August 9, 2006

You know you've been fired when.........

yes it is offical, I was "released from my duties" yesterday from job #1. Over some bullshit but the strange thing is that I'm not really as upset as I should be. Yesterday I went to work like normal and received an email around 9am, which stated that Eric Meyers(THE SUPERVISOR) wanted to have a meeting with me at 10am. So I accept the meeting and for some reason something told me to just get all my stuff and put it in my car. Especially since I was in another building because of the project I was assigned to along with a fellow co-worker we had to work in a different building.

So I gather all my stuff and put it in my car and drive over to the towers location. I get to Eric's office and he is in there with the same H.R. rep that was there in my FINAL WARNING meeting back in June. Some woman named Julie. So I get in his office and close the door. I still have the same look that I had back in the June meeting like I wish I could just kill him. The H.R. lady is making me laugh in my head because she still has that same scared shitless look on her face.

So Eric informs me that my attendance had come into question and I explained to him that I was told to report to work between 7:30am to 8am. He tells me that's not what he heard and tells me that he's leanin towards terminating me. He said he had to do more "research" into it and then would give me a final decision. I told him I'm not stupid and know that people have it out of me and he cocks this PATHETIC look like I have NO IDEA what you are talkin about. He says it's strictly on your job performance which I thought was just a crock of bull. I did my job damn good, point blank he just wanted to get rid of me just like he did 2 previous co-workers.

So I leave the towers location and go back to where I'm doing this damn project and you know what I did, I went on the internet and updated my resume, double-checked my area to make sure I didn't leave anything, and just did a few more work pans. Oh and did I mention I took my userid and password off my phone especially since I had voicemails....ooops. So needless to say i get an email from Eric around 11am stating that our follow up meeting would be 12pm and to "Bring all personal items", well all I do is just log out of my cpu and drive BACK over to the towers.

I get back in Eric's office along with the H.R. and point blank they said that thru their "findings" they don't believe me. I just said fine and is there anything I need to sign for they stated no and I give them my badge and key for my locker. They asked if I had anything to say and I informed them anything i have to say is in the letter with the badge. Since I just HAPPEN to keep a copy of the letter on my cpu I've furnished a copy of it below for your reading pleasure.

To Eric,

I wish I could say it has been a pleasure knowing you but unfortunately that would be lie. My opinion of you changed drastically in December and has been downhill of you ever since, with the release of Juanita and Chanel. The way you released and the reason being to me really showed me what type of character you have.

Throughout that time your attitude towards me has been more characterized as TOLERANCE, more than anything else. I honestly must say this termination is more a blessing than you realize. You questioned my commitment to my job. I enjoyed my job, unfortunately I did not enjoy some of the people that I worked with or for. If there is one thing that I despise are people that are 2-face and in my opinion don’t have any morals.

For example when you let go of Chanel and Juanita, when you came over to stand by Misty’s desk with your arms folded was anything BUT professional. The look on your face, to me, was “I’ve got them now”. After you let them go, I end up having to take a surprise Random Drug Test the next day. Which I personally think you orchestrated.

What really bothered me was that, the situation that went down with Misty against Juanita, Chanel, and myself was to me a bigger issue than the reason you let Juanita and Chanel go. We came to you as you so instructed and told you our issues with them at the time. I assumed you talked to Misty but what was said, obviously did not having a lasting effect to the point that she would dare disrespect us. So when we inform you of the latest episode you “flip the script” and get rid of Juanita and Chanel over lunch compliance when you KNOW you could have given them a written warning or a final. Yet you say Tracy Pingel said otherwise, AGAIN another issue I have trouble believing, I wonder if you brought it up to her to begin with or just arranged it to your benefit that they both were terminated ASAP. I prefer to believe the latter.

Not to mention they did inform that you told them that they could use you as a reference and they believed you. Yet when recruiters from the jobs they were interested in called you to verify employment you gave them negative reviews. And as such, they did not end up getting the jobs. That really showed me that you only have loyalty to yourself and to those that POINT BLANK, will kiss your ass. Well I’m not going to apologize for not being one of those people. Juanita and Chanel were not of that caliber either. In my opinion you are not high enough up on the chain for me to pull the Carmex out of my back pocket.

I must say that this experience has taught me a very valuable lesson. I am definitely not going to end up like your sidekick, Penny. Stuck at a dead end job, shuffling boxes from one building to the next with nothing to look forward to but the latest gossip and checking PeopleSoft everyday to check how much PTO I have available. I do plan on going back to school and getting my degree and pray that I never have to work in an environment such as this one ever again.

As for your super sidekick, I must say that Chanel was right on point about her. She knew it was going to be trouble the day Susan was demoted and Penny was put in her place. She warned me of Penny’s double-crossing nature and I saw it myself plenty of times. You both definitely are made for each other.

Also to inform you, I do know that you assumed that you “chin checked” me on June 6 in regards to the document I was typing. I’m pretty sure that you told everyone about it because everyone’s attitude towards me changed. So you could feel important and puff out your chest and actually think you did something important. Yet I didn’t let that stop me from doing my work or getting upset or agitated. If there is one thing I’ve learned is not to let people whos opinions I don’t care about bother me. I’m more mature than that and I’m not going to let whispering or any other childish act get to me. I thought I worked with adults but unfortunately some of them happen to still act like children whether with children of their own or not.

If there is one thing that I believe in is Karma, what you do will come back around and believe me you both along with some of my other co-workers are long over due. You will get your’s in due time. Not by me personally, but by other devices.

Not Sincerely,


P.S. – Don’t worry; I definitely won’t be calling you for a reference. Unlike your pet Misty, pretty much any and all credentials I have are verified and true.

So after leaving that sorry ass excuse for a check I get a call from Mina and informed her of what happened. She asks me if I'm okay and in all honesty...yea I am ok. I wasn't happy there for the longest time I just wish I had another gig setup in time to tell them to go to hell. But things happen for a reason and for the best. Unfortunately this week has been a trying one at best. My cellphone is busted, I have court TOMORROW, and oh did I mention I lost my job? So I guess things do happen to you in sets of 3's.

So as I'm talkin to Mina, Danielle calls Mina and then Mina calls Danielle back on 3-way with me. I tell Danielle what happens and she checks to make sure I'm okay. I tell her I'm okay and I go over Mina's place so I can just clear my head and chill out. I get there around Noon and I'm just talking with Mina. Yet she had to leave to run some errands so I stayed at her place surfin the net on the different job websites to see what I could find. Mina came back around 3 hours later and we watched THE DATING MOVIE which I thought was hilarious. After that we went to Brennon's Winery in the Central West End to enjoy some wine which I needed to help relax and calm the rest of my nerves and didn't come home until AFTER 11pm.
So here I am this morning at home just waking up typing up this blog. Oh then my "special" friend sent me a myspace message wonderin where I was, I'm sorry hon. Since my phone is acting funny you know the "backup" number. LOL I holla;) The Lady has spoken.
Oh and "that" job hasn't heard the last of me, I will be filing some complaints and they will definitely remember MY name;)
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