June 29, 2006

Hey world how ya livin?

Well I hope all is well with you. I'm doing okay. Beside the JAIL-BIRD skit, I'm doing alright. As you will remember from the previous blog, my past friday was phucked up. I called my friend who I was suppose to go out with that day and we rescheduled our "together time" and saw the movie CLICK with Adam Sandler. Not to mention I also was able to meet his daughter who is just SO beautiful and made in his image.

Also this week we spent some time at the Duck Pond by my house and just chilled from 4pm to about 12 or 1am. Yep I know, ALOTTA quality time. But we pretty much talked and caught up on each other's lives, more his than mine. I must say he had some fascinating stories to tell.

Yesterday we were suppose to hook up for a movie but we weren't able to hook up. Not to mention someone apparently forgot to tell me that the FREAKIN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WAS IN TOWN!!!!!!! So needless to say I was a bit pissed because damn near every highway I needed to use was shut down because of that geek. HELLOOOOO do you NOT remember that gas is high? Could you NOT have taken a helicopter to Clayton, THANX A BUNCH!!!!!!

Well I got off of work at 4pm, now normally it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get home. It took me over an HOUR!!! yesterday..... Oh and did I mention I had to be back out past my job to go to a seminar for my OTHER JOB!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of myself because I was this close to saying PHUCK the seminar and keepin my black ass home, especially when I drove over the overpass on highway 70, because they now had blocked off the opposite direction becuase of George Dubbya.....

Anyway I'm on lunch break and about to get off from this hell hole and get myself mentally ready for H.H. #2. Also it looks like it's about to rain. So have a good day. bye-bye now.

June 24, 2006

Go to an outfit.....go to jail

If there ever was a day that didn't go right for me well i would put yesterday pretty much up there. Yesterday i had work from 7am to 11am. Since I had put in 4hr PTO for the rest of the day i pretty much had the rest of the day to handle business and relax. Well, I went to the West County Mall and bought an outfit that I immediately changed into to meet up with a special friend of mine since we had plans to go the movies and he wanted me to meet up at his place so we could see which movie we wanted to go to.

Well on my way from leaving West County Mall I unfortunately was speeding down hwy 270 right under the Olive Street bridge. Well I get caught up in a speed trap and am pulled over. I'm ticked because I am running late to my destination and now i have to deal with this shit and get ANOTHER ticket when I had just finished getting one fixed and had planned on going to see my lawyer about it today and paying him for it.

About 20 minutes pass and the 2 cops ask me to get out of the car and place me under arrest. I'm in total ASS shock!!!!!!!! I'm looking like what the fuck??? They told me there was a warrent for my arrest from 2004. I told them for what they informed me it was from ticket that was alleged unpaid back in 2004. I was like are ya shittin me?

So i'm cuffed and put in the back seat of the cop cruiser. They check my car and ask if I wanted it towed or just left there on the side of the highway. I told them to leave it there on the highway. So we finally arrived at the police station around 12:45pm. They check my items in and take my high heel shoes and give me some weird lookin slippers to wear.

Then a lady officer comes and checks my clothes to make sure I'm not carrying a homemade shank or something like that on me. She complimented me on my outfit. When I told her I had just bought it she was like WOW. So then I get taken back to my holding cage where then the officers are inputing more info about me. Then I get taken to a different room where i get photographed. Wella t the time I'm getting my pciture taken, I hear another female being brought in and she is just yelling and being somewhat hysterical.

After my personal potrait was taken (snicker), along with my fingerprints, I'm led BACK into the holding cage and then make a phonecall to my sis and left a voicemail. Then they take me to my cell. Well my cell was okay compared to what some of my friends tell me. I was led into a room with a double bunk bed. The mattress were plastic and green with the words "STAPH CHECK" printed all over it, so I was kinda hesitant about sitting on the damn thang. There was a shower, sing and toilet. All of it stainless steel and the sad thing is that the sink BARELY put water out so needless to say I didn't use the lil dixie cup that was supplied. Oh and did I mention the nice lil security camera in the front corner of the room?

Well after about an hour, the crazy chick that i had heard from at first when I was getting my picture taken was put into the same cell as me. Now mind you I was actually doing ok in there, I had not cried, or gone nuts myself, in fact I had been laughing to myself every now and then. Couldn't believe I was in this prediciment here I was all dolled up for a great day and evening and I was stuck in Cell 5, with some crazy chick who looked like she was just dragged off the street.

Well as the hours pass, I'm getting to know more about my bunkmate. She's caucasion (white), around 20 yrs. old and she was arrested around 10am this morning in Berkley and then transported to Creve Couer. She says she was arrested for sleeping in her car outside of her boyfriend's house and that it wasnt the first time she had been charged with this. So I'm lookin like huh? She then get's to tellin me about how she has been in and out of jail since she was 13. Other jails she has been to compared to this one. After a while she starts crying becasue she says she is claustraphobic. She keeps pacing the cell banging her head into the shower stall or sitting on the toilet seat just rockin back and forth.

