June 10, 2006

Oh what a night.....

Yesterday, started off like any other day with work. Of course you know by now that my situation at job #1 pretty much just sucks. My dad dropped me off since he had to use my car and my mom ended up picking me up. Work was cool because again I have my music and headphones for my salvation. The same co-workers that were being shady before were also the same as well. Yet one of my co-workers would ask me from time to time if I was ok. I told her I was fine. I ordered some Chinese food along with some of the Pharmacists. GOOD EATING. Fastforward to 3:30pm, I'm out that bitch and I'm heading home via my mom.

We get home and my dad says for me to take my car to go to my hair salon 5pm appointment. My hair has grown some so it's past my shoulders again, but this time I'm gonna try to maintain it and see how long I can grow it. Iget back home arou 7:45pm so my dad can use it for whatever. Danielle called me while I was at home and asked me what I was doing. She told me to get dressed and that she would swoop me in 20 min. I get a call from her 10 min. later saying she had changed her mind since she had to be at the team meeting at 7am.

Well since I was dressed I still wanted to go out, but of course my dad had my car and I was about to ask my mom if I could take hers. My sis, Diahanna told me to take her car and I had to do a double take just to make sure I heard her correctly. Needless to say, I made my way to the Delmar Ucity Loop area where it was BANGING!!! People on bith sides of the streets were jam packed, you had some people playing in bands or solo on the sidewalks. As I finally found a parking spot, my girl Kamina gives me a call and asks where I am. I told her my location and she met me up there in 15 minutes. We went to a private party for a store called I-Sole.

It was really great;) The store is known for their unique limited edition sneakers from Puma's to Nikes and pretty much anything in between. Point blank, I saw at least 4 pair's of shoes I want to get my hands on. They served champaigne and other beverages. Since I got tipsy off just one glass of wine, I thought it best to just follow it up with a lemonade. Around 12 midnight, we leave the party and head to Halo Bar, which is connected to THE PAGENT. The place was pretty crowded and I was too busy watching a female boxing match on one of the plasma screen tv's. Then you will NEVER believe who showed up. You know the man who haunts my dreams from time to time. Yep, my ex, I happen to see him and a mutual friend of ours approaching the door. I kinda freaked and turned my head. From my viewpoint, I could see him at the bar, he had on a black St. Louis hat tilted to the back, and a Jersey on.

I watched him for a few more minutes before Kamina broke me out of my trance and asked if I was ready to go. I told her yes and I told her I would meet her outside. I went to the restroom and then went outside where she was in her SUV. She asked me if I wanted to go to another club, I told her that I felt like going home and she dropped me off to my parking spot where I left my sister's car.

I then proceed to take off and go the Amaco station off of skinker and st. charles roack rd. to put some gas in my sister's car. I then decide I wasn't quite ready to go home yet so I went back to the HALO BAR, where I went to the bar and started a tab.

The rest of the night....well lets just say that I also went along with some friends to the East Side to checkout a strip club and had NO SLEEP. Infact I didn't get home till 8am, HAHA and I was due at Andy's house (my cousin) so I could go with him and some other co-workers to go Downtown for the Cancer walk.
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