August 3, 2006


Okay it's recap time for this week. Seeing is that i really don't REMEMBER that much of it I'm just going to talk about Monday and as I type MAYBE I'll remember the rest of the week as I go along.


Ya girl went to work as usual at job#1 left around 4pm, then I went to Danielle's house to pick her up because we had plans to go to Fairview Heights, IL to go visit an "old friend" aka THE JEZABEL (read previous posts), BUT MAINLY to go check out this restuarant called Lotawata Restaurant. So I pick up Danielle, she had a REALLY rough morning so I called her throughout the day while I was at work to make sure that she was cool. Of course her being one of my best friends I'm gonna check on her STILL even when i pick her up. I had my Google map for Fairview Heights so we get on the highway and of course I get FREAKIN LOST but only for 5 minutes.

So I back track and get on the RIGHT highway and we get to Fairview Hgts, IL. We visit our "friend" for about 2hours. So we can give Bridget some to finish up some things at her house. By the time she calls us she is at the restuarant waiting on us along with her daughter. We hop in my car and get there in 5 minutes. The place is KICK-ASS!!! For those who live in St. Louis, MO if you are familiar with the restuarant KENRODS SPORT BAR in florrisant, MO apparently the brothers that own Lotawata ALSO own KENRODS.

I haven't been at KENRODS in a while, at least 2 years, and if the food at LOTAWATA is also served at KENRODS, I will make it my business to visit a hell of a lot more often. When you get to LOTAWATA, the place has a southwestern feel to it. The people are nice and friendly and food proportions are absolutely PHUCKIN HUGE. I lost my mind when I saw the food, Danielle and Bridget were trying to keep me from going into a daze everytime I saw a plate pass by.

If you don't believe me, go to the website and click on the photos, THEN you will believe me. So we enjoy our food and eat what we can and box up the rest. We get outside and Danielle and Bridget notice I'm getting sleepy so they suggest we go to SAINT CLAIR MALL so i can walk around a couple of times to keep me awake because of the long ass drive I'm about to make back to the St. Louis. Well it works, i'm going in and out of every store I see and I'm really have fun when I get to Build-a-Bear. I think I'm gonna have a Teddy Bear made up just for me;)

So we leave the mall as it's closing and we make our way to Kamina's house because Danielle bought her some food to eat since she didn't feel like coming out to LOTAWATA with us. We call her and she states that she is in the Central West End. She had been a bit stressed so we wanted to cheer her up. We meet her in front of Coffee Cartel and then we go to BRENNANS WINERY across the street. We share a bottle of wine....our FAVORITE WINE MARCO NEGRI. We chillout outside, talking, laughing, kamina eating, danielle chilling, and me just staring at the sky buzzed the PHUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say Danielle and I burnout, say goodbye to Kamina and then we chill and talk in front of Danielle's house for a couple of hours. So ya girl did NOT get home until 12:30am. I must say I had a great time kicking it with Danielle and Bridget and rounding it up with Kamina. I must say the food was pretty damn good, I had it for Lunch on Tuesday.


hmm...... nawwwww don't remember it


Called off from work because of MAJOR cramps (OUCH) and stayed at home playing XBOX until I had to be at job#2.


I'm typing this soooooooo I HOPE I remember what I did. Oh yea I went to work and left around 5:10pm. Came home and chilled out, oh and I'm watching Beverly Hills Cop I as I type this blog;) Oh well hope you all have a good night. HOPEFULLY I will be able to go the Hair Salon tomorrow. Because my wig is TYED, DYED, and FRIED!!!!! I holla PEACE
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