September 2, 2006

Fuck the snakes on the plane, how about the spider bite on the back?

Sorry it's been over a week since my last update. Ya girl has been busy with applications and looking for a new full time gig. Not to mention having to fit time to write my complaint against my former gig, which is now to date, 11 pages and I'm still not done. I had to get various dr. appointments and prescriptions filled before my insurance expired which was yesterday. I've had some severe headaches which I think were mainly brought on by writing this complaint against ESI. So I've taken a break from writing for a minute. Man the stuff I have on that job, don't worry eventually I will post it in full here on the site for your viewing pleasure.

On the real though I am so happy that I am not there anymore. Not having to look at some of those people has made me happier that i have been in months. Not to mention Karma is such a good thing. LOLOL I heard that one of my former co-workers that I didn't care for had her car repossesed. What a shame. HAHAHAHAHA

My friend Trenton has a new crib so I've been over there twice and I brought him things to help him out. I told him to write up a list so my mother and I can see what we can get for him. Trenton, I know you read my blog, so you had better have that list ready by Sunday................. LOLOL

I also decided a couple of days ago to pretty much go full-time at gig #2. So I will have more time when I get back into school. I've pretty much been kickin it with my girls go out for dinner, hanging out, going to the movies, or pretty much anything that we can think of to keep us out of our homes.

On a good note, on one of my dr visits they told me I lost 30 pounds so far, BUT my blood pressure was a bit high, so I'm like yea!!! LOL. No but seriously I had to schedule a follow-up appointment so she can recheck it, which is one of the deciding factors for me going full-time at gig #2. I need to really get back into my raquetball routine and working out so I can keep losing the weight and keep it off.

I also had to visit my seamstress for my bridesmaid dress so the alterations could be made in time for Amy's wedding. Do you know she was bitten by a brown recluse spider? You might not be familiar with that type of spider but I bet you've seen those infamous pictures of a guy who shows the side effects of what one of the lethal spiders can do to you if you get bitten on the hand. She was bitten on her back and I swear the wound was about the size of my fist and I wear a size XL in ladies gloves. I almost passed out from the graphic detail. Not to mention she was bit 3 weeks ago and the thing on her back looks like it hurts HELLA!!!!!!!!! Brown Recluse Spider <------ Click on the link to see the type of damage the muthafuckas can do.

I'm seriously also considering a breast reduction , but won't do it till I lose the weight I want. There are so many different types of tops that I would love to wear but it's just not gonna happen with the size that I am now.

Oh well, I have a hair appointment around 2pm today, since the one I had scheduled yesterday was canceled. There is also a blood drive at the job today, don't now if I'm gonna participate or not. So I hope you have good Saturday, enjoy yourself!!!
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