August 17, 2006

Lookin for a job sure ain't what it used to be

Well by now it's been 5 days since my last post. Pretty much just grinding away looking for a new gig. Kinda of harder than I thought it would be. Of course I've put my resume on every major job finder website there is and have been getting some pretty good hits. Yet there have been different outcomes. One job I was interested in turned out to be a scam, after I did some more research on it because it sounded to good to be true and to verify my doubts i went on a site called SCAMS.COM and go figure the website in question was on there. Had put in for a teller position at a bank and received a response within 2 days. The recruiter emailed back with a survey he wanted me to take. I took it yesterday and failed it. HUH? The damn thang was 22 pages longs and the questions were just repetative. Oh well I guess I'm not meant to be a Teller for a bank. LOL

Of course then you would think I just didn't need anymore discouraging news right? Well this place that my best friend's mom told me about gave me a call also yesterday which is also in the pharmacutal business. I spoke with the lady and she asked me what I did at ESI and I told her. She explained to me kindly that a big problem with ESI is that the training they give you isn't really jack shit and in reality other companies require a pharm. technican to have certified training from school. With ESI it was, plop you in a chair, follow what your co-worker is doing, and try not to phuck up the patient's script. So in reality the certification from ESI isn't worth shit and honestly it's probably a waste of time to look for another Pharm. Technican job. So as I was talking with her she told me that she would like for me to come in next Wednesday to take a test to see how well I do. I told her sure, it's not like I have anything to lose.

Also earlier yesterday I met with a relative and explained to him my situation with ESI, he suggested I contact my other 2 co-workers who were fired and we all get together. So I will be pursing that and hopefully they will add their statements to mine. I will get started on writing my version as soon as possible.

For some enjoyment for once I went to the movies late last night and saw TALLADEGA NIGHTS with Will Ferrell. It was absolutely HILARIOUS and I laughed my butt off!! It was nice to have something to smile about for a change.
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