Every now and then I'm able to get some sleep on my plastic ass mattress along with sorry ass fleece blanket they gave me. Yet I keep wakin up to sniffles and crying and I'm like damn NOT AGAIN!!!! All I can think about is that I had business to take care of and boy I'm am going to owe my friend who I was suppose to hhok up with BAD. Needless say an officer comes thru some hours later yet I'm not sure what time it is because there are no clocks to tell you the time. He delivers us dinner which is 3 soggy chicken tenders, some soft ass fries and something that is suppose to pass for a brownie. I eat my tray SLOWLY but the other girl is just cussing saying she doesn't want her tray. I asked her what time do they serve dinner and she states between 5pm to 6pm. I'm lookin at her like I've been in this bitch for over 5 hours!!!

So I make a collect call to my aunt's house since I had yet to hear from my sister. Oh and don't think I didn't try to call other numbers but again it was a phone to only make collect calls so every number I tried wouldn't except and apparently there was a block on my home number. So I reach my aunt and give her instructions to call kamina who then would call danielle so they could both bail me out. Well my aunt says she was able to reach kamina and deliver the message, but kamina was still tryinhg to contact Danielle.

As Im making the phonecall, one of many to my aunt, my bunkmate is slamming on the door because she is STILL crying hysterically that she needs to make a phonecall from a regular phone and that the collect call box in our cell won't work.

Well my aunt then says she would call Diahanna. Well apparently my sis had told my parents from the first time when I origianlly called her. Boy i wanted to KILL HER!!!
So my aunt informs me that my parents are on there way to get me. i start to become light-headed and my aunt asks if I'm okay. I tell her that I might start to hyper-ventilate. She calms me down and says they are on their way. I wish I had called my aunt first and NOT my sis to be honest because than at least I could have dealt with this myself. So now I'm just waiting to be bonded out and then the time finally comes. I just told the officer just to keep me in the cell and give me a pillow. He just laughed out loud and takes me back to the holding area where he puts me back into a holding cage so I can get my items.

I take a deep breath and make my way out where my parents are waiting in the sitting area and they meet me outside. My dad gives me a hug and asks if I'm okay. I tell him yes and inform him of what happened today and what the warrent (old speeding ticket) was about. Now mind you the time is now 8pm. So ya girl has been offically locked up for over 7 hours. Interesting experience but will definitely not repeat. What makes the situation more messed up is that the particular ticket in question that was connected to this warrent was PAID that day in court. Yet I paid with cash and not to mention this was done back in 2004, so I have 2 strikes against me.

Needless to say I get home and unwind. I don't really get that much sleep. I call Mina, Danielle, and my aunt to tell them thank you. i called my friend who I was suppose to meet up with and apologize and told him what happened. I also told him that I would make it up to him the next time we went out.

I went to bed but didn't really get that much sleep surprise, surprise. now it's Saturday morning and I'm in my room. Just walking around thinking damn this was not how I wanted to spend my Friday Night. Went to work, bought an outfit then put in the slammer. Oh well, at least it was an absolutely boring day......

June 21, 2006


Originally uploaded by msjazz79.
This is the cake that Danielle bought for the Ops manager who is the subject of the previous blog post;) hehehehe

June 20, 2006

When you think you work with a STALKER.........

Well today at job #2 was the last day for the Operations Manager. She was a given a promotion to be a Sales Manager for another store. Well apparently last week she received some roses from a secret admirer. She assumed they were from someone else and kept teasing them and giving that certain person a hard time. Well that particular let her know that they didn't come from her and of course the Operations Manager was still trying to pin the flowers are this certain person.

Well apparently on Sunday, June 18th, Danielle informs me that she wants to get the Operations manager a cake for her. I orginially had plans to go the gym, but she asked me to take her and I obliged. So after going to Baskin Robbins St. Charles Rock Rd, we find out that she wants a COOKIE CAKE not a COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM CAKE. So then we go to Penn Station next door and have dinner. We then continue our search for the elusive cookie cake at Shop n'Save of St. Charles Rock Rd. No luck in that so we stop off at the Schnucks at HWY I-170 and Page. TADA!!! We find the freakin cake and get it all pretty and shit.

Well Danielle informs me that she found out who bought the Operation manager those roses. Why oh WHY is he the newest addition to MY department. i thought he was kinda on the weird side when i first met him. But it's pretty much been confirmed since Kamina met him as well as what Danielle says also. Now Danielle also informs me that she thinks he has been tailing the Ops Manager home from time to time and it's getting to the point that it's starting to freak her out.

Hell one time she came home to a note on her DOOR!!!! HELLOOO can we say stalker??? Oh I haven't gotten to the good part yet, why did she tell another supervisor (NOT DANIELLE) who then TOLD DANIELLE that ole boy has made up a website? DEDICATED TO HER!!!! Now here is the clincher.....Danielle informed me of the website today and of course it is there, problem is that it is protected by a RIDDLE.

I have been trying all day to crack this riddle and we still are coming up short on this fiasco. So this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna put up the link the website and the riddle so if anyone else figures it out will you please let a sista know? Thanks SO MUCH!!

(I've adjusted this post)

June 17, 2006 much needed day off!!!

