November 17, 2018

Fuck you FedEx #FuckYouFedEx

As a business owner who depends on the various shipping companies to deliver my products. I normally don't have issues with service. Yet unfortunately since last week I have been going through "lost package hell" with FedEx. I reordered some supplies on November 3rd through Ebay from a vendor I had done business with previously. My package was suppose to be delivered on November 7th. Now I also want to make it known that all my packages that I have delivered whether they are personal or business are sent to my P.O. Box. I prefer this because if a package is dropped off at a residence anyone can just come by and pick it up. When delivered to a Post Office I feel confident that my packages are safe and looked after until I am able to pick them up.

So back to my order on the 3rd. Payment was made, package was mailed via FedEx. Arrival of package was set for November 7th. So I am checking tracking info and it says item was delivered. I'm thinking cool I will pick up and no issues. I went to check on the package on the 7th. The Post Office informs me that they have not received the package. Now in the past I am used to packages being delivered but not being able to be picked up until the next day because the Sorter has not gotten through to them yet. So I didn't think anything of it and waited until the 9th to pick the package up because on the 8th, which is a Thursday, I normally have classes on those evenings.

So November 9th rolls around and I go back to my Post Office and they inform me that they never received a package. So I immediately call FedEx at 4:30pm and let them know what is going on. They give me a case number and told me to expect a phone call back at 5:30pm. 5:30pm comes and goes so I decide to wait until tomorrow to call them back. I also inform the seller of the item from Ebay that there is an issue with the shipment of the package.

I called FedEx at 7:45am Saturday morning (Nov. 10th) to find out an update. They inform me that the issue has been pushed up to someone in management and they were going to do more research and contact the driver to ask him to retrace his route. I go back to my P.O. Box to see if the package has arrived. I even print out my info from FedEx to show the P.O. office manager on duty. He checks the area in the back to double check and comes out to let me know he doesn't see anything. So I'm hopping mad by now. This shipment is part of my Shea Butter business, so I have to figure out what to do next.

So November 13th comes around and I call FedEx again in the morning to receive an update. So the person in Customer Service informs me that they see a claim has been suggested on the Case. I inform her that I had not requested a claim, I wanted to find out what happened to my package. She then informs me that the notes she sees is for the buyer to inform the seller that the package has been lost and for the seller to file a claim on the item.

Also on the same day I felt that I needed to find a different vendor to send me a shipment of the product I originally had bought from the Ebay seller. I didn't want to put all my eggs in a basket so I decided to go with a previous vendor from Amazon. I let them know the situation that was going on and they were very understanding. I told them to PLEASE DO NOT ship with FedEx. I was comfortable with them shipping with either USPS, UPS, or DHL.  I told them I would hope to receive the shipment by this week if possible. So far as of this blog post I think my shipment is already at the Post Office ready for pickup.

My order from Amazon

Also on the 13th I decided to file a claim on Ebay in regards to the shipment issue with the original seller and request just a refund of my money. I FINALLY received a response back from the seller after the dispute was filed a few hours later on that day. So remember, I contacted the seller originally on November 9th, and had not heard anything up until the 13th. They stated due to Veteran's Holiday weekend they couldn't get to their messages. So I try to give some benefit of the doubt and let them know what is going on. So after explaining to the seller that I have had numerous conversations with FedEx and told them what FedEx recommended, their only response to my numerous messages to them was that  FedEx shows the item delivered. 

So on November 14th, I decided to give FedEx a call one more time at 4:30pm to see if ANYTHING had changed at all. So I am on the phone with the lady (using that term loosely) and she informs me that FedEx has closed the case.

Due to the driver not being able to locate where he dropped off the package.

So you are telling me that your driver is not able to track where he dropped off the package? Then you further lie to me and said that you all had called me at 12:30pm to inform me of the situation. I told the woman on the phone it was a lie because I was never informed. I had my cell phone on me the WHOLE time and no phone call was ever made to my phone at that time frame. Even if a call had been made, why wasn't a voicemail left to inform me of the decision and allow for a callback?

So at this point I am honestly convinced that the driver dropped off my package at a wrong address or just flat out stole it. I also do not trust that FedEx even bothered to really look into the situation. I wouldn't be surprised if they just closed out the case without any real follow up.

screen shot of my recent calls list

So I then decided that since the Ebay seller and myself could not come to agreement, I would allow Ebay to decide the outcome of the situation. I made sure to put my whole conversation with the seller in the ongoing thread so Ebay may look over everything. I gave my FedEx case ID# and even a link to the copy of my Amazon order on the thread so they can see that as well. It's unfortunate that this has happened because I do feel that the vendor in question has a great product. I mean this was my second order with them. I especially loved how they package their item.

But that doesn't mean shit if I don't have it.

Also, yesterday I made another order for something else in connection to my Shea butter business, not with Ebay or with Amazon, and the shipping options were UPS and FedEx. Even though UPS shipping option was around 5 dollars more you better believe I went with UPS because I felt that my package would be delivered without issues.

So on Nov 17 at 7am I forwarded my case to Ebay to resolve. I feel as though I have given enough information and evidence to back up my side of the story. I can only hope Ebay agrees.

UPDATE: So around 8am I went online to see the decision that Ebay had given. They originally denied my claim due to the seller showing that FedEx had delivered the package. So if you know me then you REALLY know that I wasn't going to just take that. So I immediately called to have the issue sent to appeal. I was able to speak with someone and explain the issue to them and thankfully they agreed and are processing a refund for me from the seller. It's unfortunate that this situation happened. I honestly would have rather have had my original shipment then having to go through this nightmare.

So to FedEx, thanks for nothing in regards to making my complete week and a half a wreck. More than likely my relationship now with that vendor through Ebay is done. I hope the driver who is the center of all this mess gets more than some coal in they stocking.

Karma is a bitch and her name starts with a J.
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