June 24, 2006

Go to an outfit.....go to jail

If there ever was a day that didn't go right for me well i would put yesterday pretty much up there. Yesterday i had work from 7am to 11am. Since I had put in 4hr PTO for the rest of the day i pretty much had the rest of the day to handle business and relax. Well, I went to the West County Mall and bought an outfit that I immediately changed into to meet up with a special friend of mine since we had plans to go the movies and he wanted me to meet up at his place so we could see which movie we wanted to go to.

Well on my way from leaving West County Mall I unfortunately was speeding down hwy 270 right under the Olive Street bridge. Well I get caught up in a speed trap and am pulled over. I'm ticked because I am running late to my destination and now i have to deal with this shit and get ANOTHER ticket when I had just finished getting one fixed and had planned on going to see my lawyer about it today and paying him for it.

About 20 minutes pass and the 2 cops ask me to get out of the car and place me under arrest. I'm in total ASS shock!!!!!!!! I'm looking like what the fuck??? They told me there was a warrent for my arrest from 2004. I told them for what they informed me it was from ticket that was alleged unpaid back in 2004. I was like are ya shittin me?

So i'm cuffed and put in the back seat of the cop cruiser. They check my car and ask if I wanted it towed or just left there on the side of the highway. I told them to leave it there on the highway. So we finally arrived at the police station around 12:45pm. They check my items in and take my high heel shoes and give me some weird lookin slippers to wear.

Then a lady officer comes and checks my clothes to make sure I'm not carrying a homemade shank or something like that on me. She complimented me on my outfit. When I told her I had just bought it she was like WOW. So then I get taken back to my holding cage where then the officers are inputing more info about me. Then I get taken to a different room where i get photographed. Wella t the time I'm getting my pciture taken, I hear another female being brought in and she is just yelling and being somewhat hysterical.

After my personal potrait was taken (snicker), along with my fingerprints, I'm led BACK into the holding cage and then make a phonecall to my sis and left a voicemail. Then they take me to my cell. Well my cell was okay compared to what some of my friends tell me. I was led into a room with a double bunk bed. The mattress were plastic and green with the words "STAPH CHECK" printed all over it, so I was kinda hesitant about sitting on the damn thang. There was a shower, sing and toilet. All of it stainless steel and the sad thing is that the sink BARELY put water out so needless to say I didn't use the lil dixie cup that was supplied. Oh and did I mention the nice lil security camera in the front corner of the room?

Well after about an hour, the crazy chick that i had heard from at first when I was getting my picture taken was put into the same cell as me. Now mind you I was actually doing ok in there, I had not cried, or gone nuts myself, in fact I had been laughing to myself every now and then. Couldn't believe I was in this prediciment here I was all dolled up for a great day and evening and I was stuck in Cell 5, with some crazy chick who looked like she was just dragged off the street.

Well as the hours pass, I'm getting to know more about my bunkmate. She's caucasion (white), around 20 yrs. old and she was arrested around 10am this morning in Berkley and then transported to Creve Couer. She says she was arrested for sleeping in her car outside of her boyfriend's house and that it wasnt the first time she had been charged with this. So I'm lookin like huh? She then get's to tellin me about how she has been in and out of jail since she was 13. Other jails she has been to compared to this one. After a while she starts crying becasue she says she is claustraphobic. She keeps pacing the cell banging her head into the shower stall or sitting on the toilet seat just rockin back and forth.

Every now and then I'm able to get some sleep on my plastic ass mattress along with sorry ass fleece blanket they gave me. Yet I keep wakin up to sniffles and crying and I'm like damn NOT AGAIN!!!! All I can think about is that I had business to take care of and boy I'm am going to owe my friend who I was suppose to hhok up with BAD. Needless say an officer comes thru some hours later yet I'm not sure what time it is because there are no clocks to tell you the time. He delivers us dinner which is 3 soggy chicken tenders, some soft ass fries and something that is suppose to pass for a brownie. I eat my tray SLOWLY but the other girl is just cussing saying she doesn't want her tray. I asked her what time do they serve dinner and she states between 5pm to 6pm. I'm lookin at her like I've been in this bitch for over 5 hours!!!

So I make a collect call to my aunt's house since I had yet to hear from my sister. Oh and don't think I didn't try to call other numbers but again it was a phone to only make collect calls so every number I tried wouldn't except and apparently there was a block on my home number. So I reach my aunt and give her instructions to call kamina who then would call danielle so they could both bail me out. Well my aunt says she was able to reach kamina and deliver the message, but kamina was still tryinhg to contact Danielle.

As Im making the phonecall, one of many to my aunt, my bunkmate is slamming on the door because she is STILL crying hysterically that she needs to make a phonecall from a regular phone and that the collect call box in our cell won't work.

Well my aunt then says she would call Diahanna. Well apparently my sis had told my parents from the first time when I origianlly called her. Boy i wanted to KILL HER!!!
So my aunt informs me that my parents are on there way to get me. i start to become light-headed and my aunt asks if I'm okay. I tell her that I might start to hyper-ventilate. She calms me down and says they are on their way. I wish I had called my aunt first and NOT my sis to be honest because than at least I could have dealt with this myself. So now I'm just waiting to be bonded out and then the time finally comes. I just told the officer just to keep me in the cell and give me a pillow. He just laughed out loud and takes me back to the holding area where he puts me back into a holding cage so I can get my items.

I take a deep breath and make my way out where my parents are waiting in the sitting area and they meet me outside. My dad gives me a hug and asks if I'm okay. I tell him yes and inform him of what happened today and what the warrent (old speeding ticket) was about. Now mind you the time is now 8pm. So ya girl has been offically locked up for over 7 hours. Interesting experience but will definitely not repeat. What makes the situation more messed up is that the particular ticket in question that was connected to this warrent was PAID that day in court. Yet I paid with cash and not to mention this was done back in 2004, so I have 2 strikes against me.

Needless to say I get home and unwind. I don't really get that much sleep. I call Mina, Danielle, and my aunt to tell them thank you. i called my friend who I was suppose to meet up with and apologize and told him what happened. I also told him that I would make it up to him the next time we went out.

I went to bed but didn't really get that much sleep surprise, surprise. now it's Saturday morning and I'm in my room. Just walking around thinking damn this was not how I wanted to spend my Friday Night. Went to work, bought an outfit then put in the slammer. Oh well, at least it was an absolutely boring day......
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