August 6, 2006

Recap of Kamina Graduation Party and Celebration

Please note: Video above is after the ceremony. Pictures from both Saturday night at THE LOFT and of Sunday after the graduation are located on my FLICKR site which you can access on the right side toolbar;) Thanx!!!!


Ok, so here is the scoop on how we celebrated Kamina's special day. It begins Saturday evening when I get a call from Mina wanting to know if I'm still on for kickin it that evening. Of course I am and will be there by 9:30pm. Danielle unfortunately couldn't come because she had to work. So I get to Mina's all jazzed up, with heels, lace tie-up top, and denim long skirt, and my hair done from Friday evening in some pretty curls. We wait on Cookie (another good friend of Mina's) who is also riding along with us. We mob up and get in Mina's SUV and make our way downtown where we are meeting up with her friend Jason who is from out of town and here for her graduation. We meet up close to the DRURY INN and wait for him to get his car.

He comes thru 10 minutes later and we all get in his ride. Which might I say was absolutely STUNNING!!!! Definitely a site to behold, oh and Mina did swerve that sucka on the way to our destination, which was THE LOFT. We get there and have an excellent parking spot right across from the club. We get out and make our way in. Jason is sweet enough to pay for Mina, Cookie, and myself into the place. We go and walk around for a quick bit, and then we make our way to one of the VIP areas, with red rope and all. Jason bought some PETRON and Pineapple Juice for us to wet our lips on. I had never had Tequila before EVER so this was definitely something new to me.

I have a couple of drinks, sitting on one of the stools near our table, while Cookie and Mina are actin crazy on the couch. Jason is just nodding his head to music. People that Mina recognizes come thru and congratulate her and I'm just snappin pictures left and right on my digital camera. As Im checkin out the crowd from my perch I noticed a guy I hadn't seen in over 2 years. I'm lookin at him like DAMN!!! DAMN!!!! DAMN!!!! He still looked good even after all that time. You see he used to work with me at job# 2, and we were feelin each other (aka he liked me, I liked him). I'm lookin at him with a glaze look over my eyes LOL Mina looks at me and asks whats up I tell her about the guy.

Do you know what she does? She goes and talks to him and brings him over the VIP section. We give each other a hug and catch up on old times. I'm mad because I had planned on getting a picture with him before he left but I forgot. As Im talkin with Greg(that's his name), Mina and Cookie make there way over to the opposite side of the bar, where apparently they see some other friends and one CERTAIN acquantance. Hehehehe.

Well that leaves me and Jason in the VIP section for while and then I'm left by myself, since Greg had gone to join his cousin and Frat brothers in another area of the club. Jason then comes back to the VIP section and soon after Greg asks if he and his boys could chill in the section as well since his boys had consumed a tad bit of alcohol. I told him I didn't have a problem with it but since Jason did get the spot for us to chill in he would have to run it by him for permission. Jason gives his approval and allows them in.

As this is going on another dude was tryin to holla at me after I took his picture along with his boys. He bought drinks for myself, Mina, and Cookie. Well the shit hit the fan when Mina's phone turned up missing. She had left her purse in the VIP section and when she went to look for her phone it wasnt there. We searched the whole VIP section and it wasn't there. Things became more heated when the guy that was trying to holla at me was starting to tick Mina and Jason off. It came to the point where we thought Jason was about to come to blows with this cat. So Security and the Police step in and kick ol boy and search him to make sure he didn't take phone.

After we find out he doesn't have it we start to call her phone to see if it might have fallen someplace in the section. Unfortunately Mina's Buzz from the alcohol was completely shot and for the rest of the evening she was distraught over her phone. AS the club shuts down we start to call her phone again just to double check. I had been calling it thru out the night and we were trying to find out how it had been swiped. Eventually I actually get a phonecall back on my phone from HER PHONE. Some dude claimed he found it in the men's bathroom (personally I'm not buying that). We asked him where he was, he says SAINT LOUIS AVE AND COMPTON. He states he is on his way to our location back at THE LOFT to drop the phone off. Needless to say he was lying he never showed.

We get in Jason's ride and even see if that intersection of St. Louis and Compton AVe. exists, IT DOESNT. The asshole who stole her phone would answer the phone when I would call but just make bullshit staments and then eventually stop answering my calls altogether. So we are in car and make our way around town and meet up with a friend of Jason's who happens to be a cop. The only advice he could give Mina was to call Verizon and have the phone cut off, report it stolen and collect from her insurance. She was still steamed about the whole incident and drops me and Cookie off back by her place so we can get our cars and head on home.

Now of course I know you are wondering what happend with Greg. Well WHILE WE ARE STILL PARTYING AT THE CLUB, he informs me he moved to Columbia, MO and will soon become a dad. I asked him if the mother-to-be was still the same clingy psycho chick that he was with back in the day when he still worked at job# 2, he informs me YES. AUGHHHHHH!!!!!! He tells me he is happy but I still have my doubts about that one. I asked him what he and his boys had planned for after the club. He states they were suppose to go to THE PINK SLIP. I told him he would have a better time at BOTTOM'S UP. He looked at me asking, "HOW DO KNOW?" Told him I'd been there one time and this chick did this badass stunt I gave her the rest of my money in pockets. LOLOL He then makes the statement that he plans on getting wasted some more, finding him some chick to bone, before he has to go back home to Colombia, MO. YEP I KNEW there was a reason something was holding me back into pursing something with Greg. LOLOLOL But damn he still looked fine:)


Mina Graduation is held at the Touhill Center on Universtiy of Missouri St. Louis Campus. Danielle called me that morning to inform me that Mina and called her and informed her about her Phone being swiped at the club. I pick up Danielle for the graduation. Of course we are late by 30 minutes, so we have to go into another area where they have special screen so you can see the ceremony going on. Danielle and I are standing by the bleacher area waiting to catch a glimpse of Kamina on the screen. We do finally see here when she is getting her diploma. The cermony ends 15 minutes later and we all go out and congratulate her and take pictures.

We go to Bahamma Breeze in Chesterfield, MO for the celebration dinner. We (mina's family and friends) all have a good time and say speeches around the table. Of course you can never have an outing without some jokes and trust me there were plenty to go around. We part ways and I take Danielle home. I get home and just chillout and go to bed.
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