Alright now for my update to YESTERDAY (june 16th), well like I said before I took the day off because i had a dr. appointment. Funny thing is I put in the request 2 weeks ago and put a notice on my Supervisor's desk to sign and he had yet to give it back to me. So OH WELL!!! I guess he figured it out yesterday I wasn't coming in especially since I also put the notice in our special computer program at work to alert him of this 2 WEEKS AGOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Maybe he honestly forgot or was just being an ass. Don't know, don't care. Ok well anyways I go to my dr appointment, that lasted all around 1 hour. Then went to the West County Mall and had my potrait drawn but the excellent artist that has his own shop there. Did some shopping for some new lingerie (eyebrows rising a tad bit...lolol). Among some other things as well. Then I went to Northwest Plaza for a lil while to shop and had to make a quick stop by 24 Hour Fitness because of a lil issue but it was soon cleared up.

Then I went home chilled out for a while and then my mom reminded me that my Aunt C. had called about an issue with her phone. I gave her call and met her at her house to check out her cell phone. To make a long story short, I think she needs a new phone. I informed her of what the Customer service rep for her cell phone company told me. Which was pretty much the SAME thing that was told to her. So she is going to go up to a store do as the Customer Service representive suggested and then we will go from there to take the next steps in to her getting a new phone.

Fastforward I'm leaving my Aunt's house and get a call from Trenton to stop by his partner's house by North Hanley Station. He needed something and told him I would get it for him later since I was running behind from picking up Danielle from job #2 so we could go get some dinner. I pick up Danielle and we go to LONGHORN for some dinner. I drop her off and i head home. Kamina gives me a holla and gives me an update on a situation that was going on with her some dude that Danielle and myself know.

I then took my black ass to bed. the end;)

Oh what a web is weaved.....

I'm sorry not have kept you up to date on things at job #1. So let me start off with Thursday, June 15th.

Early Thursday morning, I awoke at 5am to go down to the Dining Room to type up my rebuttal to the FINAL WARNING NOTICE I was given the day before. It was a page long and pretty much explained my views on the situation what I disagree with. Oh especially my LAST paragraph was not too pretty.

Well I arrived at 6:55am and clocked on at 6:59am. I got myself situated at my desk and then put the notice as well as my rebuttal on Eric's desk, since I was the first one in the department to arrive.

Everyone else arrives in between 7:15am to 8am. I look at my desk and just shake my head and smile. It is STILL bare from yesterday's morning pack up and I have no intention of bringing my personal items back. Only things I will bring with me every morning from now on, will be my headphones, USB DRIVES with my songs on them and books to read.

I am still going to look for a new job, the sooner the better. Main issue is location, I still want to be able to get to job #2 within less than 5 minutes. Not to mention hopefully can keep the same hours as I have at job #1.

Oh well, anyway back to what happened. Well of course everyone was still acting the same and now I'm in a mindset that I'm just there to do my work at that is just it. Around 2pm or something like that, my Supervisor brings me a copy of the notice as well as my rebuttal. I'm polite and say thank you and file it away. He doesn't make eye contact with me he just slowly slinks back into his office.

3:30pm finally comes around and I clock out. I am already packed to go and I take my ass home. I showed the Notice and my Rebuttal to my mom. She kinda raised her eyebrows on the last paragraph of my rebuttal. I told her I didn't care and that was how I felt. Normally I am the consumate professional but they really got under my skin.

All I have to say is that I'm thankful that I took off the next day (Friday, June 16th) because Lord knows I needed the break from that place.

June 14, 2006

update to hell #1

Well ya girl got to work this mornin about 5am. Kinda proud of myself that I even got up that early especially since I was out till 1am. So I get on some jogging pants, husband beata, and my sneakas. I put my work clothes in a duffle bag and head out to the job. I get into the building and proceed to clean out my workspace cubicle. I wanted to do it now because I was gonna be dammned if I was gonna give them the pleasure of escorting me out with boxes in my hands. So I put all my stuff into 2 boxes and put them in my backseat.

I then went and got my duffle bag and went into the mini-gym on the main floor and changed my clothes. Once I went back to my car, I took the USB drives up to the 5th floor with me and proceeded to copy my personal information onto them and delete them from my cpu. Any business work I had done myself, I deleted from my cpu. I then proceeded to write a letter to Eric and Penny pretty much putting them on front street as far as my feelings for them both and others in the department, not to mention my badge was also inside of the envelope. So I pretty much was ready for any meeting by 6:50 A.M.

Well of course I don't need to describe to you the scenario of work. It pretty much was the same. Everyone avoided me, I didn't give a fuck. Yet I'm mad I packed my damn earphones away. So I had to listen to my music thru my cpu, but I could barely hear anything. So the hours are going by and I'm just doing work to pass the time. I finally get called into Eric's office around 3:10pm.

I sit down in a chair and already seated is a lady from HR. Not the usual lady Ms. Pingel, but someone else instead. I shook her hand and then the proceed to inform that I'm on a final written warning. Have you ever gotten that feeling that you wish you had something in your hands like a pair of plyers so you could just "rip" something off of the person in front of you? Not to mention I get those times I wish I knew what car he drives so I could oh I don't know....(use your imaginaiton. YEA I had that episode today. They inform me of their reasons for the final warning.

