August 25, 2006

So what about the snakes...........

Hello to you all!!! I'm here with an update to my Thursday and Friday activites. Well to start off on Thursday I spent the night over a friend's place after I got off of work Wednesday night. I left there around 9:30am and was back home Thursday morning by 10am. After getting some errands and some business out the way I hooked up with Danielle and we went to Outback Steakhouse to catch some lunch. We decided to spend the day together and we both were hungry as hell. Well when we get to Outback I know exactly what I want. Kookoo berry wings, with mild sauce, small order of french fries, and a mango lemonade. Now mind you I have always gotten this order 90% of the time i go to an Outback Steakhouse and I've never had a problem before. Well I guess today must have been my lucky day because for some strange reason the Mango Lemonade just wasn't in the stars for me today.

Apparently I went thru 3 glasses, each being worse than the last until the waiter finally finds out that the lemonade has been totally carbonated. AKA it was a bad batch. So he makes another batch and brings me out a Strawberry Lemonade. It still wasn't the norm I was used to but it was a hell of a lot better than the other shit I was sippin on earlier. I told him to also bring me out a Mango one so I cold compare. Again it wasn't the norm but it was better. After waiting forever to get our check and then the change we get in the car and I make a phonecall to Tiffany who was going to meet up with us later on that evening to go to the movies. Tiffany and I had made plans last week to meet up together on Thursday to go see SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Well Danielle didn't want to go see the snake movie so she called Kamina and she said she would go see LIL MAN with Danielle. So Danielle and I go to the St. Louis Galleria to past the time until we go and pick Kamina for the movies. So I go thru some stores and so does she. She was cool enough to buy me a cute wrap from Lane Bryant and some pants for Kamina from H&M because she has such a good heart. She went to a store called MAN ALIVE and I saw this bad ass sweat jacket and showed it to her. She liked it so much she put it on lay-way.

Eventually we go back to Mina's place and what do ya know LOLOL she wasn't there yet!! So Danielle makes a call and she it there within 10 minutes. We chill out for a while and I take a much needed nap for about an hour. Well did I mention that the movies started at 6:30pm and 6:50pm and that we were still at Mina's place which is AT LEAST a good 30 minutes from the Saint Louis Mills Mall where we were seeing the movies. Tiffany gives me a call to see where we are so I high tail it out there and make it there by 6:45pm. Tiffany was there waiting with my ticket and we go into our theater to go see SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!

The movie was the bomb!!! The snakes!!! The plane!!!! The plot!!!! Samuel Jackson!!! It all kicked ASS and I can't wait for the DVD. We get out the movie around 9pm and Kamina and Danielle are already out in the mall lookin into some stores. We meet up and go to Marshalls and look around before the mall closes. It finally becomes 9:30pm and we say our goodbyes to Tiffany. We then make our way to Shop and Save Supermarket and do some shopping. I get them home and finally get home myself around 11pm or was it 11:30pm? Oh well I gethom enad I get some sleep.

Now on to my friday.......................... I wake up and around 10:30am I meet up with my mom at her school to help get her classroom organized. We stay until 2pm something and then we go home. As I'm there I wait for word from Mina and Danielle about dinner this evening at Ameristar. Plans are confirmed and I meet them out there. Well on my way out there, I didn't have problems. We meet up in Ameristar and go for some CRAB LEGS!!!!! Well my car had been leakin fluids and my car steering was just phucked up. So Mina had to end up runnin me to our neighborhood friendly Walmart (being sarcastic about the neighborhood friendly part) we finally find some steering fluid to put in my car.

We get back to Ameristar and Danielle puts the fluid in and I don't see any leaking. Yet to steer that bitch is definitely a trial. So I try to drive home because we figured out that AAA wouldn't be able to get one of their trucks into the parking garage if they tried. So eventually I get home with Mina trailing me and I thank them. I get inside the house and tell my dad about my dilema and thankfully I already had called Jerry my mechanic and he told me to bring my car Saturday morning at 10am. So right now I'm just chillin on my bed and watchin this kick ass anime show called FIST OF THE NORTH STAR. So tomorrow my day will be spent majority at work since my mom will have to drop me off early so she doesn't miss the wedding my sister is in tomorrow as maid of honor. Oh well I hope you have a better weekend than me. TAKE CARE:)
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