June 13, 2006

It's almost official....Might be out of Job at hell hole #1 (cross your fingers)

Well today I was up earlier than normal. 4:30am to be precise. Reason being my dad needed to use my car while his was in the shop (again). He dropped me off at work precisely at 6am. I made it upstairs and clocked in. Beginning my day with checking my voicemails and sorting thru referrals from yesterday that I had yet to make calls on for today.

The day pretty much goes off without a hitch until this afternoon around 2:30pm. Eric calls me into his office and Penny is already sitting in one of the 2 chairs in his office. Eric asks me why I came to work early. I told him I had a Dentist appointment at 3:30pm and I cam in at 6am to work so I would have my full 8 hours in. He then proceeds to question me about my work shifts and lack of lunches in some areas. I gave him my explainations and he just looks at me like a freakin idiot.

He then goes into a "schmeal" about approiate work shifts and lunches and such. Point blank he thinks I'm stealin time. He tells me he has to do some more "Research" and will give me a decision tomorrow. I said fine and walked out of his office. I then go back to my desk and just sit there. You what the funny thing is? I just smiled to myself. Fuck Eric, Fuck Penny, and Fuck ESI. I'll date more later on this evening.
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