June 11, 2006

Walking the good fight;)

I got home this morning around 8am and got myself ready to go over Andy's house. Mom dropped me off over there and Andy and 2 other co-workers were ready to go downtown. We get there a lil bit after 9am and we find a place to park. The event was simply amazing and to see so many people involved for such a good cause really made me proud. I took alot of pics and some videos as well, I will definitely send you links to the video's when I get them uploaded.

Unfortunately I must say I was really dissapointed with my 2nd job, for having a Team Meeting on the same day. They were scheduled to do the event as well, since I was already doing the event thru job #1, I let them know that I wasn't going to the team meeting. Yet it still didn't stop me from getting a message from a co-worker asking where I was. After the walk, we go back to Andy's house and he makes us all breakfast. Not to mention we also spend the time laughing at different VIDEO's that Andy has in his collection. We chilled out there until 1pm and then Andy took me home.

Since I knew I was kickin with someone that night, since they called earlier to ask if I wanted to go out, I decided to take a bubble bath and pretty much imerse myself in my favorite scent of Fig and Brown Sugar. By the time I was done pampering myself, I was glowing head to to LITERALLY. I brought my change of clothes in a duffle bag and packed a lil something away also. Later that evening it started to downpour rain from I don't know where, and kept raining till it was time to leave the gig. Needless to say I got changed, reapplied some more of my perfumed scent, checked my hair and was on my way. My friend called and told me that as soon as he handled some business at home he would give me call back. So I just chilled out around town until I would here from him. Yet unfortunately I never did, and I ended up getting home around 2:35am.

I changed into my pj's and now Im sitting on my bed watching GHOST IN A SHELL on the Cartoon Network. Washed my face of any traces of makeup and will definitely play catch-up on some zzzzz's. Plus, since my parents are staying out at Harrah's Casino tomorrow for my dad birthday party, I know that means that Diahanna will probably kick it with some friends, so I probably will take in a movie and some din-din once I get off from work. It's a toss up between Xmen, Cars and Over the Hedge. Once that is decided I'll wrack my brain over what I want to eat. Goodnight, be safe and be sober.
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