Eric tries to act like a bad ass and I'm looking at him like you "punk ass bitch". The HR lady was trying to make the situation go over smoothly and I guess she could feel the tension coming off of me, because she looked like she wanted to pat my knee and she asked me if I was okay or had any questions. I just shook my head no. It's a good thing she was in there as a buffer because I really wanted to gouge out Eric's beady lil ass eyes. He then INFORMS me that I can take the paper home, read over it and write a rebuttal to it, IF I had one. He has no idea.

So I leave his office and go sit back down at my desk. All these thoughts are running through my head and I just was SOOOOOOOOOO close to saying fuck this job it's not worth it, and in reality it is not. Yet I have to keep a clear head so I can deal with this issue. After speaking with my mom and updating her on what's going on, I've decided to use up the rest of my PTO, to take a long overdue vacation and do some job hunting. I'm also seriously considering filing a complaint with the EEOCC (or whatever the hell they are) and possibly the NAACP.

I had emailed Kamina's mom earlier to ask for some good job leads and she informed me of a few. I OF COURSE had to keep my girls (mina and danielle) up todate about this nightmarish Soap Opera. Danielle, being one of my best friends and also my Supervisor at job #2, let me know that if I need to build up some hours there while looking she would have my back. For that I'm so grateful as well as having friends that understand and always have a shoulder to lean on.

So now I'm at job #2, still THINKIN about job #1, and trying to figure out how the hell do I get away from it, without killing someone. But if I HAD too, at least not leave a trace.

June 13, 2006

It's almost official....Might be out of Job at hell hole #1 (cross your fingers)

Well today I was up earlier than normal. 4:30am to be precise. Reason being my dad needed to use my car while his was in the shop (again). He dropped me off at work precisely at 6am. I made it upstairs and clocked in. Beginning my day with checking my voicemails and sorting thru referrals from yesterday that I had yet to make calls on for today.

The day pretty much goes off without a hitch until this afternoon around 2:30pm. Eric calls me into his office and Penny is already sitting in one of the 2 chairs in his office. Eric asks me why I came to work early. I told him I had a Dentist appointment at 3:30pm and I cam in at 6am to work so I would have my full 8 hours in. He then proceeds to question me about my work shifts and lack of lunches in some areas. I gave him my explainations and he just looks at me like a freakin idiot.

He then goes into a "schmeal" about approiate work shifts and lunches and such. Point blank he thinks I'm stealin time. He tells me he has to do some more "Research" and will give me a decision tomorrow. I said fine and walked out of his office. I then go back to my desk and just sit there. You what the funny thing is? I just smiled to myself. Fuck Eric, Fuck Penny, and Fuck ESI. I'll date more later on this evening.

June 12, 2006

Boy this JOBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today my job tried to put one over on me. When I got to work around 9am, I had a nice big ass stack of callbacks on my desk. With a nice lil note to have these done all today. Okay no sweat, because I refuse to let them see me trip about. So I get myself situated and log onto my cpu. I get my headphones out and start checking my mail. Why in the hell am I the ONLY person this week doing callbacks???? Now mind you there are 3 people in my particular pod. The normal rotatation is, 2 people do callbacks and 1 person does research. You wanna know what MY EMAIL said? It states that the other 2 will do research and I will have to do callbacks by myself for the rest of this week.

I logon onto the software we use for working the ref's, and I check out the number in my particular que. BULLSHIT, pretty much the same number any ole day that we would have. So I immediately think to myself, somebody or some people are to act funny with me. YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!! MENOPAUSE AND VIAGRA ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! Boy what I wouldn't give for some Napolm right about now. So I sat back in my seat and just dissected the situation. I could act to this situation in a couple of ways.

1. I could say fuck them and just jerk off the whole day.

2. I could do the work and not give a fuck

3. Or I could a combination. say fuck them, do the work and not give a fuck.

So I chose to go with option 3. I'll be damn if I'm gonna let some of these asses that I work with get me down. So after 2 hours of none stop callbacks. My special friend gives me a call and I welcome his distracting me from the work ahead. This is the same guy that I got pissed with in the last blog post. All the smoke from the previous evening was cleared up, so I'm just talking to him and he explained what happened. So everything is all good and hopefully we will be able to hook up this week. Not to mention I keep fucking with him throughout the day with lil text messages.

I talk to him for some time and then we end our conversation. By this time people are going to lunch and I welcome the solitude. I get back to grinding and by this time I'm already half way done with the work. Around 4:10pm I'm ready to call it quits, I've pretty much done all the callbacks except for 3 which WILL wait until tomorrow. My girl Kamina gives me a call about 15 minutes before I leave and we talk for a bit. I close up my area, clockout and get the hell out of that hole.

