together in Westport at the former Robata's restuarant, I can NOT remember the name of that resturant now. I got dressed in a cute pencil skirt, red top and matching blazer to the skirt. Rocked my ponytail and had my ruby jewelry on to match. Finished it off with my 4 inch high heels with the strap around the ankle. Yes I was lookin pretty nice, but my sister outfit was definitely the best one in the house. I finally get there around 9pm and meet up with her friends and a couple of cousins who also decided to join us that evening.

The food was OFF THE CHAIN and the experience was wonderful. I had the shrimp and lobster dinner which also came with fried rice and mixed vegatables. I had some Kobai Plum wine (Kai it is the SHIT!!!!!) and some soda. NOTE: I will be looking for this wine since it has a similar taste to my favorite wine MARCO NEGRI. The conversation was hilarious and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Of course we had 2 chefs that were helping preparing the food. Yet the chef that was preparing mine was definitely something to look at. He was definitely a cutie and knew how to work and cook. As we were leaving I couldn' help but notice how often he would look at me and smile. Hell we were both smiling at each other. LOLOL The man was FINE and I can't help but recall him saying as he was preparing our food that he was from out of town and had recently moved to St. Louis. So I couldn't help but wonder if he needed a tour guide.

I finally get home and chillout for a minute and then change clothes. I meet up with a friend and we chillout for the night until 6am in the morning and then I go home catch up on my sleep and have work this morning. So of course I took pictures and video and will post them ASAP. take care and god bless
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