December 31, 2018

Last day of 2018

Well this evening I'm at home and just finished watching a movie on Netflix, HellRaiser - Judgement. Not bad at all. A lot better than I expected. I went out earlier today with my mom to run some errands. I had told myself earlier this year that I was going to ring in the new year somewhere, but I'm just at home, again, as previous years. The time is about 8:45pm and I'm not sure even where I would go. Do I want to go through the trouble of unbraiding my three strand twist braids in my hair that felt like forever and a day to wash the previous evening?

December 17, 2018

Wrap up 2018

Christmas break/relief is coming this Thursday. I surely can’t wait. To be able to just chill out and just relax (hopefully). I aced my Photoshop 1 class. It definitely was a challenge and I had a great teacher. I didn’t realized Photoshop has so many layers and we honestly barely skimmed the surface. But I’m not nearly as afraid of it as when I first started the class. I’m excited to see what I can do to enhance my photos. This upcoming semester I originally was going to take a break but then a Fine Arts rep talked to our class was informing us about other classes that would be beneficial for us to take. My friend Sarah who is a fellow photographer had told me earlier this semester she was signed up for a Computer Art Studio class and wouldn’t you know…..that is one of the classes the Fine Arts rep talked about. So I thought why not and also enrolled in the same class as Sarah. So I can’t wait to see her for next semester!!

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