Also for those are applying for a position where I work at JOB #1 and know ME, word of caution you MIGHT not want to put me down as a referance. You probably stand a better chance of getting the job if you don't. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I decided to go to my Nail Salon and get a manicure and pedicure. The person that worked me over did their magic and you talkin about a chick that was knocked out sleepin in the massage chair as my feet were getting soaked. My toes are painted a pretty light purple color and I decided to do a clear polish on my fingernails. I've never been a friend of fake nails or TIPS as they are call. I like my own nails and when I grabbin something or ......someone, I like to make sure I have a good GRIP.

Well any ol ways I'm home now and I'm just chillin. I probably will go to the gym tonight and work out since I was suppose to go play racquetball and my partner called me and thought it would be best to schedule for tomorrow...BUT I don't think that will work either so I'm gonna call her and see if we could push it to Thursday or Friday. OKEY - DOKEY. I'll see ya later. TA-TA

When I learn a lesson......

Well the time is now 12:35am and I'm home again after another repeat of last night. I don't know what to say right now beyond the fact that I'm pissed the fuck off. Let me clear this up by saying that I'm NOT pissed because a person has responsibilites, that isn't even reason for this bitchfest I'm in. The reason is lack of RESPECT. First time it happens (which was yesterday),I figured something out of his control happened, such was the case we both got off late from our gigs and he was handling business and was tired.

Tonight he gives me a call and wonders if I'm doing anything. Wanting to make up for the no show episode yesterday, I tell him NO and lets me know that he'll keep me updated. We keep in contact via text message and the last message I get is at 11:20pm. Now mind you I understand he is still handling business and I though to make it more convienent I would drive out to his area and wait someplace until he was ready. I texted again TWICE, wanting to know the update. If he was still able to get out or would we have to just reschedule. I wouldn't have had a problem if something came up like last night. But what I don't find acceptable is leaving a person hanging. I don't do so I don't expect it to happen to me.

I never got a response back and by 12:20pm I was ready to call it quits. I turned my engine on and just warped home so fast that I could've given THE ENTERPRISE a run for their money. I texted him telling him that I was just going to go home. I was so pissed at the time that I deleted all the text messages and his number out my phone. I feel that I wasted my night and my time getting dressed and smelling like temptation in the flesh.

As I'm driving home, flashbacks of other incidents like this one run through my mind and I just have tears in my eyes. I shake my head and think these are the reasons why I don't go out or try to. If I need to be let down or dissapointed I can do that by my damn self. I don't need help.

But you know what the really weird thing is that happened? While driving home, Aretha Franklin song "Respect" came on the radio as I was making my way back to Highway 270. All I could do was nod my head to the words as I drove off. "R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me."

June 11, 2006

Walking the good fight;)

I got home this morning around 8am and got myself ready to go over Andy's house. Mom dropped me off over there and Andy and 2 other co-workers were ready to go downtown. We get there a lil bit after 9am and we find a place to park. The event was simply amazing and to see so many people involved for such a good cause really made me proud. I took alot of pics and some videos as well, I will definitely send you links to the video's when I get them uploaded.

Unfortunately I must say I was really dissapointed with my 2nd job, for having a Team Meeting on the same day. They were scheduled to do the event as well, since I was already doing the event thru job #1, I let them know that I wasn't going to the team meeting. Yet it still didn't stop me from getting a message from a co-worker asking where I was. After the walk, we go back to Andy's house and he makes us all breakfast. Not to mention we also spend the time laughing at different VIDEO's that Andy has in his collection. We chilled out there until 1pm and then Andy took me home.

Since I knew I was kickin with someone that night, since they called earlier to ask if I wanted to go out, I decided to take a bubble bath and pretty much imerse myself in my favorite scent of Fig and Brown Sugar. By the time I was done pampering myself, I was glowing head to to LITERALLY. I brought my change of clothes in a duffle bag and packed a lil something away also. Later that evening it started to downpour rain from I don't know where, and kept raining till it was time to leave the gig. Needless to say I got changed, reapplied some more of my perfumed scent, checked my hair and was on my way. My friend called and told me that as soon as he handled some business at home he would give me call back. So I just chilled out around town until I would here from him. Yet unfortunately I never did, and I ended up getting home around 2:35am.

I changed into my pj's and now Im sitting on my bed watching GHOST IN A SHELL on the Cartoon Network. Washed my face of any traces of makeup and will definitely play catch-up on some zzzzz's. Plus, since my parents are staying out at Harrah's Casino tomorrow for my dad birthday party, I know that means that Diahanna will probably kick it with some friends, so I probably will take in a movie and some din-din once I get off from work. It's a toss up between Xmen, Cars and Over the Hedge. Once that is decided I'll wrack my brain over what I want to eat. Goodnight, be safe and be sober.

June 10, 2006

Oh what a night.....

Yesterday, started off like any other day with work. Of course you know by now that my situation at job #1 pretty much just sucks. My dad dropped me off since he had to use my car and my mom ended up picking me up. Work was cool because again I have my music and headphones for my salvation. The same co-workers that were being shady before were also the same as well. Yet one of my co-workers would ask me from time to time if I was ok. I told her I was fine. I ordered some Chinese food along with some of the Pharmacists. GOOD EATING. Fastforward to 3:30pm, I'm out that bitch and I'm heading home via my mom.

