June 20, 2018

Anthropologie: Do better. Be better

Wall art from within the Anthropologie location in the Saint Louis Galleria

Was at the @stlouisgalleria with my mom this evening. We decided to stop through @anthropologie to check out the place. They have some of my fave candles and I just love the ambiance of the store.
While walking around we felt as though we were being watched when went into the clearance area by two salespeople. I thought I was the only one noticing it, I mean how many times you gonna straighten up the same set of shirts. Neither one asked if we needed help.
Yet when we left my mom asked if I noticed. I told her I did. So to the lady in the orange shirt with the short hair, who followed us throughout the store and all the way up to the door, you weren't fooling anyone. The only thing you lost is repeat customers.So #anthropologie you might want to take a page out of #starbucks playbook. My mom said if she had considered PURCHASING anything this evening she would have put it right down.
Congratulations, you played yourselves.
#anthropologie @anthro_st.Louis

This is from an Instagram post I did yesterday evening after leaving Anthropologie with my mother. After we left my mom started reminiscing about a previous incident that happened back at Dillard's when Northwest Plaza used to be around. She told me how when my sister was in a stroller and I was little she remembered being followed by the security officers to the point she went up to one of them and went completely off. She then demanded to know where the management offices were located and then proceeded to let them have it as well.

I was so upset about the situation I sent a Direct Message via Facebook to the company last night and I did receive a response this morning. I gave them my email address so we may correspond. It really is sad because I absolutely love going in that store to check out the items and making purchases. Like I said before I enjoy their candles and the fragrances from them as you walk the store is so relaxing and calming. The overall ambiance of the store is just wonderful. Not to mention the salespeople I did interact with in the past were nothing but friendly and didn't make me feel as though I didn't belong. 

After arriving back home my mom went in her closet to pull out a top she had bought from Anthropologie. She stated she had bought many items in their before but to be treated the way we were that evening just made her feel so angry. As though we didn't belong. It's a damn shame. Like I said before in my instagram post. The only thing that was taken away was repeat business. 

Hopefully this will become a teaching moment for those two salespeople. Your lack of customer service was noticeable. If you don't want to look so obvious for the next time you want to watch people like hawks, why don't you have clothes in your hands to put back up on the racks in the clearance section so you don't stick out like a sore thumb. I used to work retail and you know what was a big deterrent to theft? Engaging the customer and letting them know I was around if they needed assistance. 

Do better. Be better.

UPDATE @ 12:40 P.M. on 6/20/18:

Just want to give an update that I just got off the phone with the district manager who is in charge of that store and shared with her the situation. Overall I'm really impressed with the speed of communication that Anthropologie has in regard to sending messages up the chain to the appropriate people to take care of situations such as this. She plans on handling the situation and apologized for the incident taking place.

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