December 17, 2018

Wrap up 2018

Christmas break/relief is coming this Thursday. I surely can’t wait. To be able to just chill out and just relax (hopefully). I aced my Photoshop 1 class. It definitely was a challenge and I had a great teacher. I didn’t realized Photoshop has so many layers and we honestly barely skimmed the surface. But I’m not nearly as afraid of it as when I first started the class. I’m excited to see what I can do to enhance my photos. This upcoming semester I originally was going to take a break but then a Fine Arts rep talked to our class was informing us about other classes that would be beneficial for us to take. My friend Sarah who is a fellow photographer had told me earlier this semester she was signed up for a Computer Art Studio class and wouldn’t you know…..that is one of the classes the Fine Arts rep talked about. So I thought why not and also enrolled in the same class as Sarah. So I can’t wait to see her for next semester!!

Saturday night was our staff party and it was a huge success!!! It’s always great seeing coworkers outside of the job without restrictions. My rum balls were a huge success as well. Definitely a go to treat for adults that don’t require an oven. The food was great and plenty of spirits for everyone to enjoy. As usual my boss and his wife were wonderful hosts.

So as this year draws to a close I’m pondering over what I have accomplished and what I need to do work on to improve myself. My photography is coming along but still has a way to go. I was put to the challenge back in November in which I did event photography for an organization that highlights students are exceptional football athletes as well as scholars. Overall it was a great experience and look forward to similar opportunities in the future.  Yet I also know there are other facets of photography that I am still interested in learning. In regards to my body butter business I know I've been putting off revamping my website due to just lack of time. I need to learn better how to manage my time. Which I know is related to other things  as well...

Here are just a few pics below from the event. 

 I wonder what 2019 has in store...

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