We get home and my dad says for me to take my car to go to my hair salon 5pm appointment. My hair has grown some so it's past my shoulders again, but this time I'm gonna try to maintain it and see how long I can grow it. Iget back home arou 7:45pm so my dad can use it for whatever. Danielle called me while I was at home and asked me what I was doing. She told me to get dressed and that she would swoop me in 20 min. I get a call from her 10 min. later saying she had changed her mind since she had to be at the team meeting at 7am.

Well since I was dressed I still wanted to go out, but of course my dad had my car and I was about to ask my mom if I could take hers. My sis, Diahanna told me to take her car and I had to do a double take just to make sure I heard her correctly. Needless to say, I made my way to the Delmar Ucity Loop area where it was BANGING!!! People on bith sides of the streets were jam packed, you had some people playing in bands or solo on the sidewalks. As I finally found a parking spot, my girl Kamina gives me a call and asks where I am. I told her my location and she met me up there in 15 minutes. We went to a private party for a store called I-Sole.

It was really great;) The store is known for their unique limited edition sneakers from Puma's to Nikes and pretty much anything in between. Point blank, I saw at least 4 pair's of shoes I want to get my hands on. They served champaigne and other beverages. Since I got tipsy off just one glass of wine, I thought it best to just follow it up with a lemonade. Around 12 midnight, we leave the party and head to Halo Bar, which is connected to THE PAGENT. The place was pretty crowded and I was too busy watching a female boxing match on one of the plasma screen tv's. Then you will NEVER believe who showed up. You know the man who haunts my dreams from time to time. Yep, my ex, I happen to see him and a mutual friend of ours approaching the door. I kinda freaked and turned my head. From my viewpoint, I could see him at the bar, he had on a black St. Louis hat tilted to the back, and a Jersey on.

I watched him for a few more minutes before Kamina broke me out of my trance and asked if I was ready to go. I told her yes and I told her I would meet her outside. I went to the restroom and then went outside where she was in her SUV. She asked me if I wanted to go to another club, I told her that I felt like going home and she dropped me off to my parking spot where I left my sister's car.

I then proceed to take off and go the Amaco station off of skinker and st. charles roack rd. to put some gas in my sister's car. I then decide I wasn't quite ready to go home yet so I went back to the HALO BAR, where I went to the bar and started a tab.

The rest of the night....well lets just say that I also went along with some friends to the East Side to checkout a strip club and had NO SLEEP. Infact I didn't get home till 8am, HAHA and I was due at Andy's house (my cousin) so I could go with him and some other co-workers to go Downtown for the Cancer walk.

June 9, 2006

Boy you never know who you work with.............

Woman accused of attacking breeder with dead Chihuahua

June 8, 2006 - ST. PETERS, Mo. - A woman angry that her new puppy had died pushed her way into a dog breeder's home and repeatedly hit her on the head with the dead Chihuahua, authorities said.

The 33-year-old woman told police she had taken the puppy to a veterinarian, who said it was only 4 weeks old and needed to be returned to its mother. But before she could return the puppy, it died.

Early Wednesday, the woman went to the breeder's home, pushed her way inside and began fighting with the breeder as she tried to make her way to the basement to get another puppy, police said.

The breeder wrestled the woman out of her house to the front porch, where the woman then hit the breeder over the head numerous times with the dead puppy, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, citing police.

As drove pulled away, the woman waved the dead puppy out of the car's sunroof and yelled threats at the breeder, police said. She later called the breeder and threatened her and her family, according to court records.

Police said they are considering felony burglary charges against woman and misdemeanor assault charges.

NOW FOR THE FUN PART.... I USED TO WORK WITH THIS WOMAN!!!! She was let go from her job because she was too UNSTABLE!!!!! Go figure................. LOLOLOL

June 8, 2006

Something wicked this way comes....just wish i knew what it was

Well yesterday pretty much was the same as the day before. The people are still avoiding me somewhat. Yet I don't really care and it doesn't faze me at all. Pretty much my salvation is my music and headphones. It's quite funny to me at times when I look at my co-workers.... That is such a funny word, co-workers. To me that word is SUPPOSE to mean, people that you work with, not work against. But I've come to the conclusion that some of the people that I work with NOT ALL OF THEM, are adult sized kids. My supervisor didn't bother me, I sure as hell didn't acknowledge him. So we kept our distance and that was that.

Today was ALSO pretty much the same as well. I kept to myself and today we had a picture day for all the participants involved witht he Cancer Walk this Saturday. During work also had an email about a training I had to take, so I decided to get it out of the way today instead of waiting on the 14th. While I was taking the training, my Supervisor came out to me and asked me if I had received a voicemail from a patient, I told him I don't recall and that I had yet to check my messages yet for the day. It was kinda weird, he just nodded his head and then went back into his office. Then another co-worker says he's having some meeting. So who know's what up for tomorrow. Oh and I did check my voicemail but only had one message and it wasn't the one he was lookin for.

Left work around 4:50pm today, had planned on going to Barnes and play some racquetball, but it was TOO DAMN HOT;) Didn't feel like falling out today on the concrete. So I went home and took a nap. So now I'm up just writing this lil blog update and just got finished watching BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN on PAY PER VIEW for the first time. Man I didn't think it was going to be good, but i am actually crying while I'm typing this now. The music was excellent, especially the THEME SONG and the story was just simply amazing. I can definitely understand why people were pleased with this.

Right now it's going on 8:15pm, and I don't know what I'm going to do this evening. Might go to the gym and workout or just keep my ass at home not sure. Yet I still can't help but be curious about the lil meeting at work. Oh well either I'll find out or I won't. I'm not going to let them stress me out, they simply aren't worth it. And also I know not to use my Supervisor for a refrence. LOL They way he dogged out one of my co-workers back in December and had told them BOTH they could use him as refrences for their next jobs. yea well you can bet he lied and told the people when they called him, that they were unreliable and pretty much was the reason they didn't get positions at the new jobs they were looking into.

The REALLY messed up thing about it is that one of the former co-workers called him about it and she said he caught an adittude and told her not to call him anymore and hung up on her. Now if THAT isn't a prick I don't know what is.

Like my momma always says "Where there is a mongoose, there's a snake".

June 6, 2006

Shady as hell at the Prison....aka THE JOB

Well if you read the previous post, you will notice the one paragraph in bold. Where I stated my supervisor is a dick....less, spine......less, trout. Most of the time he is in his office which is where I prefer he stays. I was working on my previous post while I was doing my work and listening to my music. He comes over to my desk and asks how the referrals were going. I was in the middle of working on one, but still had my previous post which i was working on in Word was still up. I clicked off the document and brought back up my referral area.

As I was explaining about the referral, he asks what I was working on before. I told him it was a personal document. He INFORMS ME "That it doesn't need to be worked on here, and that I should only be working on the referrals." Trust me the way he said it, If I could have had a bat, I would have wacked that smart ass look off his face. So in my opinion, that means one out 3 things happened or least a MIXTURE of them.

1. a coworker that works behind me must have said something to our Supervisor. She is pretty much his lapdog whenever anything needs to be done.

2. another coworker, came over to Debbie desk, since Debbie went home early, for some paperwork which happens to be facing opposite of me, since the way the cubicles are lined up back to back, noticed the document BUT I don't think I was working on it at the time she came over so that one is up in the air.


3. The Sup., finally learned how to use some of that damn Watchdog software on his cpu.

You see I don't care for him really. If anything I think we have somewhat of a mutual understanding that we 'tolerate' one another. I had tried in the past to be nice to him, but I've come to the conclusion that he is just as two-faced as some of the other co-workers that work at my job if not as worse. My opinion of him has never really changed since the incidient concerning 2 former employees last December. The way he handled the situation was highly unfair and I have never forgotten about it. Not to mention my "surprise" drug test that happened a day later after 2nd employee was let go.

He has his "favorites" out of his group which consists of about 20 professionals and 8 assistants. I of course being one of the assistants. Anyway after I was given the CURT instructions from my Sup. I of course was a bit pissed but I wasn't gonna let his sorry ass see it. So I did my work with my headphones like usual and kept to myself. Now you know what was REALLY interesting to me? You know how you have that 6th sense that something is going on, and you KNOW something is going on, the people around you know something happened and they just keep their distance from ya? Well yep, that sure did happen today. It was kind of funny though, certain people would look at me funny or just pass me up and not say anything like they normally do. Such a damn shame and they think they are being clever about the shit.

The hint that really put the nail in the coffin was when a coworker of mine came around the corner and we were chitchattin for a bit, and then she made the unusual comment "Let me get going so I don't disturb ya work and get you in trouble" OH YEA if that isn't a big HUGE RED BLINKING SIGN I don't know what is. I'm at the point that this job can just kiss my ass. It really sickens me to see so many people trying to kiss up to my Supervisor and for what? I'm not gonna apologize because I sure don't see the point. Some of my coworker's I swear carry Carmex in their back pockets so they can pucker up to him and do his bidding. I'm not one of them and I'll be damn if I'm gonna start.

Another thing that irks me about the whole situation is that to me personally I think he went around to some of the coworkers, a few in particular and told them how apparently he "put me in check". lol Only if his dumb ass really knew the score. He is so pathetic, thinking he needs to validate himself to everyone as being somebody he obviously isn't. I so detest him. Today all I could think about was ripping off his head and shitting down his throat. Or better yet just pushing him out of the 5th floor window and watch him go splat onto the sidewalk or maybe hit goose waddling across the street.

I was so pissed I didn't have breakfast OR lunch. I just worked until 5:50pm and then went to Barnes Hospital to meet up with a friend to go play some racquetball. It did help relieve some of the stress since I pretended the ball was his head along with some other coworkers. Afterwards I went home, told my mom about the shit that went down at the job. I told her if that crap there doesn't motivate me to get back into school and finish up I don't know what will. Right now I'm there for a check and benefits and THAT's IT. Fuck team work, I deal on my just fine.

Oh well can't wait to see what drama is instored for me tomorrow. Thank GOD for headphones that allI have to say about that. Not to mention I have to deal with job #2. Whoopie fuckin doo!!! Good night folks, my black ass has left the building. Come back for another show;)


Some call it Armageddon, The Apocalypse, The Reckoning, Hell on Earth, some of these names or colorful phrases are just a few what some people are calling today. Even the new remake of the movie THE OMEN is being released today. Well for me it means something else entirely different. Today is my dad’s birthday. Yep today is his birthday and unfortunately he is not in town to celebrate.

My dad was born in Texas, but his roots are between Edwardsville Il, and Saint Louis, MO. He is the youngest out of 3 children, born to my deceased grandparents, John H. Windom and Frances Windom. My father is John H. Windom II, his older brother (my Uncle Jack) named one of his son’s John H. Windom 3rd, and then HIS son named his oldest son John H. Windom 4th. So as you can see, the name is carried proudly from generation to generation. I learned from my mom that my dad and his brother had made a pact that if either of them had a son, they would name it after the other. Well my uncle was able to follow thru, but my dad has three girls.

So I told myself that whenever I have kids, whenever that is, that at least one of my sons will be named for my uncle whose full name is a MOUTHFUL, in the family he is known as Jack. But let’s just say that he has 3 MIDDLE NAMES;) Yep now that’s impressive. So when I call my son by his FULL name, he will KNOW definitely something is up.

My dad went to High School, followed by college where he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s. He also has some college credits towards a Ph. D. My father is quite simply an extraordinary man who comes from pretty much an extraordinary family. As far as to my knowledge my father and both his siblings all have at LEAST their Master’s in their respectable fields of study, yet I’m pretty sure my aunt and uncle have Ph.D.’s. Not to mention the extended family on my father’s side. Not to mention my father’s parents were teachers. Education is very important in my family, so I wonder all the time, what in the hell happened to me;(

We might not see eye to eye on some issues, but that doesn’t diminish the respect and love that I have for him. He is definitely one of the most intelligent men that I have ever known, yet that comes natural especially when you meet my Uncle Jack, Uncle Fred, and some other men in my family. What is unique about him though is not only is he “book smart” but he is “street smart” as well. He is 2 sides of coin, even though on your normal coin you do have heads and tails. No matter how you flip my dad he always comes out on top regardless on which side he lands on.

My father was just 12 years old when my grandfather died. My grandmother at the time was not able to cope mentally with the passing of her husband so she was put into a mental institution. My aunt was living in Africa at the time and my uncle was enlisted in the army. My father stayed in the family house by himself, a huge. Collecting rent from the same apartments housing the family owned and STILL own till this day.

*UPDATE* Sorry it took so long to post, my prick of a Supervisor at the job decided to act like he had some balls today and wanted to try them out and see if they actually fit…they didn’t. Don’t worry I will definitely enlighten you on that episode after THIS post.

The types of obstacles that my father has overcome to be the man he is, to me is very special. That is why I know the type of man that I want be with has to have SOME not ALL (lol) of my father characteristics. He is Smart, charming, intelligent, witty, caring, and probably one of the funniest people I know. We actually do have some of the same interests, like comedy shows and cartoons. I enjoy keeping up to date with the news and we do talk about different subjects from time to time.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you dad, that I love you and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else in the world;) Happy Birthday SMOOCHESSSSSSSSSS

June 3, 2006

You ever have those days that you just wanna strangle something or someone?

Well I do!!!! Today I'm at work, just chillin and minding my own business. I arrived at work at 2pm with the knowledge that there was a certain Ebay auction that I had my eye on. I knew the time it was going to end so i was going to take my break around 5pm so I would have enough time to bid on it thru my cell phone. Well I get caught up with a customer at job #2 who wants to buy a range, fridge, and deep freezer. We set everything up and then her debit card declines. so she decides to write a check...............well THAT didn't work either. So then she decides she only wants the fridge, well when I get to ringing it out she then decides she only wants the range. By this time my alert on my phone has gone off and I'm lookin at her like bitch if you don't make up your mind.

So then she eventually gets the range and that transaction goes thru and tells me she will be back with cash to pay for the rest. Well I immediately go to the break room and pull up the auction, it has 35 seconds left, needless to say I missed the auction and I"m cussing up a storm. I just kept thinking if that dumb ass had known how much money was in her account to begin with she wouldn't have been wasting my time. So now I won't be able to get the cute cowgirl boots I had my eye on.

You know what? they came back as I was just starting to write this blog entry so of course I had to save it to continue. So now I have to hope and pray that I will see the same boots again eventually, but I just want to strangle that bitch so BADDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well on another note, Kamina is back in town from a wedding and her lil sis, Kim had her graduation party YEA!!!! Might go over Danielle's, she called me and told me she had this funny ass porno that she swiped from her brother. She had watched it the other night and was laughing so hard that she was crying. Said something bout how middle age folks should learn about a thing called Viagra. lolol

Oh well hope your Saturday is better than mine;) I'm STILL gonna try to find those boots. My dad's birthday is next week and still don't know what to get him. Oh well and Kyle over here is questioning why do I like to write in my journal he just called me "fuckin weird". God I'm gonna miss him;(
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